How tech can protect against coronavirus during travel, transit

As some states start to open up, going from point A to point B won’t look the same.
5:14 | 06/29/20

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Transcript for How tech can protect against coronavirus during travel, transit
The thought of hopping on a plane full passenger. Riding in a crowded subway car probably seems pretty crazy right now remember your commute to work. It seems so long ago. Some cities on 90% drop in public transit ridership during the pandemic Bremer about fun summer trip you had planned. Probably canceled or at least postponed. And even as many states start to open up going from point eight to point B won't look the thing. This is how the corona virus will change the way we can you and the way we travel. I'm Riley when with digital trends and this. Is what comes next where every highlight the potential technology. To get us back to business to back a life. By this point in the pandemic everyone wants to leave the house whether it's going to work or going on a trip and repairs always then they deeper. And thankfully tech and offering some creative ways to help us stay safe when median house in airport security screening is all too familiar. And it's about to give up bit more in. Airports are quit being TF agents would be Smart thermal helmets that look like they're from the desk stock. They're used to ski in the crowds for people with higher temperature. Anyone that does will be you have to have their temperature checked again by a different monitor. If it's still too high they may be gasoline the airport the lines are going to take longer to get through and they'll also look a lot longer because social distancing. The next time you're going on a trip. Into the airport even earlier than normal once you board the plane you'll have to fight your neighbor for the arm rest because you'll have one. Flights loves faces a missing passengers and they'll all be required masked long war. Delta American Airlines and many others are no longer serving alcohol or only serving steel beverages. Ollie let actual flight be different but still the way that airlines in the happens. If this isn't your average beverage cart. I heard germ falcons at the high powered UVC light that can clean an airplane amazingly fast. They didn't disinfect up to thirty Rosen so for Boeing 737. The entire plane can be cleaned in about five minutes. You VC like instantly kill bacteria and interrupt the DNA that except the corona virus so it can't live. Once you reach your destination expect your hotel to feel way more and seeing from the moment you walk in. Fuel a leading software platform for the hospitality industry developed a digital key feature. So when you enter the lobby you can just open up the happen and head straight to your room. No more worried about losing that plastic G card just don't lose your. Inside the hotel room there's one item they care is more germs than anything else. T Bieber. It's obviously not something to cleaning crew can change out between gas. So many hotels are switching to perform knows he skated you are code on the TV with your phone. Which then loads up the remote for you start channel for ordering a drinkers them soon at the hotel bar will also be content contact us. Hotels and restaurants are using my menus on line. Instead of a waiter handing you a physical menu and taking your order you scamming you are code on your phone and the restaurant or bars menu pops up. That you ordered just like its drug problem or that maybe they can apply this technology to room service so we don't have to wait through a long bone. Technology is also being applied at the pool. This Ole apple lot of people are reserve their spot pool side of the hotel can limit the number of people swimming and promote things of the season. Because honestly after being stuck inside for months we all could use some vitamin. Once your vacation is over Whitman did and they get back to the real world. That morning commute that you already dread is going to become even more difficult but it all to help us travel thing. Public transit systems across the country are going to be working overtime post for rotavirus. Transit employees are cleaning buses and subways and around the clock. Some cities won't allow you to board a bus without a mask. The New York subway for example normally carry sixteen million passengers each year. To keep everyone safe if piloting powerful UVC light similar to the ones airlines are using. Has deployed 150. Mobile devices to try automate the cleaning subway cars. This means subways have been shut down at night at certain times which is entirely impressive. Thank cabin fever is real. Only leave the house we need to do and they way. Technology's taking part of the burden for the rest is on us. Remember to Wear math and practice they social thief no matter where you are and that even means on vacation. On her next episode we'll take a look at how the heck is going to help us get back to school. This is what comes next until next time I'm Riley went with a digital trends and thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"As some states start to open up, going from point A to point B won’t look the same.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"71510487","title":"How tech can protect against coronavirus during travel, transit","url":"/Technology/video/tech-protect-coronavirus-travel-transit-71510487"}