Venezuela in crisis: 2 opposition leaders jailed amidst non-stop protests

Inside the once wealthy country now rife with hunger and fear because of horrific food and medicine shortages.
9:25 | 08/02/17

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Transcript for Venezuela in crisis: 2 opposition leaders jailed amidst non-stop protests
It was once an oil rich tropical paradise and now Venezuela is descending into ever deeper chaos with food lines drug shortages and rampant fear. The White House today condemned that countries put on put dictatorship after began rounding up and jailing. Political opponents ABC's Matt Gutman has this extraordinary underground look. At the crisis. Or one. Fourth consecutive days of protests have blocked the streets of Caracas Venezuela growing. PCB quietly vegetables forces armed with tear gas rubber bullets but. Guns heading down the death toll now 100 in twenty thousands injured. They didn't protest the president Nicholas but euros of what this regret the White House call on president mature over the dictator but bureau is not just Tibetan leader he is now. The dictator. That after Woodrow well to. Roundup his opponents. Would bureau declaring the right wing has a prison cell waiting in the let's not stop all the criminals go to received. For the crimes they've committed. This video proved. Here you see the greatest women's secret police the Sabena. Drag even the former mayor of Caracas from his home. I travel to Venezuela late last year. And from the moment we arrived on this my third trip. Silva people rising up. Probably a couple of thousand people who have overtaken this highway. Are free you now hello. In the crowd remit Lou the intent Torre and opposition leader here. Yeah. She has paid dearly for speaking out this video shows her husband Leopold the Lopez being hauled off by the secret police. Here to read what has been previously red. Do you think much euros ready to give and are you. From confrontation in the that's down menu I don't want Collins. Billion tutorial is taken goes missing. She's brought to the White House meeting with president trump earlier this year. The decision to detail as he still accelerating the Rockies it's the murder capital of the world that's not all. It's inflation is well above 1000%. And what was once the richest country in South America. One that still sits atop the world. Largest oil reserves now the world's worst performing economy. We met up with second grade teacher Vanessa and she'd bleed us into her class she tells us that. So look for students defeated. From hunger. No plumbing equities ended without putting gay city as a but I don't in my little that was my only one that most had long since then he has CNN's. Guess up or down may have fun. But it's not just the students. An academic but academic senate. Yeah he's not quite I don't. More than a third of the country's teachers miss school every day. They can't stand in lines like beets hoping to buy this people's they need for their own children. Much cheaper government subsidized price sometimes they have to wait for hours and get nothing at all when. Vanessa and her husband and I don't Pope. Are two of the few teachers that despite the journey to work every game. Eight sit too well or keep trying and a bus ride to and from school. They had to sell their card to survive. Panetta said Adolfo have to alternate eating theater on different nights. To make sure their son gets to eat every day. The meals missed have taken a toehold on their bodies. And hormone or her. Seven oh. Snoqualmie must come up and empirical matter cradle look anywhere hemming. Teachers here need to earn at least sixteen base salaries to adequately feed them upon. Member veterans if you look no it won't if you do PC and I thank you wouldn't you can go you know going to reveal it gives WW year. I'm saying that he had anything. Like any guessing me. Though some of followed photographed file photo that is again and we meet. The sequel widow EA but for the period that aren't. At this supermarket prices shockingly. Time so a dollar these region these apples and each one of these jobs. 5%. The average workers. Monthly wage just one of these out. And now those places are several times collier the supermarket looked. Fully stocked but it turns out it's missing what people need to survive. Workers here don't think gold had its stable of Venezuelan like flower ring on her. What everyone here knows is that we are all under the watchful line but the government backed militias. But this won't what was so desperate didn't tell her story. She was willing to risk it all. Followed us out I don't. She says that she's lost thirty pounds this year just because there's not enough bootable she wants the world could notion he says that isn't hurting me directly. Unlike some millions they combating the Minnesota yeah. And it's because. Thinking I had to get a look I'm not. Voted in the beginning a lot of us out of C blog gotten on the little warning people. Our moto taxi drivers some excerpts tell us. Guys were being once we gotta get adding in the abruptly breaks off and we hop on this tax. Repression is that you world. The everyday threat of violence mixed with the complete failure of the government is forcing hundreds of thousands to flee. A US asylum requests have tripled to Venezuela now leading US requests worldwide. That's because the death told here is on that relies. Due to shortages of medicine and basic supplies there are no antibiotics. Not want my. A citizen sick from the group and Fannie Mae and you mentioned that the. I think if it. The government has tightened its grip on the most vulnerable hospitals are now under military control. Still armed guards at the doors doctors tell us they're not there to protect the patients but dictate control Freddie donations that might committed. It's to prevent journalists like Gus for reporting on what is really going on its kind in Caracas people told us that if you want to see how bad it really is. You have to go to the written briefs go to cities like Valencia. So we drove through the mountains from Caracas to Valencia. To meet a doctor determined to show is the horrors that lay inside the hospital. There are forewarned this passes into the hospital. So if you take this and it'll be easier for us to get in Dennis B drive. He had his fellow doctors. Honestly indeed we want to get the word out about how bad this situation as. He doesn't want his face or name shown that he wants is to see what is going on inside the main hospital for the city of two million people who. Inside the pediatric ward hospitals provide to fix they provide the beds and the doctor. Everything else has to be provided by the patient. And increase job. These children it was ready 11 o'clock at night and all of them were moaning. I don't know arriving in their beds nurses were to stand in editors there's nothing they could do. Here all of these children waiting for medication and additional testing. He had a hand in hand. Little the young leak is suffering from convulsions for months. Performing had to provide everything and obviously she's been here six weeks that is very expensive hand. Looks a little puppies getting it right. And now with the country descending even deeper into chaos. There's little hope left. Although critics let ever ever embracing the country that so many people like Vanessa are desperate to escape. For Nightline I'm that got him.

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{"id":48982116,"title":"Venezuela in crisis: 2 opposition leaders jailed amidst non-stop protests","duration":"9:25","description":"Inside the once wealthy country now rife with hunger and fear because of horrific food and medicine shortages.","url":"/Nightline/video/venezuela-crisis-opposition-leaders-jailed-amidst-stop-protests-48982116","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}