The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine could be authorized by Friday

The Food and Drug Administration re-established the Johnson & Johnson vaccine’s 85% efficacy as it nears the approval of the one-dose vaccine.
4:24 | 02/24/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine could be authorized by Friday
Let's bring an ABC news medical contributor doctor Gary and Sutton. Doctor said let's talk about Johnson & Johnson there are mirrored emergency use authorization could come as early as Friday we're hearing. So what are the FDA say about that vaccine today. Well sir this is exciting news DA first set us what we already know which is levels of efficacy overall it seemed to Johnson's. 66%. Each and preventing symptomatic disease. More importantly eighty are present and gardening securities and are present and preventing hospitalizations and death. The EU eight came or excuse me B a basic clear the UN authorization came as they were able crew that was also say is that we're looking at other groups including age race or ethnicity. Medical or morbidity and any heart patients with higher orbit nineteen and actually. So that's another vaccine coming online in here in the US riser Madera vaccines here of the ones laws are being currently authorized or currently authors and both of those. Our food dose vaccine to get two shots did you enjoy it actually was just one dose. How important is that. Incredibly important this would eliminate is significant factors that contribute to distribution delay I'm not having to Ottawa with an additional tools allow this vaccinated more especially the fact that Johnson & Johnson vaccine can be stored or more regular temperatures that allows easier distribution but also around sorts and so it really is a big deal. And to have people look at the vaccines after they had their did not want to try and challenge it and I should people look comfortable taking any it is vaccines of their approved. Is one better than the other do you think. My recommendation is to get the vaccine first becomes available to you there are no comparative studies comparing them intern and Eisen which already have emergency use authorization. That he pending emergency authorization of the Johnson & Johnson vaccines that we understand that the change in what studied under different conditions it was a specific. Between different time point also in this setting of these new variants that are likely more transmissible as we talked about in the different sound and South Africa but what we do know is that it's a 100% effective in preventing. Deaths of my goal is to prevent patients presenting to the emergency room and meeting me get. Vaccine is available you've. Hearst. And dogs there's been a fair amount of frustration with their backs you're all our people trying to get through the system trying to get a does Johnson Johnson saying it can deliver twenty million doses by the end of march we're now looking at some significant volume. How much. Impact will that have increasing the rate a vaccine vaccination. Hadley addition of the Johnson & Johnson backs who can bring up our daily vaccinations are more about two million today which would allow us a more clear path to get into that vaccine induced herd immunity and were hoping he gets you to Sumner I think yes we have to be cognizant of the issues we're distribution and the physical effort we have to put into me sort of operational factors. Allow us to distribute the vaccine and placed on having the vaccine now with Johnson and Johnson and and distance and Internet and I an going to be an incredible assets or against Corbett nineteen. And then letting it know your opinion. For those who have been vaccinated to millions including my in laws who have had the vaccination doctor Jay said Dutch CDs he's gonna release more guidance soon for people who are fully backs and so what's the what's your advice to that group do you think the virus. Can be transmitted through people who at a bend vaccinated. To those who haven't. I'm asking the same question as I've been fully vaccinated and and might lend some people America and have also been fully vaccinated. We're still waiting on the data what we what we also are is that the information available to Montserrat. And buys it and now from NJ are showing that the vaccine preventing symptomatic cases we know. That there is still high level of transmission occurs between a dramatic and pre symptomatic cases Corbett nineteen and that is it we simply don't have yet so and so I advise everyone to do and I do which is intuitive factor practiced this and mitigation efforts which is wearing masks and decency as much as possible and remembering the vaccine is helping us keep people out of the and masks and distancing her hoping she transmissions low together this will be our best effort our best in nineteen. Great advice doctor Daron Sutton thanks as always.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"The Food and Drug Administration re-established the Johnson & Johnson vaccine’s 85% efficacy as it nears the approval of the one-dose vaccine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"76093734","title":"The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine could be authorized by Friday","url":"/Politics/video/johnson-johnson-covid-19-vaccine-authorized-friday-76093734"}