Indiana Univ. will not fire professor accused of racism, sexism

The university's executive vice president announced that Eric Rasmusen will keep his job after his social media accounts expressed "racist, sexist and homophobic views."
3:34 | 11/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Indiana Univ. will not fire professor accused of racism, sexism
And guys we turn to outrage at the University of Indiana the school will not fire professor who uses social media accounts to express with the schools Promos called quote racist sexist and homophobic views she also called his views stunningly ignorant but said he would keep his job. Citing his First Amendment right so our Diane Macedo joins me now to discuss all of this. I and I just wanted to give us a reminder of what happened here. It does a lot of hear me on this up as best I cancer earlier this month business for fair professor Eric Rasmussen. Posted a quote on Twitter I want to read it exactly it's as geniuses are overwhelmingly male because they combined. Out liar higher IQ with moderately low agreeable lists and moderately low conscientious. Now he says when he doctors yesterday that he posted it. Mainly because he found a link between genius and low conscientious miss interesting but. He also shared the article back quote came from and the title of that article is our women destroying academia. Probably well so the tweet went viral and the school was inundated with demands that he be removed from him now the school's pro those issued a scathing letter saying it's not just this week but that for years he has been posting on social media messages that are racist. Sexist and hope of homophobic but are her words. But she also says that that speech is protected by the First Amendment. And as a public institution. They cannot and will not. Fire him. Now he has responded to her letter essentially saying that his views are being misrepresented. And using this tweet as an example he says his wife used to be a teacher he's not at all saying that women don't belong in academia so just because he shared this article that has that view. Doesn't mean that he agrees with that. I just want to talk a little bit more about the First Amendment part of this because that gets a little tricky how does the First Amendment protect him in this case so the school is pointing out that this may be different than if it happened at a private company they are public institution until as a public institution. They are beholden to the First Amendment and they say because this speech was made in the private sphere he wasn't speaking on behalf of the university this was his private Twitter account. And he is allowed to. Talk about concerns of the public in this qualifies as bats to the school is saying we cannot. Fire him even if we wanted to and the professor is saying the same. He's a tenured professor he's protected by the First Amendment so that is a school stance they are however saying that they are putting processes in place so that. Students can have other options to avoid his class so they won't have to take his class yet. And that. They are using double blind rating for example and putting other processes in place they say to ensure that he can't be biased against students. In his grating. He is saying that by coming down on a dissident professor there encouraging. Not discouraging bias and he's saying what happens if liberal teachers checked the Twitter accounts of conservative students. Maybe they're going to be biased against them. I just imagine though that it's going to be a lot of tension with some remaining on campus under these circumstances like these that when he waited to class it was his awkward kind of silence in the beginning and he immediately cut the tension by bringing it up right away and to him he says he's trying to learn in this uses as a learning experience. He is a business professor and so. One of the things you have to deal with in business often is a PR crisis and so he says to him. Maybe he can use the opportunity to glean some lessons that he can not only learn from but that he can also pass on to the students. Silver lining there are some. That's for higher right Diana's favorite thank you for the updates we have received Baghdad to see you.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"The university's executive vice president announced that Eric Rasmusen will keep his job after his social media accounts expressed \"racist, sexist and homophobic views.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67231763","title":"Indiana Univ. will not fire professor accused of racism, sexism","url":"/Politics/video/indiana-univ-fire-professor-accused-racism-sexism-67231763"}