Hillary Clinton on election loss, Russia and more

"What I thought was going to happen was it was going to be a close, hard-fought campaign" but that she would end up winning, the former secretary of state and Democratic presidential candidate said.
10:53 | 09/13/17

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton on election loss, Russia and more
Celebrating the first female president in US history. In November and if you're still wondering. The hell happened. I. Right now this lady provides a lot of insight into new ma'am op what happened please welcome in her first talk show appearance since the debacle. And Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yeah I. Or. Okay. Kelly blocked. Wow yeah why didn't doctor yeah. Thank you coordinate but it's been ten months. Since you now. And an up. Debacle. In the national. Why did you decide to relive moments in the ball that really good question got. So first I'm really happy to be here and we thank yeah. You know win that. The election happen and obviously I was devastated I write about that in the book. I was doing everything I could to try to occupy myself I was cleaning on my clot. I the was taking long locks in the one. I'm with my dogs I was catching up on sleep. But obviously my mind was just going like what happened M what happened and how did it happen and what. What I've done differently or what. Could it happened that didn't happen. And the more I thought about it and started talking to people that was one of the most common questions people asked me. Size it OK I'm gonna give this my best efforts to figure it out. To be. As open candid self reflective as possible. And it was really hard you know I decided to do it after the first of the year. And I dove into it and it was so painful. So I would you know dry later read researcher summing mangle lie down. And I wanted to pull the curtain back because it wasn't. Just in my mind a story about. Me and losing an election it really was a story about our country a story about resilience a story about. Hey where do we go from here. So the more I. Worked on it and wrote. The war. I became convinced I had a pretty good idea about what happened all the different actors. And it really was cathartic. So by the end of it you know I. I closets are disorganized again he. It felt good it's our right to develop assistant NYSE art and absolutely and it's so good at it so well and so transparent. How over. Press Secretary white house Press Secretary sir Sanders said yesterday that it's sad. That the last chapter of your public life is now going to be defined by propping up book sales with false and reckless attacks. He also said that you ran one of the most of negative campaign on its. What is your response to that you know I. I honestly don't pay much attention to what she's look. Unfortunately and I don't say this. With any any glee I'm sad about it. We're not getting the kind. Of information from this White House that. We should happen whether you agree or disagree with what ever your hot. And this goes to a deeper and larger question that I I write about in the book. You know what democracy depends. Upon. People debating and disagreeing. But on the basis of reality. On the basis of facts and evidence so that they. Here's what we know about him an issue climate change and we can disagree about what to do about it but. Let's not take all these important issues that we're facing. And tried put them into the alternative reality world and alternate facts so. I'm just hoping. That asks the months go forward we can get back to doing that and I'm really I'm really not just hoping it because. You know it would be good for the country but. If it's what we should do it's who we are as Americans and we're great problem solvers where great pragmatic people. And we need to get back to working together. Despite our differences to solve our problems and that's what I want us. Some Democrats have come out as well what campaigns are and it's a viewers former fund raisers and said. This book puts us in the past and we want to move forward we want to figure out where to take this party how to succeed in the future. And this places us in the past how do you respond to Democrats also coming out it criticism of the writing. Well I I think they first read the book yet and they should read the book to top what I had to do. Is to say okay here's what happened I'm giving you my best assessment the evidence that I have at my fingertips. But it's not just about the past for example the Russians. Are still messing with our democracy and they well be as. Aggressive as they can get away with again not a Republican or democratic issue they may have gone after me this last time. But if they think had they can destabilize us witches Buddhist principle doll. He wants to undermine democracy our democracy our alliance with the western democracies. If he can succeed and that we are all going to be worse off so I say to my friends on Russia. On suppression of voters particularly African American and young voters. And sexism. And misogyny which are endemic in our system and we ought to start talking about it so. But you know I was sure that you when I mean let me take you back to solid hi I'm yeah. Talk for about half a night when anxieties started to get to make friends and I was you gonna when everyone was you know when number and I saw the two warrant that we showed a picture I went into mourning. I had to bail out the this is not only do so I had I don't dare we look people crying again when it and then it was like at a certain moment we were only there. When I realize that you would not gonna win it was like I felt like I had lost from something. We did you actually. Connect that point that you would not gonna win election night. Eyewitness something happens. Yes I mean and I argue in the book an ice and please that other independent. Analysts had breached the same conclusion. I would have won but Ford Jim colonies letter on our. Say well you know but it was you know why wouldn't have been so close we have close elections let me and that is. The reality of our politics right now. But that stopped my momentum and it really did cause enough people to move away from me some of the moved to trump some move to. Third parties some didn't vote but. The net effect was pretty clear so. I thought that I had gotten through it I knew it hurt I would got had no illusions about that. But as you said joy everybody not just. Our analysis or our research everybody was saying the same thing for all else it will got his yeah pollster yeah and he because they were seeing the same information. We were seeing so. It was. It was a shock in the night I can't discredit any other way. Because. What I thought was gonna happen is B it would be a close hard fought campaign. But I wouldn't win and then I was really looking forward to and had thought a lot about what I would do so. It wasn't until that night that it really hit me win some of the results came in that work. Contrary to what we and everybody else thought to decline did bill cry. Now but again we didn't cried that night but he put it that way because first of all I say in the book and I write. Really painfully about what happened that that night. I I felt like I had to. You'll be strong for my family and my friends and my supporters and I hadn't. Spent anytime thinking about a concession speech so I have the right line and then go deliberate the next day and it wasn't until. That was over and bill and I got into the back seat of you know art car. And began to drive that I just felt like. You know the adrenaline was just gone up and leave you with something as you we're gonna come back with Wallace Hilan but I'm believe there was some mom might make you feel better. Democrats have not done back to back. President's news. Since 1948. Knots and since 1948. Have there been. Eight years of a Democrat and then eight years of another Democrat so it might have been other stuff in there. Harris well well what the first thing inside talk about in the book I really did want explained. Got to pull the curtain back and whether you for me or against me or don't care about politics would Chad a lot of people still don't despite how important it is. I want you to kind of think it through with me and it's absolutely true that trying to succeed. A two term. President of your own party is really difficult because I know Americans Gwinnett facts well I want the.

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{"id":49823223,"title":"Hillary Clinton on election loss, Russia and more","duration":"10:53","description":"\"What I thought was going to happen was it was going to be a close, hard-fought campaign\" but that she would end up winning, the former secretary of state and Democratic presidential candidate said.","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-election-loss-russia-49823223","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}