Tim Cook thinks ‘people should be skeptical’ of large companies

The Apple CEO discussed ways in which Apple is working to protect users’ privacy and data.
8:07 | 11/22/19

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Transcript for Tim Cook thinks ‘people should be skeptical’ of large companies
I want in this state today with technology. People have seen since the warrant the part you mentioned happiness factor. People to see that downside that darker side of technology and apple today. He's now planes so many different spaces. You have eaten apple cart now so people can help use that capital credit card to get access to credit you have health. Now as a part. When he needs to people's personal information. People are concerned there there a little they're a little more skeptical. What do you say to people out there who feel skeptical about a company like apple now playing an all these. I'm pleased as well I think they should be skeptical. I think people should be skeptical boards. Thoroughly inspect. Tan. Convince themselves of their competitive. Business and I think privacy in particular. Is one of the top issues of the century since what we do is we don't want and all the details about July. And so we are not trying to vacuum up all your date and form it into a profile. We wanted that your information held on newer device so it's between you and your phone not human apple. And incidents of very different kind of approach it and then some companies today. For us our products that are iphones and my hands in the air pockets and we convince you to bottom line. We can make a little bit of money off of that in re invested in and makes them more and have a good business. But we're not trying to make money off your day. And in so apple looks at this very differently we view privacy as a fundamental human rock and from our point of view I'm. I'm personally very worried. Did in the world where nothing is private. And freedom of expression just evaporates. In a freedom of expression operates. This is is this is a plastic part of what it means to be enough. But if all of a sudden. You know that your being watched by private company or by whomever all the time. You begin to do laps but maybe not much it bursts but just a little step by step by step. And you begin to monitor your behavior you begin to browse loves you begin to explore lots an idea that is not a world that I want to live. And it's not a world I'm I want kids to you know America's a great place to school. To have freedom of expression and so. I think this is just war. To what it is to the American and so we're we are we're I. Very much a protectorate products. Sulfur and though in this world certain you know there's an existential threat. That you just laid out around press. Here. You do she runs out of the bottle already. Well we're trying to team back in the bottle we're trying to help you put it back in the bottle is that is the only possible I think it's yeah I'm optimistic there. But we were doing things like this year we came out with sign on with apple. And so it if you think about what's happened to the web it is you're using the same credentials at a convenience to sign into multiple kind of properties across the well. And so that gives these companies a full view of everything that you do it. And generally we do things. As to what our thoughts are so by defaulting on which also what you're thinking. Will we don't like this in so what can we do to help. We can give your sign on occasion to convenience of once signed on the one that you used with apple but we're not collecting your day. We don't want it. And so we we're just we're providing this as a service to our customers its brief view or welcome to use it I hope that they do I know that I music. And do you feel C if aren't now that you're using that yes. Yes I do I use that and I use a number of other things we. Privacy in my browsing. And things like. I really consciously decide. When I corrales somewhere do I want to browse and private mode. Our don't want to browse and a public. And sometimes there's a need for about you know. But it should be who worked toward us. Our view is we want to put that customers in the driver's. You who were donated cord should be. Not not a comfort. Not apple not anybody else and so all the tools that we've provided our tools that enable you empowering it. As you know the actives customers don't cornered in this world that we now live and should we be paid for it. Should Facebook or Amazon or who will be writing checks to its customers for the data we're giving them. I think that you should be put in control of it where you can deleted and modify. Moved. All of these things I think you should have the power to do whether you should be paid for it I think you're paying for with your day. Our data is more valuable than checks that we writes for the most part that I mean that's Tom that's how valuable it is in so. Whether that's the business mogul future I don't know I I don't want to project. But I think I think the most important thing is. We are out of control. The Internet is out of control on the amount of data that's being docking. And what we first have to do is have transparency. And then to put the customer in the drivers and those are the most important thing. And then if you if you empower the user they'll decide they want. You know users are really Smart if you give them fools. They will be solved and so I I think we need to do and I think that government needs to regulate this area I'm. I'm not a fan of regulation in general I think it can have unexpected consequence. But I think we all have to witness when you try to do something. And companies haven't solved police. That it's time to have a rigorous regulation and I think we've passed it I think time is now. Have a federal privacy. Should face I'll be broken out. Well that's for other people decide not likely to decide I I personally don't believe that that in and of itself is a solution. For what these issues are included putting salt any of the issues at in your mind. FaceBook were broken up. If Google Amazon if these giant companies like UR's. Were broken up with that part of the regulatory. Throughout the the first step in all of this is deciding. Our company's monopoly. And if they are monopoly have they misuse. And so that's for those Fortson and regulators decide not for me to decide. But it indicates where the answer is yes monopoly yes have a news. In the remedy one of those bright. Five. He ended in the area of data. Unless you've taken action where there's been truly less data in the company's or La haven't done. Haven't done. And so I think there's too much focus right now on fines and rate cuts and not enough on. That data companies hold that users did not make an informed decision that it. Because they have that date but there are gonna burn hot that's right in if you all of a sudden now there's three companies that have all. I don't really know god. And and so I think. I I think I would I advocated war is one that's not my decision and others and I advocate for very deep thinking about what problem. Are we trying sol. I'm not an injury time.

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{"duration":"8:07","description":"The Apple CEO discussed ways in which Apple is working to protect users’ privacy and data. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"67229821","title":"Tim Cook thinks ‘people should be skeptical’ of large companies","url":"/Technology/video/tim-cook-thinks-people-skeptical-large-companies-67229821"}