Travis Alexander’s friends warned him about Jodi Arias before his murder: Part 1

Alexander’s friends said they were concerned Arias was too possessive. Their relationship became strained in part because they were having premarital sex, which went against his Mormon faith.
8:37 | 02/15/20

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Transcript for Travis Alexander’s friends warned him about Jodi Arias before his murder: Part 1
She was the sanest crazy person you've ever met. Jodi Arias looked like the girl next door. He made me feel like I was beautiful on the inside. A beautiful young woman, who would become the center of the national spotlight. In a sensational trial, accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. It was a fatal attraction, definitely a fatal attraction here. Testimony captivating the country. This was about obsession, white hot sex. Rage. The warnings friends had given him before that fateful night. I said, "Travis, I'm afraid we're gonna find you chopped up in a freezer." And the crucial evidence caught on camera -- Even as the homicide occurred the camera is continuing to click photographs, it's almost like having somebody videotape your murder. I have a large family. We're all pretty close. In high school yearbook photos, Jodi appears to be a happy, innocent, carefree kid. Jodi Arias grew up in a small town in California. I've always been drawn to, um, to nature and, and things like that. I think that inspires a lot of my art and a lot of my photography as well. Jodi couldn't make photography alone pay the bills, so she started working at a network marketing company. That decision would put her on a collision course with Travis Alexander. The company was having a convention in Vegas, and it was a big deal. Travis Alexander was a successful 29-year-old motivational speaker and salesman for prepaid legal. He -- he had tons of friends and tons -- tons of people that always wanted to be around him, just because he was a great guy. In this YouTube video, Travis talks about being single. When I first started training and things like that the first thing I'd hear is "By the way he's single" and, that's right, ladies, come get me. During the convention, one of Travis's friends introduced him to Jodi. She's beautiful. She's friendly. Has long, blonde hair. Cute figure. She was very sweet. He's riveted with everything she's saying. . The next morning, he tells me that he's found his wife and this is the girl that he wants to marry. We got to know each other through hours upon hours of phone conversations. We just discovered a lot of common interests and grew close. Travis lives in Mesa, Arizona. Jodi lives in California. So they're having a long-distance relationship. The new couple would often get together and go on trips, which Jodi documented in photos she posted on her myspace page. I'm always pointing the camera in every direction, and he was always a very enthusiastic and willing subject. The biggest problem, however, when it came to any kind of romantic relationship was one of religion. Travi Alexander was Mormon, and Jodi Arias was not. If anyone is even remotely familiar with the Mormon beliefs. No sex before marriage. But Jodi and Travis were having sex. He really was struggling and suffering in guilt. You know, because he knew that he was outside of the tenets of the faith. Travis starts sending Mormon missionaries to her house. At night, he talks about the book of Mormon. He quotes scripture to her. Within a short amount of time, Jodi converts to mormonism, her baptism captured in this picture with Travis. It was emotional, it was spiritual, it was powerful. But, according to Travis's friends, something was wrong. This is around the time where she became very possessive of him. Very possessive. She just had to sit right by him. She didn't appreciate when he was talking to another female. Friends Chris and sky staged an intervention of sorts. We were just telling him all the things that we were worried about with her, and I said, "She's scary. There's something wrong with her." And I said, "Travis, I'm afraid we're gonna find you chopped up in her freezer." And all of a sudden I got this cold feeling over me and I knew she was outside our door, and I mouthed to him and pointed to the door and I said, she's out there. And Travis rips the door open, and she's there. And the look on her face, it was, it was just evil. Travis and Jodi continue seeing each other for another couple months until finally it's over. But in a strange move, after the breakup, Jodi moves to Mesa, Arizona to be closer to her now ex-boyfriend. That's pretty weird, right? "I don't ever wanna see you again," and then she moves across the country, and into your town. Travis told friends that Jodi would show up unannounced at his house. That she would sneak in through the garage door because she knew the code, and at one point she even snuck in through the doggy door. And sometimes Travis would be angry and other times he would jump into bed right with her and they would have sex. It was very much a mutual thing. Eventually, Travis convinced Jodi to move back to California. It just became obvious with time that there, we were -- we needed to go apart. We needed to grow apart. He said, "I'm getting -- I'm getting my life back. Like, this is a whole new start, she's gone." Each of them is pursuing Travis was interested in a woman named Mimi. In the meantime, Jodi seems to have found her own new love interest as well. But despite their new interests, Jodi and Travis can't seem to cut their connection. They're still talking on the phone and texting. Unbeknownst to him, she was tape recording him. You make me so horny. I seriously think about having sex with you every day, several times a day. I'm glad that we started ---. I think Jodi recorded it to have a weapon in her arsenal to use against him if he did something that she didn't like or just to threaten him with. In early June, both Travis and Jodi have travel plans with different people. Jodi's supposed to go to Salt Lake City to visit her new love interest. Travis was taking his love interest Mimi on an all expenses paid, company retreat to cancun to woo her. His friends Chris and sky were already there. His phone just kept going to voicemail. We kept trying to call again and again, and all of a sudden, the voicemail was full. By June 9th it has been five days since any of Travis's friends have heard from him. Some of those friends go by Travis's house to find him. Inside, a horror scene. When they first cast open the doors for the master bedroom, there's this smell, this horrendous, foul odor. There's also blood on the floor, then Travis's roommate goes into the bathroom. As he turns the corner, he spots Travis curled up in the shower, and he's clearly dead and has been dead for several days. How did this happen? Do you have any idea? Nope, we have no idea. Everybody's been wondering about him for a few days. She said there is blood. Is it coming from his head? It's all over the place. He was slaughtered. There's no other way to describe it. He had been murdered at least three times over. 27 stab wounds, his neck sliced. To top it off, he was shot in the head. This was overkill to the extreme In the house, detectives also found a bloody palm print, and several long brown hairs. They also noticed Travis's bed sheets were missing. We went through the laundry room. We just happened to lift the -- the lid of the washing machine, and lo and behold, there's a camera. The computer forensic investigator, he called me up and said, "You're not gonna believe what I just found.." It's the clue that's going to unlock this entire case. That's unheard of to have that kind of evidence. Coming up -- The evidence and the bizarre interrogation tapes. Detective, I'm not a murderer. Plus, the stunning moment when Jodi takes the stand. He called me a --- and he

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{"duration":"8:37","description":"Alexander’s friends said they were concerned Arias was too possessive. Their relationship became strained in part because they were having premarital sex, which went against his Mormon faith.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"69002072","title":"Travis Alexander’s friends warned him about Jodi Arias before his murder: Part 1","url":"/Nightline/video/travis-alexanders-friends-warned-jodi-arias-murder-part-69002072"}