Giuliani on Mueller probe: 'This is the most corrupt investigation I have ever seen'

President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani joins George Stephanopoulos on "This Week" to talk about Mueller investigation and Trump's former longtime attorney Michael Cohen.
12:32 | 07/08/18

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Transcript for Giuliani on Mueller probe: 'This is the most corrupt investigation I have ever seen'
but now it's time for the latest investigations into the president. This weekend we're seeing a tough new line against Robert muellerm trump's legal team layiut new conditionr an interview with the president. Thove comes in take of those strong signals from former trump attorney micohen that he is preparing to operate with prosecutors against president trump. First mysiventerview where heticized trump's an family and country, not the president, hhis first loyalty. Cothen changed Hiser account to remove any affiliation with trump, hired a new defense attorney from new York, guy Pelo, also ime Clinton defender Lanny Davis, part of president clintolegal teamhe faced impeachment. The white house refused to answuestions about coh Is the president worried after his commenhis morning that Michael Cohen is going to flip and has he conred at all paying Michael Cohen's legal fe I'm not going to answer quons on this Toan would refer you to the president's outside counsel. Can you at least tell us whr the pdent watched the interview this morning and potentially how feels AUT the idea that his fr attorney said that he would put hiwife, his son, his fy and his country first but not the president? Once again, I'm not going to weigh into this issue and refer Yo the presidentutde counsel. It's a good T that we the president's outside counsel here, iuliani. Thanks for coming back, mayor. Thank you. Let's start right there. What was the presi's react to that interview by Michael Cohen? Same as mine whic fine. Michael Cohen shouooperate th the govnment. We have no reason to believe he did anythingng the president did nothing wrong with him.we've gone THR every document we can. See no evce of it. The fact that Mueller -- All 1.3 million documents? 1.4 that we produced. Also, Mueller himself has indicated there'thing here because he would have given it away andhasn't taken it back. Every indication we have is that the presidisot involved in that. I'm hoping that Michael is able to clear himself because I think was done W really unfair and I know he's being sensible and calm and trying to say that prosecutors did nothing wronut invading a la's officedon't knowor that doesn't seem right to me. He said it wasn't an invasion. He had no problem, as you saw with how that -- you WER in hisosition I I'd advise you to say that too. You hnooncerns at all about anything that Michael Cohen mit tell the prosecutors? Zero,none as long as he tells the truth, we're home. Just to be clear gh, the jodense agreement that Cohen had with the president's legaam is no longer operable? I'm noteallyowed to talk about that B it wouldn't matter whether it was or it wasn't. We think we know everything we need to know at this point. The president'sal defense fund is no longer paying Michael Cohen's legal bills? Again, thomething I can't comment on. It wouldn't matter one way or the other. We wchael to handle this in the way that's most helpful to him Michael is not goinglie. He's G to tell the long as he hat, we have nothing to fear. Has the president or his te had conversations with Micha Cohen or his aneys about a possible pardon? Not at all. I've advised the pdent which erstands. No discussion of pardons. You can't Abe the power to do it. That's some you can decide down the road. You're not going to rule out? I don't think you should. It wouldn't be fair to the president, Cohen, or future presidents. The fact is there's no reason for a pardon right now. Honestly, it Wust confuse everything. You say you're not concerned at all about what Michael Cohen may say but he is facing some potential jeopardy I dealing with that stormy Daniels case when I asked cohenthe president died him to make the payments to stormy Daniels, he said he couldn't answer on advice of counsel. Did the president direct Michael Cohen to make that payme As far as I know from his original statements and the president's statements and everything I've seen in terms of documents and the way it was reimbursed, no, the president did not originally know. At some point, probably a little foggy O exactly when, the president UND out and reimbursed him.I think th the clear point because -- and second, it wasn't a campaign contribution. This is something he would have paid for no matter what. To be clear, the president not direct mic Cohen in advance ake those pay? As far as I know, that is right second, even if he had, that would not ssy be anything. If the president directed him to settle ce would ha done that a year before, a year after. It didn't matter that he was running for off that's something you set because you don't want your family to be embarrassed and the amount of money involved, $140,000, would indicate it was a nuance settlement as opposed to the milsf dollars that have been given away in cases like tin the past. But the president did not promise in advance to reimburs Cohen Foat? That I don't know. Whether there an deing between them -- I thcohen knew he would be reimbursed. It didn't seem to be any trouble working out the reimbursement with the ant There was another question Thate up in myerview with Michael Cohen that had to with the trump tower meeting, that famous P tower meetings, don junior, Jared Kushner, Paul manafort met with Russians who indicated they had dirt on Hillary Clinton. En I asked Michael Cohen did the prent know about that meg ahead of time, again, he refused to ans aof unsel. What is the answer to that question? I don't bieve he did know Abou, I don't believe he knew about it afterwards. I think you could have V differingeclections on that because it was right in the heat of the aign. I was probably there that da I don't er it.dibody say sething to me? I don't know. It goes off inr know what a campaign is like. It's complete shelter skelter. Ag it doesn't mean anything because it resulted in nng. Thent nowhere. She tried et back in, she didn't. They never did anyth Well, what it could mean is the preside and his team have she didn't know a it in advance. If it turn he did, atst he hadn't been telling the truth. I think you end up there withatt a differing recollection. Since nothing happened with it, there wobe no reason to hi it. Ould have said yes, they did tell me bit and what happened, nothing. I wto move on to Robert Mueller and I want to be very clear. You have no concerns that Michael N is going to flip on the president? I have no concerns that Michael Cohen is going T anything but the truth and ife does, as said, there's no suggestion that anything happened. The way you would find out if he did flip on the president as opposed to just flip -- I don't know what thatns -- but the could have O back to Mueller. Rosenstein has made the decision that the presidential part of this should be handled by independent counsel. I don't think the southern district would be able to handle that at least bd a certain point. "The nerk reported that president trump won'tee to an interview withobert Evie that president trump committed a crime. That was based ont wi you. . Athe current condition? Yeah but I have to modify that. Look at my quote. My quote is not evidence of a crime. It factual basor the investigation. We've been through everything on collusion and obstruction. We can't find an incriminating anything. We need a basis for this investigation, particularly siwe now know it wtarted with biased people. You have James Comey's testimon Comey's testimony I hardly worth anything, nor did he ever -- J Comey never found any evidence of clusion and rules outbstruction by saying thesident had a Rigo fire me. So all the rest of it is jus politics. I mean, the reality is Comey in some ways ends up being a good witness for us. Un you assume theytrying to get him into a perjury trap, he tells his version, somebody has a different version. How is he a good witness if he's saying the president was asking him, directhim, in H words,o let the investigation go? He didn't direct him to that. Cay took it a direction. That's okay. By that time he had been fired. He said a lot of other things, some of which has turned out to be untrue. The realis, as a prosecutor, I was told that many times, can you give the man a break either his lawyers, his tives, by friends. Take that into cderation with it. Also, you know, the obstruction statute they want to charge him with or write port about - You know they want to charge hi No, I don't know that. I K they're investigating th they have never really told us what they're investigatwhis what we want to know, ayhave to actually obstruct. There's bstruction here. If you loo the Lester holt intervieich NBC unfortunately doesn't play the end of, the president says, when holds him, do you ct this investigation to go , on tape, the president says of coudo. In F I believe it's goto go on longer now I did it for the best interest of the people, of country. The president knew the inigation was going O on. It did go on. The best fact that we have. Nog interfered with Mueller getting to the endth investigate You've been on the now for sel months and it seems every time you come on you're stretching out the timeline when a possible encounter with Mueller Wil happen. First it was a couple weeks. Then it was going to be af the singapmeeting with the north Korean leader. Is it -- Hu simply determined that president is not G to sit down for an interview? Have not. We're Clos determining that but the re for the extension are the extraordinary things that happened thatdidn't pect. It began before I starwith the N thing. Took a while to unravel all that. Then the horz report is vastating. It's 500-plus. There are more things in that that yave to review than you can imagine. An casts a taint over the entire investigation. Was started -- led orals chief investigator a mant has some kind of vicious bias against nald trump. Out of all the FBI agents how could selehat guy is beyond -- As soon as he found obo the text he fired him. Bther people had to find it out. He dt find it out. He didn't vet hioperly, nor E people that he has with him right now. He's got vererre partisworking on an investigation that should be done by pe who are policy neutral. This is part of tase that yod the president have been making for somme nowment S struck by an op-ed in "The Washington post" by F, the for S Republican leader. He's sayinsically that the ite house should stop ck Robert Mueller should simply cooperate he says it isn'ty to tell the prent of your own party that he's wrong. Sault on the Mueller investigation doesn't hehe president or his party. When trump tal about firing the specialounsel or his power to pardon himself,he makes it seem as th he has somethin H the prt must remember that Mueller's exonera can lift the cloging over the whhouse. Well, you know, bill's a goodguhe's not a lawyer don't think, nor he ever de someone being wrongfully accused. The that there ar biases that have to be explored surroug Mueller. Hou can end up hiring a group of peothat are as prejudiced and biased as T group heir record at least is extraordinary. U can expect us to just walk ur Ike a lamb to the slaughtwe wouldn't belawyers if WRE were G that. George, he wants to testify. Elieves -- It'rd to believe that anymore, Mr. Mayor. I hard to believe given all the things thave been shown about tainted this investigation is. This is the most corrupt station that I've seen. Never seen an iga with texts from FBI agents, now seven ofhem, that have such extraordinary bias against a person -- Those predated Robert muel But that'investigation nherited with a lot of the testimony that he rid he didn't do anything purge himself of that. He fired him. Er somebody elsend out.w about looking he texts of all his people. Does his number guy, number three guy, number four guy have lar texts inch they talk about how hate president trump?I T know. The pnt put out aet questioning the constitutiony of the special counsel. He says theppointment of the special counsels totally unconstitutional. Despitet we playhe game because I unlike the Democrats done nothing wr IST going to be paf president's defense? That's based onf articles, moment in which professor Cal breeze argues thaven the this particular pendent col was appointed is unconstitutional. Of course you E every arntvor of youient so it would be hard to reject thm such ain press Mr. Cal abreeze.

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{"duration":"12:32","description":"President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani joins George Stephanopoulos on \"This Week\" to talk about Mueller investigation and Trump's former longtime attorney Michael Cohen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"56438915","title":"Giuliani on Mueller probe: 'This is the most corrupt investigation I have ever seen'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/trumps-personal-attorney-rudy-giuliani-special-counsel-investigation-56438915"}