Pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson on Pence's Trump Defense Strategy

ABC News' Amna Nawaz, Dan Harris and LZ Granderson talk with Anderson about the challenges the candidates face in the vice presidential debate.
5:59 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson on Pence's Trump Defense Strategy
Every grand Chris consult with Anderson she darted in re branded by you guys it's KSA and then it that way. You can name channel number five this think. This I like in. Style that the legitimacy. And out. So what's the state of the race in your view you have reached however late you're you're Republican pollster. What is the state of the reasons we go into this vice presidential debate and does this debate stand any chance of making any impact from Poland and. There are very few people that have very strong opinions about either of the men you're going to hear from its site so I suspect in less. Either of them makes big news if Mike and says something that is. Really wildly different than what Donald Trump would say are in US and ninety minutes defending Donald Trump at any point there seems to be injury there are cracking in Nat sort of unity. I imagine people will pounce on the other hand Tim Kaine is gonna have to sort of defend a lot of things that people criticized about Hillary Clinton on the he I think it's proven that he's a pretty good defender out of Clinton did out on the campaign trail thus far until. I think his job is actually a little easier he is just like colds there don't mess up or as I think it'll be harder and sustained for ninety minutes. Depending a lot of the fact that Donald comes down over the last week. So sense I was last here with you all we had the debate that some new polls have come out. And showing Clinton sort of retaken that would mean that she had coming out of the convention that. 45 point national lead in a state like Pennsylvania poll came out today showing she's up Ike and in the electoral maps books home hard for Donald Trump he didn't take any got ground up after. That last debate locked may be a pointer to. And it's unclear to me that he has a real opportunity to dramatically changed history I think it will take something much bigger. Anything's happened here tonight VP debate change that there are more presidential debate if there are opportunities and maintenance so those two potentially art tonight I think it is less that's not the principles on the stage but I think certainly if in the next debate. Hillary Clinton does something that is dramatically back or gets really flub flub the question. May be there's an opening that that also requires that Donald Trump. Put in performance. For a full ninety minutes that looks more like the first twenty minutes of the debate last time he did seen. More on message talking about the economy and trade issues that are pretty good for him. He started kind of fall apart when it got into things like taxes since action so. With another two sets I think the next two debates ninety minutes long as the one is that town hall format. Mean Donald Trump's really got to sort of stay on script he wants to get back to those members. He knew that before black. You mentioned some of those cracks and features and certainly even wall picking the thing that's a lot of what they have to do tonight thinking. That is a lot of potential downside if they make a pig mistaken and very little potential upside to make up even some of the numbers. But for pets in particular there's a lot of daylight between him and Donald Trump when it comes to policy and also just on you know in this campaign season. He wasn't always endorsing mr. term as candidates and before he was selected. Was actually coming out very publicly in saying you know I don't agree with this that potential Muslim and it's unconstitutional it's offense is an. How peace he make up for those things tonight. That's why he's got a much harder job he's gonna have to do a lot more dancing over the next the next ninety minutes and I think that. Not only did he have a harder problem that part but also he's got to make the case. Two other Republicans. Who've Il or felt the way he felt uncomfortable Donald. Not loving from the things he said. Really having big questions we ought to billion dollars we why were you tweeting about sex tape wait what's going not if you're somebody that's got those reservations. There's a chance that night and now tonight. I have those reservations to. I'm speaking to you in saying he's cool. He's with me and he's school. She says experts that right after interpreted so he's cool it ever been part of a it's not a part of the talking points and I. I don't think so could be. Right records and did you isn't. During the last debate he wants to Donald Trump wants to get capitals first when he businesses. Have been Hillary Clinton's question we talked about about. This father and giving him the mighty sort of began the spiraling down you know in terms of deal and Stan. Now that we have these new numbers out that his father may have not need to help them start but executables float. Obviously she's gonna use that what's happened again to you the heat. He's going to be able to him now handle that attack and make it through ninety minutes of respect and abuse and doing once again. I wouldn't bet on it and yeah 88 hedges he has not shown during the campaign and the ability to stay on passage for sustained periods of time. You seem kind of wobble back and forth between you weak when it seems like it is aides taking his own apartment. And he's kind of on a consistent message about. Hillary Clinton she's in the pocket of the rich she represented the status well it's not the sudden. He does something like his rally last Saturday in Pennsylvania where. Starts bringing things like Bill Clinton's affairs and it just it just kind of goes. This does the shopping cart goes way up the rail at that's the analogy that it used before the shopping cart with a broken wheel. You can try to push it straight down the aisle but eventually wants to turn over the serial vaccinated bigger theme of the night is clean up and down and I. They don't Burdick here exactly exactly bill and if if you're Republican you're hoping that talent and can just put on. Presidential face for the next two debates you've got to hope that let Mike Pence can do it yet app is. Make that argument look you may not love him but I am a dyed in the wool conservative. Trust me he's okay.

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{"duration":"5:59","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz, Dan Harris and LZ Granderson talk with Anderson about the challenges the candidates face in the vice presidential debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42570869","title":"Pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson on Pence's Trump Defense Strategy","url":"/Politics/video/pollster-kristen-soltis-anderson-pences-trump-defense-strategy-42570869"}