Bill Richardson Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

The former New Mexico governor endorsed then Sen. Obama in 2008.
3:43 | 08/23/15

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Transcript for Bill Richardson Endorses Hillary Clinton for President
I should point out you've had your difficulties with the Clintons in the past even though you worked for president Clinton. You endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, caused a rift with the Clintons but now some mending of fences? We patched things up with both Clintons, with secretary Clinton and president Clinton. You know, for seven years there was hostility. When I did the endorsement of president Obama, which I stand by, but I didn't do it right. I didn't handle it right, and so we patched things up. We've had long conversations with both of them. I'm supporting her now because I think she's got the best candidacy. Talk about the issues, I mean what she's come out with on the economy, on job growth, on climate change, on immigration, on foreign policy, she was a good secretary of state. I'm glad you did that, bill, because, you know, the Clintons have a long memory. I thought if she became president you were going to have to self-deport. Let me assure you, George, I have not patched things up with Clinton just in case you're -- Now you need to patch things up with James Carville who I remember had some very choice words for you at the time. I'll tell you the truth. I was very close with president Clinton, so for seven years, you know, this was like an albatross, so I don't want anything from them, but I wanted to clear this up. I still think she's by far the best candidate of all the candidates. She's got the experience. She's got a tremendous amount of policy positions that are new that need to be looked at. Ana, what about this maneuvering by Joe Biden at this point? No one can get inside his head I guess right now, but the question I would have if he gets in, what case does he make? Would he go directly at these issues of honesty and trustworthiness? You know, I'm not even sure he needs to go to those issues because the press is doing so much. I think the case he makes is I've got as much if not more foreign policy experience and I don't have any baggage. The problem with this Clinton e-mail story is that it's not going away. There's new revelations practically every week, and it's been a drip, drip, drip now for, what, six months, and her response to it is really not the best. We see her joke about it. You know, when your e-mail users are under doj investigations, you shouldn't be laughing. This e-mail thing is overblown. Past seconds of state have done it at the time 2009 this was a practice you could make a choice. Colin Powell did it at the very beginning. You know what I would have said because I was in the cabinet I would have said, you know what, I don't want an official classified e-mail system. I want to have my own private server. Why? Because of wikileaks and because of hacking and because of leaks. No one else in the cabinet did. Well, colin Powell did. Colin Powell didn't set up his own server. And you look at former cia director John Deutch had to be pardoned by bill Clinton for keeping classified information on unsecured computers at home. Is there any classified or unclassified -- there's no classified e-mail. There's no -- there's nothing there Anyone who served in government and handled classified material knows this is appalling, and if they did a similar thing, their career would be at risk and they'd be in legal jeopardy and that's why it's so serious. But there's no classified e-mails. You don't know that. There have been e-mails that have been identified for further review. This is overblown. This is political. This is political. You guys are -- The FBI is not political. Listen, it is not political when you're talking about the department of justice and the FBI. You know, was it political against David petraeus? When you're talking about national security -- We don't know exactly what the FBI is looking at right now

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"The former New Mexico governor endorsed then Sen. Obama in 2008.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"33263891","title":"Bill Richardson Endorses Hillary Clinton for President","url":"/ThisWeek/video/bill-richardson-endorses-hillary-clinton-president-33263891"}