Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Tokyo

Spring time in Japan and cherry trees burst to life.
0:50 | 04/02/15

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Transcript for Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Tokyo
I'm to NATO in Tokyo there's a Japanese art caught hi mom. Means cherry blossom viewing for these people here herbs. It's a sign that spring has time. Cherry blossoms originate from Japan and the entire country celebrates this time of the year. With walks into picnics and undoubtedly plenty of photos and self fees. Companies and businesses take a day off and for the workers is a rare special day when stress could be led out in public with alcohol. Full bloom last only one week. But the short lifespan is actually beloved by the people here with cherries they're national spirit of perfection. Delicacy and fragility Judy Cho ABC news Tokyo Japan.

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{"duration":"0:50","description":"Spring time in Japan and cherry trees burst to life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"30073835","title":"Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Tokyo","url":"/Travel/video/cherry-blossoms-bloom-tokyo-30073835"}