US Open: Inside the Glamorous Side of High-Stakes Tennis

Behind the scenes, the Grand Slam tournament is a luxurious affair with food, fashion and fierce competition.
6:11 | 08/27/14

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Transcript for US Open: Inside the Glamorous Side of High-Stakes Tennis
Quick. What's the most lucrative sporting event in America? You're probably thinking that's easy. It's the super bowl. Turns out, it's actually the U.S. Open. The tennis tournament taking place in New York City right now. Most of us would never get a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes of this event. The celebrities, the food, the personal stylists just for the players. Tonight, ABC's Rebecca Jarvis has your all-access pass. Reporter: Call it Hollywood sports. Where glitz and glam meet serves and sweat. You'll find Justin Timberlake, Jessica alba, and Bradley cooper, packing the stands, cheering on the best of the best. It's the U.S. Open, which starts this week. And it's the most lucrative sporting event in America. Yeah. Reporter: This might be the sports world's most glamorous event. Might be, yeah. Reporter: That's roger Federer. Five-time U.S. Open champ. He's made $56 million in just the last year. Prize money has gone up. Reporter: $3 million. Right. Exactly. Reporter: And it's no wonder the stakes are so high. In 2013, the open brought $720 million to the New York economy. And more than 700,000 fans atte attended. That's almost nine-times as many as the super bowl this year. The reason, stars like maria sharapova. We're behind the scenes with United States tennis association, just days before the competition. You are the highest-paid female athlete in the world. Did you know that? I didn't think other people had, you know, my bank information. Reporter: With her supermodel looks and killer strokes -- sharapova, who sailed through her opening round, has been number one on "Forbes'" list of top-paid female athletes for ten years in a row. What is the prize winnings for the champion of the U.S. Open? Is it $2 million? Reporter: Wow. You're short by $1 million. It's $3 million. You see. I don't even know. Reporter: What's another million when you wrack up $24 million a year? Sharapova's success on the court has catapulted her into a fashion icon and businesswoman. She even sketched her own Nike dress for the open. I like seeing something come alive from nothing, whether it's an idea or an object. Reporter: Obvious, there is American superstar, Serena Williams. She raked in $22 million last year, thanks to big brand endorsements and her own clothing line. The other important business going on offcourt, beauty. This is where the players do the real prep for the U.S. Open. Correct. Reporter: Here, behind the scenes in their very own salon, with stylest to the stars, Julien Farel, the players get their game face on. When it comes to beauty, there's no detail too small. You did your nails. The nails, too. Reporter: The top players stop by and get glammed up. Let's talk about the glamour of this. It's not just about playing tennis. It's about looking good. Reporter: While you're playing tennis. They have to look great. Hair, you know, clothes, makeup. Everything has to work. It's all part of the brand. Who doesn't want to look great? Reporter: Sometimes, he even doubles as a lucky charm. He cut Rafael Nadal's hair before he won the open. Two days ago, I got Andy Murray, for the first time. And I say, what is so particular with your haircut? You may win the tournament. Reporter: Beautiful and strong bodies are essential. This is where you look up the nutritional info. This is our nutrition kiosk. Reporter: Some players eat 5,000 calories a day to stay fueled. And for the fans, their dining hall is gourmet, too. Restaurants by some of the top chefs are part of the draw. After all, the average salary of a tennis fan is $150,000. Football fans, they bring home $56,000 less. Is that why you're here? For the tennis? For the food, mainly. Reporter: Top-seeded culinary stars like David Burke, are cooking up their own kind of love. Ready? Beef. Reporter: This is what we love. For 125 bucks you can pass the time between matches with a three-pound porterhouse steak. How many of these are you going to create over the next 15 days for the U.S. Open? I don't know. About 1,500. Reporter: 1,500. This is the filet mignon. You should try that. We didn't put any salt on it. Only what you did. Reporter: Very good. That is a delicious steak. Hey. How are you? Celebrity chefs in the house. Celebrity chef muirmoto, who is providing sushi. How exciting -- and he takes a little something for the road. For the people who think all of the stars are out on the courts, there's actually a lot of them right here in the kitchen. Then, there's Burke's bacon on a clothesline. It's so clever. Can I? Go ahead. Reporter: That is really good. If you're really rich or really lucky, you can get a ticket to a private suite. So, here it is. And you never know who you will run into. What are you looking forward to? I do love popcorn. It's my favorite. It's a very magical food. What is so magical about it? It pops. It explodes. And then, you get to chew on it. It's fantastic. Reporter: I think the bottom line here is, you don't have to be about tennis to enjoy the U.S. Open. No. No. Not at all. I'm enjoying myself right now. And I have no idea what the U.S. Open is. Reporter: The U.S. Open is the place to eat like a king. St stargaze. And maybe see tennis great roger Federer advance to the next round. For "Nightline," Rebecca Jarvis, ABC news, New York.

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{"id":25139850,"title":"US Open: Inside the Glamorous Side of High-Stakes Tennis","duration":"6:11","description":"Behind the scenes, the Grand Slam tournament is a luxurious affair with food, fashion and fierce competition.","url":"/Nightline/video/us-open-inside-glamorous-side-high-stakes-tennis-25139850","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}