Parents, Kids and Social Media Rules

How parents and kids can maintain a vibrant presence online without driving each other crazy.
1:59 | 05/18/16

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Transcript for Parents, Kids and Social Media Rules
We've all seen those adorable. Sometimes cringe worthy videos that parents take other children. You know the ones that explode on mine. Grades are you excited to gulag. Parents embarrassing their kids is certainly nothing new. Now they're social media tech kicking up in knots. Any house of Smith and her nineteen year old son Jake. Have been navigating the Iraqi online waters for years. We were pardon social media currently. And neighbors. Classes are correct. But they get all they say Bartlett pear like most young people Jake says he loves social media. In mr. Graham FaceBook snapped chat looked in that little news. I don't see that parliament's security get on with but it turns out Jacque in many in his generation Jim have a limit. But not selves. A new study found that kids are increasingly pushing for social media boundaries further parents and asking mom and dad to hold off on posting about them. When Anna yeah. Portraying themselves. Or. Es parents are of course proud of their children and want to show them off. But that happened mean documenting every single thing they do. So what's the balance Ronnie fox is a parenting expert who says. Mutual respect is the key what I want this posted about myself how right out of my parent had posted this about me. You know government years ago tips set guidelines on what can be posted. Don't post anything without asking and remember while that photo of your child may be home Leary is TU right now the Internet is forever Amy Anderson Jake say keeping open lines of communication over the years. Has made for smooth sailing Karen Travers ABC news Potomac Maryland.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"How parents and kids can maintain a vibrant presence online without driving each other crazy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"39199550","title":"Parents, Kids and Social Media Rules","url":"/Technology/video/parents-kids-social-media-rules-39199550"}