Zion Williamson ready to end long wait for NBA draft

Williamson, who will turn 19 a week after the draft and helped secure a NCAA championship win for Duke University this season, is expected to be the No. 1 pick.
6:18 | 06/20/19

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Transcript for Zion Williamson ready to end long wait for NBA draft
He was three feet above the rim to hammer it home. Reporter: The gravity-defying Dunks, throwing fans into a frenzy. And moves so fast his shoes can barely keep up. Slipping and injured is Zion Williamson. Reporter: You can blow out, how many people can blow out a shoe on a court? I'm not sure. Reporter: At just 18 years old, Zion Williamson is being called the future of basketball. After an explosive freshman year at duke university he declared for the NBA draft in an emotional Instagram post this April. I hope to pursue my next dream and declare for the 2019 NBA draft. Reporter: And tomorrow he's widely expected to be the number one pick at the NBA draft. How high can you go? Reporter: Everyone is saying with the first pick the new Orleans pelicans are going to say your name. What goes through your mind when you think about that? Number one pick? I never saw myself as even in the top three, top four pick, and for people to think I can go one, it means a lot to me, I just want to get drafted period. Reporter: Number one picks, Lebron, Shaq, Zion. Going by first name only. Don't even need a second name. I mean, those are some big shoes to fill. Are you ready? Those are big shoes to fill. I'm not lookin' to fill those. I'm just looking to be the best Zion I can be. Reporter: What do you think is your greatest asset on the court? I think my will to win. If the game's on the line or if there's a play that needs to be made I feel like I'm going to do whatever I can to make that play. Reporter: Steph curry said something really accurate about you. Yes, you're abundantly talented, but he said you can't teach his passion. His passion. Where does that come from? That's just my love for the I don't play basketball for the money. It was the last thing I thought about when I was a little kid. When I was a little kid I looked at my mom and step dad and said I want to be a NBA player, just because I love to play the game of basketball, like 24/7. Jimmy: When Reporter: When was the first time hundred a basketball in your hands? Probably with my mother. Don't let that mom word fool you. We'd be in the car riding back home after my middle school games, that was a great game. My mom's like, what? Good game? You missed a pass there, you didn't shoot it there. Her being my biggest critic was the best thing for me, actually. Reporter: And it paid off. By the time he was in high school. He was already garnering legions of fans. Even drake posting a picture sporting a then-16-year-old Zion's Jersey. Reporter: How do you stay grounded with everything that's coming your way? There were times when this wasn't here. There were no interviews, no fans. The gym was empty. Actually, it wasn't a gym. It was an outdoor court with me and my step dad. I think back to those times when it was just me, my step dad. Reporter: But then you walk in the door here. I didn't even have to know that you were here. I could hear that you were here. By the reaction from those young and I know that you spend time with kids. Why is that so important to you to do that? Because I was a little kid once, and, you know, having the chance to meet a NBA player or even a college player when I'm 5 or 6, I mean I know it would mean a lot. Just talking' with those little kids or sign something, I try to do as much as possible. I thought you might have said check ball. Don't make me embarrassed. Reporter: He's going to go far in the NBA. You're not going to play nice. Don't buy that smile. He's got that killer instinct. Who are you most excited to get on the court and compete against in the NBA? Everybody. I'm a competitor. And I feel like if you can get the best of everybody then everybody will have respect for you. Reporter: I know that you're aware that the New Orleans pelicans, that they traded Anthony Davis. So if indeed you are the number one pick you will be the face of that franchise. Are you ready to take on at your age, a role like that? If it should happen? Gosh, who said that? I'd be the face. I think I'd be ready. Because I just love this game, and I'm a competitor. Whatever I'm doing, I want to win. Reporter: Who are some players in the NBA right now that you look to as a role model to help you at this next level? I mean, gosh. I'm not going to view them as a role model when I get there, Reporter: Oh, a competitor, right. People have respect for since day one, he had the highest expectations and he's exceeded all of them on and off the court, Russell Westbrook, I love the tenacity. Kawhi Leonard. He doesn't say much. He just handles his business and goes on about his day. I respect that so much. Reporter: Just hours away from now your life is going to change. I don't see it so much as my life changing. I'm still going to be playing the game I love. I feel like with the circle I have around my, it will keep my life the same as it's always been. Just probably more people calling my name. Reporter: You've worked hard. I mean, you're enormously talented, don't get me wrong. But you've worked. You've got up early, put in those shots, put in the effort to know that that work is going to be realized has to be a gratifying feeling. It probably will be a dpratfying feeling. Like I said, I'm not sure how I'm going to feel Thursday if my name gets called. I just know that the emotion I am sure of is that I will be able to say I'm a NBA player. Gifted and he's a good kid. Our thanks to robin.

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{"duration":"6:18","description":"Williamson, who will turn 19 a week after the draft and helped secure a NCAA championship win for Duke University this season, is expected to be the No. 1 pick.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"63828092","title":"Zion Williamson ready to end long wait for NBA draft","url":"/Nightline/video/zion-williamson-ready-end-long-wait-nba-draft-63828092"}