Jonathan Karl: Trump may be 'uniquely positioned to get a deal with North Korea'

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics, including the latest in the Russia investigation and talks with North Korea.
10:20 | 06/03/18

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Transcript for Jonathan Karl: Trump may be 'uniquely positioned to get a deal with North Korea'
This is clearly. Playing I think in her first occurred November 6 of 2018 its upper down vote. On impeachment trial is on the ballot in every congressional district does not gonna be some democratic congressman first Republican congressman. This is going to be Donald Trump vs Nancy Pelosi and Comstock. Steve Bannon is ten and back giving his analysis of the mid terms or get into that with our roundtable right now it got a chief White House correspondent John Karl here. Sarah fading political affairs director in the bush White House now CNBC contributor. Patrick Gaspar political affairs director me Obama White House also ambassador to South Africa now the president of the open society foundation. And former house speaker Newt Gingrich offered new book trumps America the truth about our nation's great comeback. And Karen Finney is democratic strategist former Clinton Campaign spokesperson and anngelle me begin with because there's some evidence for the presents watching. Televisions according to speculate what of the one of the arguments made by Rudy Giuliani that the president should have been holed. About this investigation into his campaign should have been told that the investigation into Paul Mann a port that's becoming a talking point. Christine. Several of the talking points put all of them aimed Georgian undermining the credibility of the special counsel we have gone. From the cooperation mode to the attack in vilify mode. The memo that came out from the president's team bus sounded a little bit like what Richard Nixon told Robert Frost when the president does it it's not a legal. That's part of the argument here. But the that the point is the president's legal team believes that it too much by way of cooperation over the past year they turned over to many documents allowed to many White House advisors. To be interviewed. And that is all stop and. And is it can hold us this strategy can hold look I think the simple question then is where's the pollution. Met him on was appointed to see whether or not there was collusion with the Russian. There's no evidence of Donald Trump had any collusion Russian none zero. Boy you conceded that Rudy Giuliani conceded that he doesn't knows that Robert Mueller is done with this investigation. I'm done some dissent. He'll release to give us a hint that the does he have any evidence of any kind of depressed hashish was involved with Russia. We're getting obstruction of justice we're getting all sorts of other things were getting 2005. Tax issues. Mean all sorts of things that don't relate to the vision we thought he was there shaking your head. Well I'm just speaking about a little something and it happened during the Clinton administration where its may have started about cattle futures and Whitewater and we ended up in a very different place and special prosecutors aren't. A habit of telling you exactly what it is being when Giuliani was sitting here saying thank BO show us the reports show us. Why would say it is an active investigation as Dan Abrams pointed out I think you know the point about the Mahler investigation as. All of this speculation. It until we know we won't know and when he comes forward and and puts forward his evidence then we'll now Duluth. We've also seen surfing in the president's been. Quite successful in getting other Republicans. Not just his legal team other Republicans to echo his art. He has and it's now to the point where. I believe the president's base and including a whole lot of independents in this country look at this as just another example of how Washington is broken. And that the actual political impact of all this discussion. Probably politically. A cruise to the president spent. And I was struck her Patrick received and is thinking basically arguing that kind of want this. Midterm election to be about impeachment to be about Donald Trump. That the midterm election is clearly not about impeachment is certainly is about Donald Trump back and his behavior and Sarah is right that there's just. General and John made the point is does general attempt to destabilize the institution since it tearing down in order to protect this president. But to tell you I'm not sure I'm not convinced that independents or are around thing plague on both your houses I think they're that independent baseball we've seen from. The special elections thus far repulsed by all of this behavior was interesting to note that that the speaker. I've just said before that we started to with the Russian program now we've got to things like obstruction of justice. As of obstruction of justice is a minor issue for the president nice things to be involved in. It's going to be interest and to let. And only if your normal American. And you're looking at continued economic growth you're looking at. System do you think is working. And you say although over here is something that's this obscure and legal. I think that what trump look I think the Republicans if they're clever are gonna campaign on the economy working which in fact is exactly what Bill Clinton did in 98. An orphan in fact those people said in 98 and we've lost seats so many good people said. If the issues impeachment mrs. if the Democrats decide what they're the impeachment party because it's not working again and we've got Republicans have been used in next month's special election after. But two things I would point out and Connor -- race showed us that you know Republicans thought they're going to be able to campaign on this tax. Bell that was a benefit to working people working people not buying that kind of Larry showed us that. And the other thing now that look at the data that I've been seeing in races that I'm working on is. IA both say the sides agree with the speaker but generally people feel like the economy it's okay three point 8% unemployment. I don't know who are leaving the part of the reason is that some people have stopped looking for jobs having more importantly. Though the numbers that I do think matters people two things number one wage growth is relatively stagnant that's a problem because costs like health care costs. Are going up and that is through the president's fault. So I agree that I think. And Democrats can't let this be calm about impeachment they've got to keep it focused on Republicans control everything and what are they they're not getting anything done because they're they're. They might most people agree that this is likely to be a tough election for Republicans in the mid terms having said that. In a set in in the last year you've seen and that twenty point increase in the right direction in this country dances. The steepest point that is because of the economy and in part because of Republican tax cuts and that's the Republicans need to be. Campaigning that's it that's different Sarah and we've also seen democratic preference numbers shrinking month tomorrow things get closer to election self. Not to make a reference that Mario cleaves and friends will be. Cutting a good job a little immediate let me ask you about about North Korea we saw Tom Basra talk about the presence preparation there. A bit clear the president eager to make this happen he's been driving this for the last ten days wants to see this some happen. Now it's clear pretty clear it's going to happen. When you win when you're reporting from the white a three day what do you think the president's definition. Of success is for an excuse. What shifted a bit when he came out after his meeting with Kim young troll at the White House and extra ordinary. Meeting an extraordinary day he was saying this is an all gonna happen and once on the well earlier you got the sense that he was thinking we're gonna have this big summit in something. Big is coming he is definitely. Kind of downplay expectations a bit but look George we've all covered some its major diplomatic meetings. Think they are usually. Very predictable affairs all the agreements or drink or cook usually free cokes it everything is choreographed this is entirely different. And it may just be. Think Donald Trump is the one human being uniquely positioned to get a deal with North Korea it may just be an -- beat the odds of success here. RR remote. I'll put all that you do the traditional methods has fostered pointed out. Have been tried we've seen Clinton fail we saw bush felt we saw Obama fail when president trump came into office this was the single biggest. National security foreign policy challenge facing him. And we were. Amid the Pentagon preparing military options now we're on the verge of a big summit will. On one's a first of all this is where the art of the deal comes them. I think they could that morning decide not to have the summer so executives Singapore and health upset when I have no it I think they could go into the meeting. Animals then why that's pretty clear what both individual we got our act but I do think the guy gives an idea secretary matters a lot of credit here. I do think. Did secretary Mattis got a crossed an ocean yeah we could win. But the price and Seoul Korea the human cost you could with a military even William military campaign you really don't want one. And I think Mattis deserves a lot of credit but I also want us sandwiches new Pompeo and you have Bolton and you have matters and you have Kelly. Guilty very formidable team around the politically you don't have boldly don't. Certainly formidable people were around this issue but they seem to all be at odds against one another import might pence has been. Thrown us under the bus for the kind of rhetoric that he use and exacerbated tensions which is another part of my teammate John. Short and previous administrations didn't get us to a point of ultimate. Peace and good times here. But didn't exacerbate the problem by coming into office talking about fire in fear that I don't. Yeah. I. I think digs if you look if you look at where the nuclear program was for instance when Obama came into office. They don't a couple of nuclear testing your general we've all week test. Date they now have tested a bomb fifteen times stronger than the one that went off and parish in what they had a missile program if that was your. Guy only essentially saying I think as a candidate president from. Could get the deal that President Clinton got in 1990 for the President Bush got pain in the early part of his term and it held that would be a victory. That would be a victory but here's the problem what ever happens on June 12 it matters what happens on June 13 fourteenth and beyond. What we don't yet know me remember in near Pitt's. Mean the president himself has set up he says the Iran deal is horrible awful were still ever so what does success for the North Korean deal look like if that's there. The standard that he said. And most importantly the verification mechanisms. The inspection mechanisms we knew where they nukes were in Iran we don't even know where they knew that all and it's our North Korea. That's right you do you can never forget that this is a regime that has a long history of lying and cheating. Their way into these deals and negotiations and they also announced a few days ago that Bosch Alice side was heading. To meet with the supreme later. It yet talk about weapons of mass destruction among other than anticipated these aren't a lot of these are good I'm afraid that's all we have things we think you'll very much.

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