The job market during COVID-19

Entrepreneurs and employees shift their business models to adapt and survive.
3:31 | 10/19/20

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Transcript for The job market during COVID-19
Voters in Arizona and Florida two battleground states were early voting is underway one of the biggest issues in this election. Is the economy of course and it's recovery from the pandemic sure gonna focus on that from moment in fact. About Kaiser Foundation poll showed that 13 of voters say the economy is the most important issue in deciding their vote. ABC's Dieter Bolton has more for us. The pandemic is changed almost everything down the American economy people are hurt unemployment now soared to fourteen point seven millions of Americans now without and check. It's no significance and personal hit jobs. The latest unemployment numbers are out. 837000. People applied for unemployment last week in only formal ice unemployment went from three and a half percent in February the lowest in more than five decades back to win President Nixon took office. Jumping to its highest rate in the post World War II Arap. Reaching fourteen point 7%. This small businesses that are surviving now and keeping their employees have flexibility. Stanley and finances on their side. Little Rock to be a small business outlook Colby going on but it is. Nice to be that come to a job that you love they have passion about me and my girls are my world and their extension of my family. Praise dance school was closed in pandemic a lockdown for more than seven months. I was very worried march 20 like clothes and each month that goes dime he kinda like when is it when we can open again but it got to the point where all my savings are gone. Barring money from my dad is. She estimates that 32 client families have come back compared to the 86 client families she had this time last year. It's about a third of the clientele but enough to keep the dance school Holden. For now. Ladies you know what to do social distance on the pot part of her school's appeal her commitment to health. NCD. Children get their temperature taken every time they come in they can't sanitize the footage from the studio 85 street shoes in the waiting room that waking down between the other pulled. Mental health my daughter was hysterical crying in the for friendship has fans they need to be active. Give me via the act. City is necessary for many adults too as Anthony Lewis knows from his business Manhattan exercise company a kind of matchmaker between fitness professionals. Individuals and communities. We're doing a bus door. Right now he's finding creative solutions to keep his business allies. Negro communities who personal fitness which is. A blessing. Lewis has been able to keep in 90% of his revenue stream even though some clients pay late due to their own hardships. With the addition of virtual fitness he has added new clients and expanded his business is footprint. Yeah. Why hello hello hello we. Anthony Lewis was also able to get some government help SDA loans the EP yielded. And I was clear how shall I he had a completely different experience she upsides seven times for an SBA. It was really know with the help out there with an everytime I apply I was in line for 300 million. 325 million with my number in line and then I would getting emails saying they're still practicing my first initial application. And they not my other application now but we're here I got students coming handling of nice. I've actually due to Bolton for that report.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Entrepreneurs and employees shift their business models to adapt and survive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73702250","title":"The job market during COVID-19","url":"/Politics/video/job-market-covid-19-73702250"}