Matthew Dowd: Trump's divisive rhetoric is 'dangerous to our democracy'

The "This Week" Powerhouse Roundtable discusses the fallout from President Trump's tweets attacking Rep. Elijah Cummings.
7:25 | 07/28/19

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Transcript for Matthew Dowd: Trump's divisive rhetoric is 'dangerous to our democracy'
The president says about congressman Cummings district. That no human. Would want to live there you know what did Mr. President I did. From the day I was brought home from the hospital. To detail left for college people get up and Cota workfare. The care for their families there. They love their children who pledge allegiance to the flag just like people who live in districts of congressmen who support use our. They are Americans too. There's Flacco there on CNN the president's latest recent set up another firestorm over the weekend let's talk about and our roundtable our all star team of ABC analysts. Chris Christie the former governor of New Jersey a Rahm Emanuel for mayor Chicago White House chief of staff. At that Simpson is CEO democracy for America. Chief political analyst Matthew Dowd and Megan McCain cohosts of the view and and let me begin with you Chris him in the present started this about 6:30 yesterday morning through 1217. Last night into this morning. Again if he called you up right now said should be doing this you're answer. And I think it. And I agree with governor Hogan your own Larry Hogan throughout Maryland up Cooper statement earlier today that you sent. You know angry rhetoric doesn't fix problems. And again I think it you know the president here has some peace with congressman Cummings I understand that but I don't think that's going to fix them. And it is that we just saw congressman heard say he sees a distinction between the go back tweets. About the squad in these tweets he gets from these ones are not racist I don't think so I mean. Preferred to have both times them being infested places. You don't he's getting really really close to using one of those really really bad words and a pink. You know when you think about the president of the lifting dictators in the way he treats American citizens particularly black Americans that it's. Shameful there is no excuse for it it is the same thing. And meanwhile rom with front page of the Washington Post when we're sure the headline right now trump campaign sees political advantage in a device to appeal. To working class white voters. Even some advisors defending the tweets right there is there. This a winning strategy there's some evidence the president seems certainly thinks it is if this. When you the president United States three things that it's a really quickly about this one this is exactly what he wants. Tough to discuss this rather than the Muller port so we're actually playing his game of the chip of his changeup. To notice everyone of the trump investments are urban America which is what counseling takes up so he doesn't follow his money he only invests in urban America. Third which is if you really want to do something. Pastor infrastructure puff. You're all rhetoric with no resources. Do something that actually invest and create economic growth and then fourth which I really think is important. Every piece of his rhetoric which athletic pole winning. Every piece of his rhetoric is about divisiveness have you ever looked at all the ads of the truck the rep Russians do. They're all about playing American divisiveness and so even though the mullah report came out. They're trump in Russian media connection is quite there of the nexus they actually advertise the same thing using our diversity. Against us rather than for us. Look similar testimony wasn't a big win that Democrats wanted it to be and now Democrats are trying to decide whether or not they're gonna go Corbett impeachment. When the president was actually psyched as it just stumbles over his own narrative and instead of talking about the things like infrastructure bill how while the economy's doing and study seems to be. Race baiting and moving on top of the incendiary comments that sending congresswoman back from last week and there's. Quite frankly a lot of pain in the country right now I think when you're seeing CNN host getting outwardly emotional on airing on our show there's been a lot of pains you can tell just. On air and from people coming into this to yell as while. And this is not a winning narrative it's gonna move Republican scored in this election and what I worry about 34 years old. Well into the next generation of conservatives because this is what they're gonna see they're gonna see these headlines and as you say has sent talking about the substance that really matters but talking about whether or not -- president is racist and. To me this is an incredibly dangerous for a moment and saying the president is doing as an. A few miles from here to Madison Square Garden there's a statue of Joseph Ganz is probably consider one of the best boxers of all time. First African American to win a world championship in boxing and early nineteen hundreds. African American from Baltimore. Baltimore was the site of fort McHenry. Which is where the star spangled banner was written which is our net for National Anthem and that's this president. It's not only divisive and it's not only not a winning political steer strategy. There is he knows there's an element in America today. That this appeal to Rachel racial to vice it this racist language. Has been successful it was successful. To a degree what George Wallace it was successful. To a degree with many other people that are Brian Strom Thurmond and around this country and when we do this. We don't unified together as a country and it puts African Americans Latinos Muslims any group that you say it's and it bidding group that you can see is not white Christian. And probably male. Crates incredible battle our country and it's it's one of the things that to me is dangerous to our democracy what kind of campaign I'm looking. The next year while we were gonna campaign that will be significantly. Different than the one we saw four years ago. I think that. Iran has a uniform time I mean you saw you showed earlier the reactions of the Marxist or an hour talk about that later but. Basically mostly country it was a move by almost half the country was moved by it and you know equal percentages were moved towards MPs were moved away. I think of them do this structure of a political. Climate right now is people after uniforms on. And if they see something that their team does they like it and if your team doesn't think don't and I think you see the same kind of campaign now that's it we're referring. You can't ever forget that that that the president does respond to things in a personal nature so. This is not I think just about the things you're talking about politically in terms of trying to pit people against each other. The congressman Cummings is common after president on number different things from oversight it's not a coincidence he picked him out. It's not a coincidence that he did that did you know he makes things first. Chris I think you're putting a veneer on us and I don't mean to cut cut off but you could've been near on this this is about what it is and that. George campaigns tell you the future of governing. He ran a campaign based on divisiveness on either race or faith or gender any govern based on divisiveness and that can I think this is a veneer. You know it won its racism we know that and he feels like he has the liberty to throw a temper tantrum in saint woody wants to say about not only. Rep Cummings but the Baltimore community he was speaking about black people let's be clear he's not speaking about white people in Baltimore. Out beyond that he has a history of taking heroes people who we love and making them you know to be horrible people me he has he has no. I am the coma patriot he's not a patriot right so when you think about rep Cummings has been. Working hard in congress for over twenty years Baltimore has been through as a Baird resilient. City has been through his ups and downs and he has been there every single day the fact that the president has acknowledged that doesn't have respect for his leadership and we say those words. Any Twitter about him shows he has no regard for the people who have made our country really great split.

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{"duration":"7:25","description":"The \"This Week\" Powerhouse Roundtable discusses the fallout from President Trump's tweets attacking Rep. Elijah Cummings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"64619221","title":"Matthew Dowd: Trump's divisive rhetoric is 'dangerous to our democracy'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/matthew-dowd-trumps-divisive-rhetoric-dangerous-democracy-64619221"}