Rep. Jackie Speier on changing sexual harassment culture in D.C.

Speier discusses her plan to restructure the way harassment is reported and handled on Capitol Hill.
7:39 | 11/01/17

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Transcript for Rep. Jackie Speier on changing sexual harassment culture in D.C.
I rallying cry. To join the war against sexual harassment and its expanded from Hollywood to capitol help congresswoman Jackie speer came for what their own story of sexual assault. And it went viral tickle. I was working as a congressional staffer the chief of staff. Held my face. Kissed me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. So I know what it's like to keep these things hidden deep down inside. Many of us in congress know what it's like because congress has been a breeding ground for a hostile work environment for far too law. You. Now she joins us live from Washington DC hello congresswoman. Cadets at. To share its joy they are speaking but before we get into that topic. We would just talking about yesterday's terror attacks the administration is saying that they want to step up extreme bedding. And I made the point said that might help a little bit but there are tourists coming over here anybody could actually do with this guy did yesterday. Was it yesterday but did ask yesterday asked some what do you think about all that what do you say it all that we're joy of. Right actually we have a situation this country and our lone wolves are. Everywhere and we have. Extraordinary law enforcement and intelligence officers who are surveilling them but it takes an inordinate amount have labor and time and effort. And sometimes we catch and sometimes we don't but extreme batting is not going to solve this particular. Tragedy because clearly he had been here for seven years and had been come part of the the community. Bright mind and anybody can just come over here. But let's get onto the other subject to the reason that you're here because you are salted over forty years ago now what to fit knew how to keep it a secret until now. We know back then in the seventies sexual harassment wasn't even a term that was used and it was inclined Intel later that decade and then. In the eighties when it was found that under title seven of the Civil Rights Act it was a violation that it was a form of sex discrimination. So back then it wasn't as keenly. File defined. And so I write I took it like most women but time took it you just say the way you make sure that you weren't an act kind of a situation again. And that's a turned out I I didn't have any other incidents with this particular individual. But now times have changed and I think that we have a means by which we can hold people accountable unfortunately congress is not doing it. Congressman this is necessary means I wouldn't ask you senators like Claire McCaskill and high. Have come out with some stories. With Iran's right to craftsman also Kellyanne Conway. Since you released your Beattie a lot Friday have you heard from other women that it experienced similar. Things. I have. Now for most of us as elected members of congress were in positions of power we need to focus on those who are vulnerable the staffers who. Are afraid to come forward for sure though lose their jobs. And we have heard from a number of victims who haven't come forward publicly for fear that they will lose their jobs. And what is the cultural late for women working on capitol as we all see that the representation isn't necessarily equal to the population. So you're outnumbered. What is it like there. So it's an institution 80% of which is mail. And you have a positions held by these men who are in power and because this system protects them. I mean if you have fought been violated. You go to what's called the Office of Compliance and you have to go through what's called legal counseling for a month and then you have to go through mediation. And then you have to wait another month before you can even file a claim and you are required to file a nondisclosure. Agreement. When you start mediation so the perpetrators is never how did. And in fact any kind of settlement is paid for by all of us as taxpayers have a US treasury. Oh it's. Apps congresswoman this is sunny Hostin. That your story of the processes is just ridiculous but you're working on new legislation is change the system. We hear what will that Intel. So it is shockingly biased in favor of the institution and the perpetrators so besides requiring mandatory training. On sexual harassment for both the members and the staff we're gonna change the process so we're going to shorten the length of time. That you can file a claim you'll be able to then that not. Be required to file a non disclosure agreement. We're gonna make sure that some of the most vulnerable the interns and fellows who work in congress have nowhere to go right now and they will be protected. Under this new lot that we will be an agency. Total. Maybe it's his career and his wanna switch gears here we've been talking a lot about. Mueller is Russia investigation since it began. You are a member of the House Intelligence Committee can you tell us what we can knicks back and who do you think should be nervous at this moment. Well I think Michael Flynn will certainly be someone who. We'll come under the cross fires of the mall investigation I would suspect that he will be. Indicted as well. I think that the Muller investigation is doing an extraordinary job of being at the non political looking at the law and basing their decisions on the law. I think the investigations going on by both the house and the senate are much more complex because their political institutions and certainly in the house. There is that difference of opinion as to what we should be looking but for all of us Americans. We do not want an adversarial force to come into our country at impact our elections. And that's exactly what the Russians I what do you what do you. Missing half adopt a list as an errand boy we think about that well. You know he's very good at somehow. Suggesting that every once a volunteer the truth is in the campaign a lot of people were volunteers even the chairman was a volunteer lot of people didn't get paid they were supposed to get paid. But he was right there. He was right there in they're acting with the top members of the trump campaign. Hierarchy he was sitting at a meter meeting with the national security advisory committee. The president when he was a candidate and was asked by the editorial board of the Washington Post. As to who is national security advisors work he mentioned George got pop it up less and if he doesn't have the ability remember a lot of name so I thought that was significant. I never thought pop up. Congressman and a and then next time you're in New York common sense when that's at the table is not for nothing when you talk to these interns that you're talking about. Tell them they have to stick together and they have to have each other's backs and if they have bad. The L favorite second. Stop and Florida because nobody should be nervous about talking Lincoln talked to their friends and they got each other. Then make that step one thank you for comment atmosphere asked thankful they come back again will be right back she's.

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{"duration":"7:39","description":"Speier discusses her plan to restructure the way harassment is reported and handled on Capitol Hill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"50864409","title":"Rep. Jackie Speier on changing sexual harassment culture in D.C.","url":"/Politics/video/rep-jackie-speier-changing-sexual-harassment-culture-dc-50864409"}