VA secretary criticized on Capitol Hill for travel decisions

David Shulkin's 11-day trip to Copenhagen and London cost taxpayers at least $122,334, the report said.
1:56 | 02/15/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for VA secretary criticized on Capitol Hill for travel decisions
With a substantial resource has come substantial responsibility to expand dollars wisely. On that note before I yield to ranking member walls of like two address report released about inspector general yesterday regarding secretary shall could trip to Europe last year. Secretary like many members of this size I was just more in the allegations raised by this report. Our long chat ranking marble walls and senator Isaacson tester were briefed on this yesterday have instructed my staff. To request additional documentation from the IG. I've gotten to know you well the last year and actually two years and I believe your intentions to serving care for our nation's veterans are well clear you have that mission of art. But that's sad as public officials were all expected to be held to a higher standard. And be good stewards of tax dollars I encourage you take every step to address fronts in this report I'm making changes gesture. We've got a lot of work to be on behalf of our nation's veterans and we cannot allow distractions like the east. Keep us from doing our work and I look forward to seeing you were spots. To the members here today are encouraging you to remember the importance of the topic at hand I'll understand meaning he rightly want answers sector about the IG's findings. I ask that you keep in mind are reviewing a budget requests have nearly 200 billion dollars in net should be to focus our discussion today in mister chairman and. Ranking member thank you for keeping the focus of today. On the important work that we have this is of this a big deal getting the resources right for veterans. I do regret. The decisions that have been made that have taken the focus off of that important work that's why I'm here I know that's why all of you were here. We care deeply about this subject and the reason why to keep the attention focused on the important things that I'd made the decision to reimburse the treasury to follow the IG recommendations and I'm. I'm committed to two in what we have to do focus on veterans to make this better.

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{"id":53121037,"title":"VA secretary criticized on Capitol Hill for travel decisions","duration":"1:56","description":"David Shulkin's 11-day trip to Copenhagen and London cost taxpayers at least $122,334, the report said.","url":"/Politics/video/va-secretary-criticized-capitol-hill-travel-decisions-53121037","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}