The Road To Machu Picchu

Follow ABC News' Marci Gonzalez live as she climbs the ancient Inca trail in Peru.
15:15 | 10/21/15

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Transcript for The Road To Machu Picchu
Hey everybody this is Marci Gonzalez mid ABC news digital and I and taking the Inca trail. We are inter newly that on the trail for. A little more than an hour sunlight saying and give you a public here. Amaker. I'm traveling with a 20 my friend Kate Molly and then there is couple from Dallas. Also happened to be at our group. That's. Eric Ryan and we've got a four day hike ahead of us. Really more like three and a half days but very long days the first day is. Moderate difficulty they tell us liberty had one pretty steep climb but it spent relatively flat. And since then. Tomorrow. Is the tough one. It's we have to go over what's called dead woman's path and will be yet. Thirteen or 141000 feet a patient they'll. I am not a big hiker this is definitely a talents for all of us none of us there really experienced hikers but. Those winds and a lifetime opportunities. A pretty excited about. Sound. Few here with me a moment for the cameras to ski you'd you'd hear. What we can. And the weather's RD changed and credit that just this morning alone. What is. This show you this is. They Dante flower plant and get it looks like it giants arrogance. New. Moon. You make a super salad out of the Valentine's. Even though. It does not know through. It's beautiful I got moved out unity conceded. That right in the background against it he said beautiful Inca site obviously got to you know to go outside. Well what about called. It's called kind of bum kind of online also dare we can see these trail these and other goods. It goes on through my two B two days shortcuts. By the time. Is used anymore. And solve. Some groups who hike in that led mostly like it'll elderly people because that's just lots. So high it is in capital daisy gets much of the two these when these two that would hike in much harder you know because you gets. Then heights vine you know over that the house in key. That line you know it's called atlas bus saw needed this once in a high beast so they steal them. PM about. How does we keep seeing people passed along with Australian steam and with donkeys with horses and on motor package that had become. Wary of those people go in what it. Thin. So here we and it today in national park much speak to solve a lot of betrayal you know we can see it locals leaving their these. Many villages the Los Angeles called white Rommel the main villains. Of Atlanta locals walking their here you know back on for use in that donkeys horses because that he sedan and new roads to get there. So that ladies as UC NN that horses donkeys and mules or some of them right now model cycles. You know to get supplies obviously long waits because it's comedy going -- what anti tumble. So that let people bring in on the supplies and on the rise shoot here. Knowles and all. And also be the last public what is most shops and they way they instantly go wider Gator. So we were supposed to stay the night last night in the nearest. On big city which is true scope wheat state the past. The night before there too. Get used to the client or two that altitude. Because hit is having a very picked up a Donna. And we're supposed to feel this in our hotel last night and then get up really early this morning. And then drive here to the start of the trail. But there is any. Each region wide strike happening. Starting today not just in the city of who scope with the outlying areas and at its goes for a three hour drive everyone in the area is on strike today and tomorrow. To protest they tell me that the government is talking about privatizing. All the archaeological sites in this area. Which could jeopardize their jobs could jeopardize their livelihood. And so to protest. There all striking and that also means that they shut down all of the roads. All of the bridges leading to much to teach you. And so. The most let the next hearing him but. It goddess and because they're also planning on closing. The entrance to the Inca trail. On some time this morning. So there were other people who were camping in the same area as us he slept in a little bit later than we did. And there's a chance they won't get in because our guide her that. The plan is there gonna put about a hundred people to block the entire entrance clothes off the first bridge you have to cross. And so all of those people who've traveled here from all over the world. May not get the chance. To do the trail because it'll be the same thing tomorrow. And they let 500 people. Do the trail start the trail every day no more than trying to. Controlled a number of people because they're worried about the impact it's having on the environment where that it's having. On the trail. And that fly 500 also includes all of the porters and all of the guy it's so. We have nine. Employees with the script that we're without hunting expeditions. Who were with us Ehrlich by the Muster in nine of them. We got our guide Valentine but their. Now supporters were carrying the bulk of our stuff so. We have a big backpacks that essentially just the stuff that we could need during the day were going through four different climate zones and so we have. All of our range here. We have you here we have to everything that you could think of that she might run into Jimmy during the day bug spray. But the porters. Are carrying everything else our tents. Or sleeping bags. Our food is also a chef. Just doing the take as well so. When we stopped for breakfast lunch and dinner will be able to have a nice hot meal. Rates are pretty excited about because since the plans changed a bit today. We had to get such an early start we haven't practiced at several different kind of pink it's empty stomach. It's a four day high. So today is and only. Think five to six hours of hiking in total. Analysts ardent supporters are so far ahead of us that by ended today. Our chancellor to be set will be able to just. Relaxing you have to think about an evening and then in the morning. In the morning when we wake up. And have wrecked this they wrap everything up all of the tents and everything so that's really nice to be another view overseeing them. To see this still power lines. Around here because we're still at the start of betrayal. Mention how much longer to continue especially as we get into the really difficult day tomorrow. And tomorrow can clean tech twelve hours of hiking. In total. And removed from tuna to different summit. Challenging but we've been training. And going on you at this during the stick hybrids have been running up and downstairs. Couldn't play. You can address. It's gotten really warm here which is welcome because. We were worried that. McPeak couldn being rained on the entire time sunk. The sunshine is definitely welcome. Campbell is. You can talk. That didn't spend Miley. Know how I won it. To take the pitch trail and put this kind of crazy day exactly. You know with the right thing. The child. And I think that. The last day it's going to be and involved. An accomplice learning and says let me how many people. And what was Christmas like for you. First. I can't yeah her saying I. An amendment. I've seen it can't get started. And AM. Capable of that they are quick and easy but it wouldn't and we. We get what you guys if you expert. The river here. And does he tell us overlooking here let me. We'll what saints be second to decide what. As much because what we're also known hooligans who entered. In what ultimately we're. Luckily. Could you possibly be from. People we can't get its Roxio. About. It's it's nice that. He didn't either. Read books what. We're we. We will move rob into. Right now the recruiters today. He oh because it crises here. Finalist and is that the U which sees that its place. How long have you been at night here. It won't get mode and see it here. I can name it and help it take to Europe was. It. Quote. You won't. Want to move on an well he's going to let it. We then have to be at night and is that it is expected appears views. He. It is speculative may be seen. What did it right disease entity because piracy was kind of thinks. What department city use to guide. This. And I didn't know we'll. New England is me brands. Is. Nicely nice to I love it. That's undercut and the would you say anyone who's watching this and is not about maybe hiking the Inca trail that things. They might not be able to deal. Yeah this mostly made them look but sometimes arts and this time it with it doesn't. Rains it's. It is not known if Iceland that. Iceland on it amongst us. Leg two years ago it was snowing two babies that ranges up to those details we need to we talk about. That was an upside the sent at least you know because we could I think beaten and that let I know I think it's what to do about eighty people whether this and he did a nice news because that is being somebody. It's about it probably we survived it. He's so friendly as we think about hiking that he could tell your saying is that it's mind over matter that it is. Possible it's something that to you. Days it says this night it was in his here about 10% of those. Yeah. He thought and I. Ever I don't wrap it up thing get back to the rest of the group and hike. We will try to do this again see you next time we have cell phone signal and we hope that he will tune in. For now live from the Inca trail and bars to Gonzales ABC news digital.

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