Facebook Unveils 'Home' for Android Phones

CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants "to shift people's focus on phones away from apps and towards content."
3:29 | 04/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Facebook Unveils 'Home' for Android Phones
Today were finally gonna talk about that FaceBook -- Com or more accurately were -- talk about how you can turn your android phone into -- great simple social device. I you're going to be able to turn transform your rendered phone -- -- Agreed social. Now. At FaceBook our mission is to give people the power to share. And make the world more open and connected and we talk about these two words a lot open and connected open means having access today -- permission. And be -- to learn about the world around. Connected means having access to people and be able to reach out to know what's going on with anyone you care -- These two concepts are a lot of what makes us human and because of that it's no surprise that we all spend so much time using social tools. As a -- -- on average are we all spend about 20% of our time in phones on FaceBook. And if you -- against the ground that's more than 25%. And I'm if you count all of the social and communication apps it's even more -- No other category of activity even comes close. We spend our lives sharing and connecting. So we just ourselves if we're all spending so much time on our phones interacting with people then how can we make this easier. What would it look like if instead of our phones being designed around apps first and then. Just being able to have some interactions with people and solve those apps if we looked at around and meet its of that. Our phones were designed around people first and then you -- also interact -- when it. What would it feel like if our phones were designed around people. Not apps. Well it would feel really different -- you know phones computers have been designed. Aren't apps and tasks for more than thirty years with the modern UY. -- dating back to about -- to windows one point knowing the in the early eighties. Tom computers used to be is expensive and clunky and not very fun to use devices -- really ever use -- in your how to task that you want to perform argued. Open an opportunity double click on on the icon that you want to use and you you -- -- perform your task and close it down and that was basically your workflow and now fast forward thirty years later and even though the devices that we're using are a lot nicer now the U -- model is actually largely the same. Now there's a placements a lot of the time we we do need to do tasks and in this -- -- -- model for that. But now there's a New Year's case that is becoming more and more important. We -- -- with us all the time. And more and more we just one I know what's going on with the people around us. How often. How have you have this happen to you Wear your basically a few minutes in between meetings -- you're standing in line at the store and you -- know what's going on to deploy your foreign let's -- which -- your apps have that little red dot com. And I'm. -- to see what what content as it is going on now that. That isn't performing a task that's just wanting to stay connected know what's going on your world that's being human. So. Ten and why we need to go into all those apps in the first place in order to see what's going on with the people we carry out. That's because today our phones are designed around apps and not people so we wanna flip -- around we will not. Bring all this content to the front and make it so that you can also just go ahead and use whatever -- you need whenever you need them.

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{"id":18882016,"title":"Facebook Unveils 'Home' for Android Phones","duration":"3:29","description":"CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants \"to shift people's focus on phones away from apps and towards content.\"","url":"/Technology/video/facebook-unveils-home-android-phones-18882016","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}