Wildfires force hundreds of thousands of Californians to evacuate

The Kincade Fire doubled in size and destroyed vast swaths of the state’s famous wine region. The Getty Fire sparked on the heels of the Tick Fire in Southern California, forcing thousands to flee.
7:35 | 10/29/19

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Transcript for Wildfires force hundreds of thousands of Californians to evacuate
Reporter: Stephanie and Nick stower are grabbing supplies from the northern California home they've evacuated for the second time in two years. I hate to say it, we're experienced. You shouldn't be experienced in something like this. Reporter: In 2017 they lost their home to the Tubbs fire. Sheets. Reporter: One of the deadliest in the state's their family and pets safe but a lifetime of memories destroyed. This is when we were driving up. This is after 2017. And everything looked fairly normal. Until -- We took care of the underbrush. It's all gone. This is the front walk where you guys just walked up. Reporter: What did that feel like? I don't think I could describe it. Just the pit of my stomach. What are we going to do? People would ask what can we do to help? And I would ask them please look through your pictures and see if you have any of my children, I've lost everything. I don't have any of their pictures. Reporter: They were able to rebuild. Where's this going? Reporter: Moving into this home just three months ago. Now reliving a nightmare. You turn on the news, the wind picks up, the smell of smoke. It really kicks in anxiety, what are we going to take, this maybe the last time I see this house, what is important to take. Reporter: With winds forecast to pick up early tomorrow, the stower family joined the nearly 200,000 californians forced to evacuate. Look at that. Reporter: A state of emergency in California as multiple wildfires rage. Nearly 200,000 people forced to evacuate. Dozens of homes destroyed. Tonight more than 2 million residents without power. In northern California's wine country the Kincade fire doubling in size over the weekend. Winds are the most vexing and most complexing parts of our suppression intervention challenges. We're working hard to defend this structure. You can see the propane tank's already venting. Reporter: Wind gusts exceeding 90 miles an hour on Sunday. With the winds picking up, the flames are encroaching on this the fire snaking all the way up the property. And two new fires sparking northeast of San Francisco. Those homes are very much in danger right now. Reporter: Our rob Marciano near the sky fire. Look how low he got. This is precision. These choppers have been coming in every five minutes. Reporter: And this morning flames breaking out in los Angeles near the iconic Getty center, a massive museum prized for its priceless art and located right off the 405, the nation's busiest freeway, part of it shut down. There is nobody traveling south. This is one of the most traveled areas in our area, in the country, and to see nobody on this roadway is almost a shocking sight. Reporter: The Getty fire forcing 25,000 to evacuate in the middle of the night. I'm just beneath the Getty center, one of the most famous museums in the world. There are helicopters in the air, fire crews pretty much everywhere. Reporter: Our Matt Gutman in the fire's path this morning in the affluent brentwood neighborhood. This is brentwood. Homes of multimillion dollars. Lebron James among others had to evacuate. You can see this is obviously still a very dynamic situation. Reporter: The fire racing through the canyons here. Los Angeles mayor Eric garcetti calling this his worst fear. We're seeing this every single year. The fires get bigger. Every single week there seems to be we're shifting winds even more. If people doubt that this is real, climate change, ask a firefighter on the line. We see this time and time again. This year we had a ton of fuel because of extreme rain, now extreme dryness. Reporter: Students from nearby mt. St. Mary's university racing out in the wee hours. This is too close to our school. You have several hundred teenage kids that are -- have no way of getting out. Oh, my gosh. Reporter: Ambulances hustling students to safety. Soon reuniting with their families. It was pretty scary. You know, 2:30 in the morning you don't expect a phone call from your daughter at school. Reporter: By daybreak firefighting aircraft dotting the sky. 1,100 firefighters responding. This afternoon the chief describing the scene. Very literally overwhelmed. We had to make some tough decisions on which houses they were able to protect. Reporter: The Getty fire coming on the heels of the tick fire, north of Los Angeles, erupting last Thursday. About 40,000 residents ordered to flee. Currently families screaming and dozens and dozens of families on this block here. Preventing this fire from getting up to these houses. Jumping house to house. All of us are getting drenched from hoses. The smoke is overwhelming. Reporter: Multiple aircraft pounding the flame from above. Down below our teams on the front lines with those first responders. This is what firefighters go through. It is completely wet here. All choking because of the smoke. But they're trying to save these homes, at best they can at this point. You can see the fire all in that valley coming up here. It is very hard to breathe right now. Reporter: Firefighters racing from one blaze to the next. At the college of the canyons using a buzzsaw and then crow bars to gain entrance. The flames quickly approaching this ranch. These horses galloping for their lives. Are you okay? Reporter: And then running up the road, Estella. Your kids are in the house? Yes. Reporter: Her car was blocked in the roadblock, so she set off on foot to get her cars and animals out. I made. It. Reporter: Estella sxher family getting out. The tick fire is now 70% contained. And in the north the Kincade firetarted last Wednesday in a mountainous area of sonoma county. Intense winds quickly spreading the flames. Early last Thursday the calls coming in. Yeah, copy I'm willing to give up the back side for now. Southe of the bridge but it's gotten into in-some critical pg&e infrastructure. It's going to be a mess. Reporter: This fire has burned dozens of structures like this one. Pg&e cut four to nearly 30,000 customers in the area, but last night the company admitted they didn't cut power to a nearby transmission line which malfunctioned just minutes before the fire erupted. This region part of California's famed wine country. This historic vineyard now destroyed. Morning's light revealing the scope of the damage. Firefighters bravely working to contain the flames. The Kincade fire now 15% contained with more than 74,000 acres burned. Those flames capable of wiping out so much. There are the steps that went up to it. Reporter: In Stephanie stower's case it took her family's treasures two years ago. I had all of the family mementos. I had the hand-carved desk that great grandpa made. I had your great, great grandfather's steamer trunk with his Monday o'gram. I had it all. And it's all gone. Reporter: This time their home is still safe and the family's spirit holding strong. We bend but we done break. Life's going to knock you on your butt. Right? It's going to happen. But as I tell my kids it's what you do when you stand up and move forward that defines you as a person. There's time for grieving but there's times that you know, what we've got to hold this together. You know, we're family. Let's do this. Reporter: For "Nightline" I'm will reeve in sonoma county, California.

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{"duration":"7:35","description":"The Kincade Fire doubled in size and destroyed vast swaths of the state’s famous wine region. The Getty Fire sparked on the heels of the Tick Fire in Southern California, forcing thousands to flee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"66602290","title":"Wildfires force hundreds of thousands of Californians to evacuate","url":"/Nightline/video/wildfires-force-hundreds-thousands-californians-evacuate-66602290"}