Jonathan Karl: Democrats' demand for Obama reflects 'identity crisis' in the party

The "This Week" Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics, including strategy for the 2018 midterm elections.
6:17 | 09/09/18

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Transcript for Jonathan Karl: Democrats' demand for Obama reflects 'identity crisis' in the party
& you cosend him aou for at item. Not start with donaldtrump. He is a symptom, not the cause he's just capitalizing on resentmes politicia have been fanning for years. Of the enoouheavals that have taken place in your brief lifetimes. He first time ident obs taken on president trump public hittg the cagn trail fday and Saturday this weekend. Wants to make a difference I the midterms. Worked for M. It took some pushing T gethe president out there. He seems commiugh the Mims but want bring that question. Some concern that it could lly trump voters well president Obama is very aware of that. I inhe's care in his words from the speech that we W on both iday and say th trump is symptom, not the cause. But tellople that if you digree with at trump I doing, then there's one thing you can do, get out there and vote, ani think th president, he left the white house wi very high larity. Not just with democrbut with some iendents and that's only gotten better over time and traveling the tr really itant Messa, if you want to change the don of this country, get your couch and go vote. Of the rulof the 2016 election. A, lanhee -- The that's what is gettingail. You live california noident the esident wa california.lf a dozen Republican house ses that cou flip. California is clearly going toground. It's intesting.the speech have on Friday, very different F he gave at the fridirectly at republins tying republic membs S to trump. Saturday I D mentionepresident trump in California and speaks to the differnd of appeal in California you'ppea rate repuican and independent voters to try to get Democrats over the top. On the O hand, on day Yo appealingo Democrats to turn out. The question is which of those two is ae effectivspeech. In my mind the Friday speech is more effective, the one where you actuo and try to out your base, because midterm elections, it's difficult beeve history wihange and we'll have a bunch ofat to show up onrm election day. It motivati the base. Baracobama -- first of all, it says something about the identity criin the democratic party there wa such a demand for Barack Obama to be out there and remains by far T most visible Democrat in thentry but -- that's no surprise. Frsident but but there's nobody -- there's nobody en close. He had a -not just a mixed elections. Democrat of course, got ki10, got killed in 20 states was decimated during his presidency the questis, how effectwill he but there this time? He may be effectiveow that there's the contrast with trump but the track rico nogreat. Also not on the ballot.I , midterm elections large S of who I sitting in the white house. He is not on the ballot and constrngargument about the benefit of the last 18 months to Poto to say isnot america.this is nowhat it sh be. How much different -- Iant to about the failure previ midterms. At was lesabout kindhis own failures as a campaigner or the fact THAs own speees may be more up to par as it was a huge failure of party ding, a see that kind of obhad this people didt neo mobilize, right? It's not that Obama gave speeches in the past Democrats lo erbama shouldn't give spes, right? Hat's right. The party itself is mobilized ze way that it just never was durinstration. Ris,et me bring thiso se I rememr pretty vividly being in the W house 19nton not that pop back.let members of congress to run own races. A lot republica B that their best hope coming up in the midterm run on theconomy, not to run on president coming off the campai trail. No,efinitely not. This is a president who will be out there D he's going to be do. He enjoys it. First and foremost it's bee enjoys it secondly, he thinks in certain places can be hel. And I think they W where and lookat numbers -- races. Let me Sayne other thibo president a's speech I find it richlyronic he tks about the fact trump is a symptom not the cause. Okayso what was happen S the president for the eight ars when T cause was being eae's now beme a mptom of. Buident acts he's detached from this, that somehow he was a dispassionate observer eight years before. If Donald Trump is truly -- if he'sht and don is the sympto a cause, ll, Donald Trump elected in 2016 afteeight years ofack Obama's president. He can't detach himself fr that. You're absoluteight. Here's -- here are the other symptoms and som that the day he was elected presenr unifying the country with the largest coalition thatveng together to elect for a pren Republicans had a meeting in Washington to say the one thing wet do is me sure -- we have to subvert againsteverythingstop him ihis tracks and make sure he is a one-term president. And they did -Y tried to that everstepf the way, imulus, health C cln ergy, you name it. Everything. Tried to block him and as they sentiments. Very much, step the W. Bus illegitimate president froe nt the supmert -- You know , I worked Wt a second. I wd -- et you talk. Okay. Democratworom 2000 F that geor W was an ilmate president, recounting the votes -- to a debate we do not have time foda thank you all very much. We'll be rigack. Thank Yo all very ch. We'll be R back. To think of himei sort

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{"duration":"6:17","description":"The \"This Week\" Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics, including strategy for the 2018 midterm elections. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"57707898","title":"Jonathan Karl: Democrats' demand for Obama reflects 'identity crisis' in the party","url":"/ThisWeek/video/jonathan-karl-democrats-demand-obama-reflects-identity-crisis-57707898"}