Giuliani: Hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal 'not a crime'

President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani is interviewed on "This Week" to respond to Michael Cohen's exclusive interview with ABC News and other developments in the Mueller probe.
17:18 | 12/16/18

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Transcript for Giuliani: Hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal 'not a crime'
Good ING and weome to "This weekend the goon he famously declared Ian fix it. As he closes out the second year of his pdency trumis increasingly alone in the white house a on his own insts. The system he prom is close in on him. The "Washington post" notes this rn every ganizationhe president has led sd -- is now under investigation. His business, his fotion, hi, his inaura usface lawsuits, criminal investigations and innsressional . So many of his C fds and associates cooperati noneore than michaohen. Fresh off his sentencing, Cohen me the caai finance he committed were at direction and ordered by Donald Trump. He didn't direct you toanything wng. IST I don think there's anybody that belief -- believes that. Nothing Wanless it was run by Mr. T he directed me as I in the a a all allowcutio and the plea. He directed me to make the paymentsincluding the with Mcdougal which was between him and David pecker and David pecker's counsel. I reviewed T dts in does not deserve loyalty. He S trying to hihat you were doing, correct? Correct. He knt was won Of course. E was doing to help H election. You have to remember at what INT in timthat this tter came about, two weeks or so before the election, post the Billy buments. So, yes, he was very concerned about how this would affect the election. To help his campaign? To help him and the Campa We are joined by president trump's current attorney Rudy Ni. Mayor, thank you for joining us this morning you saw Michael cohen.he said thpresident direct tnts and he knew it was wrong. Your response? E's pathet. The man ispathetic. That's a lawyerou interviewing. He said he directed me to do it. He's a law. He's the guy you depend on to determine whetor not you sh do it thiway or tt wa whether you'reald trump you're me or you. I have a lawyer. He's saying the president knew it wrong and rected him to dnyway. Resident sd false. He said it was falseer oath. He said I false I hisap recorded conversn withisomo. He said it was false on five conversations he did it on his own and then he Brit to the esident. Then the prent reimbursed him. Clear asl th he must have said iten times. S the opposite. Which is the truth? I think I know what thuth is unless you're god, this man you'll new what the truth is. He lies to situation he's in. The southern district S toe ING him up I want to put a encing mem they wrote Cohen acted with and at the direction of individual one. That's in their own words. Individuale, psident. There would be no way to know that oth than Taki Cohen's wo the conversati theyhad, even the tapeorded cosation, is just the two of th - They wodn't writehat withcorroboratin, with hey don't have corroboratingev. They don't corroborating evce. Plus, they did let Cohen plead guilty to a conspiracy. I ran that ofce. I know what do. I'm goio use a coopmake them plead guilty. If he EADS guiltto an individual crime, that't a crims be ripped apart on the witneand. Can Yo imagine what would en on thness stand this a guy that says I was ce T no he wasn. He was taping him, his client. That's outrageous. Can you imagine how ry would react to THA THAs not the only evidence they have. They cut DL with David pecker and Ami from the statement of fn that deal they talk about in August 2015 meeting between David pecker, mil Cohen an an indivl campaign believed to be president trump. Here's what they said. At the mting pecofto heal with negative ies about that presidential candidate relationships with women by among other things assisting the campan so they could Beas andheir publication avoided. Peer agreedo this. It's not just Michael Cohen. It's David pecked Ami. Hat's why vid peckerot immunity. They want to I dot know. I don't know how true that is. U'erial liar who taped S own client and lied reporters and lied to them and deceived them. An Y've got a guy who has B given complete immunity. You just saou ran thaoffice. You know H the southern district is run. I don't know how the hern strict is N. I'm disgted withhe southern district. They wouldn't -- See what we're talking about. It's not a crime. It's not a crimeorge. Paying $13to whatever and the other one is not a crime. The eds case detmined that -- she was paid $1.1 million to be ao shown that campaign. You kw the Edwards C is quite different. The judge-- It's T the judge it's the F.E.C. The F. Roln of E campaigninance law. The justice department prosecuted anyway. They werearrassed. The judge said IFS to help the campaign was yore right the jury nonvict johndwards. No. The evidencnhis case is different. Wrong, Ong, wrong. It has to F the sole purpose. If there's another purpose it's not a aign contrution. Tried to use campaign S toniels. It wouldn'be illegal. If it's not a campaign pe can't be a campaign contribute. The corporation contribution from Ami would be clearly gal. No, iwobe. It's not a contribution. If is tended for a purpose addition to campaign purpose -- in the case O, the payment of million was intd to shut her up and avoid embarrassment with his wife and children. Which is worse? The cagnbl or the wife and children? That's that case. Let's talk about the pntme. Sthing. No it's not. You have witnesses saying it W fo the exam pain. You have a statement of fact yitrump met wi davipecker -- I can produce an enormous number of witnesses that say the presidwas concerd about ho would affect his children, his marriage. All those women came for at that time, that tape with Billy bush and all that. All part the same ING. I know what he was concerned ab I can produce 20 witnesses to te you whahe was conrned ab Two weeks before the campgn? Damn right. Was conceed about all it. R ments like that in the past? In the past I can't spe I wasn't his lawyer in the that point,hese are T only two asking for Mey. The amount Oney is consistent with harassment, not truth. I've been involved in calike is when T and you hav the kind O money the president 1 million ttlement. When it'not true, you give them $130,000. Theyent away with so LE, it indicates tir case was .'sry kic -- it's ridiculous. Par Tiet The southern district said this strikes at the heart of O democratic system. O right. Give me a break. Obama pa2 million fines for campaign finance. This a $300 payment. How come Obama was -- those areep violatns as you ow. They were not reporting ations. He has pplte that don't exist. They do N E not human beings. Why do you so much troubl the southern district? Thcase is being run by a Republican appointed by a trump adstration a -- his interetation ofhe law is erroneous. If you to make me Arnt te' T, you don psue a president of the United States for a questioble interpretation of theute. It's completely wrong. It'sar this is -- this special prosecutor was there for collusion. Ho obstructn. Campaign finance -- Tn'ec prosutor. Ithe southerdi I know, but WHE did come from. Who is on top? Rosenstein is on top of . Why Wery in court? They're passing the guy backis trying figure ou-- Nohe got three years where he goammed by T S district -- He did. -- For not operating. Means he's lying. They believe him on this and he's lying about that. It doesn't worry. I guare an never gets in front of the jury. That's why dn't plead guilty O conspiry. The special counsel believes him. He beli at tells out the president. They told Corsi -- they wrote out S statemimplicating the president. They said if you recite this you probation. Go free. This is your get out of ja freeard. RSI saidto hell. Jerome Corsi R best witness? He's a guy thationed who 9/11as an inside Jo He's not my witness. I don't know Jerome Corsi. I'm telling what did to him. They set up fl lookhat they did to fl at the dtion of coy O wo't have goaway with his ethical bevior, theyell him hehouldn't he a lawyer. Ey put fly through questioning. He says something wrong. They got a document that contradicts it. Him the document and say does this refryour recolction. Tesestfit. Theyweren' ey hid it so tuld jam hi perjury. Then they have the FBI saying he's telling the truth. THA what the FBI said. The FBI said he didn't have characteristics of someone deceivin Jt the oppote. Peter strzok wrote he didn't seem like as living. Hey didn't show the characteristics of somebody that was UT Ty believed he was lying. And C reported the tie didn't bieve he was lying. He ees with T We have lying, prosecution lying, no explanation in the middle. Ave a guy prived of counsel, a guy not shown a document that couave shed his recollection becausehey H hiddener there so they could come back and jam him that's what lk about wn I say perjury trap. You have to Beul. Want tohow what Michael Cohen said about Russia the special sel. To tellhe truth about everything related to Russia. Do younk preside T is lling the uth about that? No. Now the special counsel's office said they found Cohen credible arovided viable formation out Russia lated Matt also about his cots with persons connected to the white housen7 and . Th S to be getting atre collusion and obstruction. Isn't that prosecution by innuendo? Idt they're talking about. Let me ask you-- Let me ask you a few specific S. W that collusion is not a crime. It was over with by the time of election I don't know what evidence he has of THA LE ask you few specific questions. If it didn't happen -- did donaltrump know that Michael Cohen was pursuing the prest trump tor in Moscow into the summer of 2016? According to the answer he gave it coveup to noveer of 2016. He said he conversatns with tm about it the president DI H they know -- Earlier they said the conversations D in januaof the date -- look -- Until you sit down and answer questions and yook at the rs, you dot know WHA happened. That's why lawyers prepare for those answers. Let me ask a second question. Did the president know about don jr.'s meeting with RUSAT trwer? isefinitely he didn't know about . I think it's C at oneime Lenny Davis went outsayingohen had evidence to nt THA they H T witw that. Did rogerneve the president a heads up on wikileaks leaks concerning Hillary inton anthe DNC? Nott all? I don't believe so. If Roger stone gave anybody heads up aboutileaks leaks, that't a crime. It's like a heads up "The times" oing to print something is is whyhi Thi is so weirtr the crimes conspiry to hack. Collusn is not crime. Doesn't exist. Conspiracy to hac the crime. Did Donald Trump engage in a piracy to ckith the they've been going at I with counter intelligence investigate. They came to no evidence. They're grasping for straws. They're alsoooking at ion. D gest to Michl Cohen he would get a pardon if he stayed on the team. I hadonrsations wh his lawyers. The liar can say whatever he wants. I told his law T W discussion of a that doesn't mean the prent doesn't have the. Do not consider it in your thinking now. Has nothi to do with what you shld decide. I think that's one of reass he doucrossed. The CNN and "New York Times" rting you' in discuss with Robert Mueller Abou teiew with president. Are those discussions Goin? 'M not allowo say that the agreement we had contemplated there would be a rio of time after questions we would have a siny further quesons. Yi we are ore aren't that's in the agreement. President trump isn't that se pis discuss in court on fr Aolutely not. He hasn't received a oena If he is, we have outrageous violations of legal ethi have to be served with rs. He might bend seal, but'r Is it possible president talks to Robert Mueller? All I can tyou is the agreemcontemplat our Ving discuioe are any further follow ups or estions.theren no discussion. I have to say watching some of the things they're doing like letting get up andy he was fiercely loyal to Donald Trump, evethough he was taping him and lying to him, something a lawyer never does. He was neverrcely loto nald trumphe's fiercy loyal tohim, to himself. He was in the P Iava client a T him. T and don't tell him. That's not loyal. That's disloyal. 'S T opposite. It shows I'm thig about me and my own skin. The southerntrict said he has thyears. There's a lot ofation to do some singing. He will say whatever he toy. Nged his story four or five times. So has the presid hesident is T under oath. He's trying the best he can to remembha during the time he was the busiest man in the world. I was with him most of thetime. I can't remember a lot of the stuff. Final question -- I go under oatheally think about it and say I can't remember that. I was wrg about who was with me on September 11th. I thouthe fire cmissioner S with me. Turnout late he told MI mem after. That happens in the middle of difficult even ow F your experience. I know that from my tine E house. Final qution, Mueller almost done? Is don I told you the only thinft E parking cks and Jay walking. Mayor Giuliani, thank Yo time.

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{"duration":"17:18","description":"President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani is interviewed on \"This Week\" to respond to Michael Cohen's exclusive interview with ABC News and other developments in the Mueller probe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"59848260","title":"Giuliani: Hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal 'not a crime'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/president-trumps-personal-attorney-rudy-giuliani-59848260"}