Philadelphia Amtrak Crash: Crews Start Repairing Damaged Power Lines and Tracks

ABC News' Paula Faris anchors a special report from Philadelphia, including an exclusive interview with Robert Goggin, the attorney for the Amtrak engineer involved in the deadly crash. ABC News' David Kerley also talks with NTSB's Robert Sumwalt.
13:05 | 05/14/15

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Transcript for Philadelphia Amtrak Crash: Crews Start Repairing Damaged Power Lines and Tracks
And good morning everyone Pollack Ferris live from Philadelphia just outside the sites and that deadly Amtrak crash. Where seven people had died five have been identified in some. Are still missing but right now behind me they're trying to get this train this trying to get this track up and running the NTSB has cleared the site. Most of the cars had been removed an Amtrak they're now on scene repairing the tracks and trying to. Hopefully restore that service for the roughly 34 housing commuters who rely on this service every day between New York City. And Philadelphia. Now the NTSB this morning saying that speed played a factor that driver going a 106 miles per hour. And the mayor of Philadelphia going so far and Tuesday. That ends here. Was reckless. And irresponsible. Still a lot of families are struggling right now families. Have missing loved lines and they realize that it is a race against time. As the desperate search to find miss teen passengers intensifies this morning. Authorities are zeroing in on the speed of the train and this man. 32 year old train engineer brands in bond CN. Who was driving a train more than 100 miles per hour even though the speed limit leading up to that curve is only fifty miles an hour. The train was traveling at approximately. 106. Miles per hour. The NTSB says that speed made that train jumped the tracks the first car twisted into a mangled heap. Killing at least seven passengers injuring 200. This vehicle stuck in a decade ago this surveillance video from a nearby busiest she was the moment train 188 rounds the bend. What looks to be several explosions follow officials they busted applied the emergency brakes just moments before the accident. Decreasing the speed from a 160. A hundred in two miles an hour. But it was too late. Remember striking train. He remembers going direct area generally has absolutely no recollection. Of the Internet or anything on usual. Boston's been questioned by says he has no recollection of the accident. Or how it could have happened. I asked that we had and he has medical issues he said he had not. The violent crash injuring 200 passengers and killing seven including Rachel Jacobs attack CE LO and mother of a two year old. We've learned she text her husband that she was honor way home less than an hour before the crash. I remember. Wonderful. Lady. Like Entergy. As well as doctor Derek Griffith. An academic from New York. Dedicated to improving city schools this morning the frantic search continues for those passengers still unaccounted for including Bob Gilder sleeve. A businessman from Baltimore whose son still desperately searching for his dad. Mark yeah. I like and now questions of whether these could have been prevented. There are systems that can limit a train speed positive train control which some rail lines contain including parts of the northeast core door. But not in this part of the system. And you've probably been hearing conflicting numbers. The unaccounted for an amazing line Amtrak just handed over. They're passenger manifests are hoping to get some clarity. On that number but we do know forty to remain in area hospitals and eight are in critical condition in. And we're hearing and we're learning more from one of the area hospitals on the extent of those injuries suffered. Yeah the the injuries were sustained. By most folks because they. Had pleas fall on them and those things included other people it was a very common story I heard. I would ask the probable those that were wait what happened to you. Mason hope somebody Bellamy and and it's not just sort of pulling on and its people were paroled violently against each other. And that was some luggage flying around and at some of the injuries were people being thrown against. Seats and you know the sites of the the trade departments when it flipped over. Yes yes that that trend has continued so as you would have an edge of the folks that seemed to be. The most injured were the folks that were more fun. And the investigation continues the NTSB telling us that their main priority right now. It's a tough today an engineer but the engineer suffering a concussion and was pretty banged up David currently lead one out of line with the investigators. The engineer says he. Doesn't remember anything what does that tell you. Well we've not interviewed the engineer we look forward to that opportunity but I want to point out that it's not unusual for somebody who's been through a traumatic event. To have some memory loss at least short term memory loss. Is there a possibility that he passed out he fell asleep but those all within the realm of possibilities certainly we will be looking at those things are big priority is to understand why that train was going as fast as it was it's still the main question you have to answer no it's feed. The question is why absolutely. Giving a list of possibilities. But we don't want to get into speculating because we we don't know. The realm of possibilities that we want to look at everything and terrorist down and that's what we're going to. You took the box down to DC to read out we've had several hours of your last briefing what are we learned in the paths of well. We know from yesterday the freed of the trend that's really all we know at this point we will today get taken deep dive in the backdating time. Get a better understanding of the time lines and you sit there holding engine and five of the cars Amtrak is going to the president forward to present what is the season like this morning. Well this morning they're still look to drew the rail cars that are skilled player rewarded them to stay there so we can go after this morning. And conduct day 3-D laser scan and get a real good idea of countless cars actually look at it was the most damaged cars Sosa the most damage and most likely the ones were exhausted us. Yeah that's. I've what's to get under the body recoveries on stores would have you've heard from the emergency services folks do we still expect that we will fines. Some fatalities in the wreckage well I don't want to sound insensitive. Or bureaucratic what we're looking at the investigation. That aspect of this total tragedy is that of this matter of the emergency management. Office of it's just chaos. Let's talk about its infrastructure and positive traits positive train control would have prevented it's absolutely positive train control is designed. To prevent this very title back. And this piece of track does not happen and I write this part this big surprise does not have it other pieces of the track in the northeast part of it. Does half plus two very different agency NTSB recommending that more rail lines almost immediately have a positive train control. Well it's important to point out that the congress is already mandated odd kind controlled by the end of this year we understand that. Many railroads will not be able to meet that deadline but we still believe and we know that ATC positive train control. Would have prevented this accident there. What do the condition of our rails in this country. Well I think that generally speaking we have a very safe rail network however and we need additional things that need to be don't. Positive train control or greater track inspections we want a lot of things to ensure that I think system is even safer apparently when you interview him here. Well UBS's and hear what you'll. Probably won't hear his perspective of what happened that's really what we won't that's all we want this to get his perspective what was going on. And hazard that answer in this and it's only when your home and hazards advancements. I don't know. Personally at this point if it hadn't Goodman. Which a lot of trains don't handle anymore they have a workers and if there's no activity on the part of the engineer within within a certain period of time it will start making. Making noise but I did you know black asleep in a development that's right and we also know we've seen it seemed crashes where. Where you can reflect reflexively just hit the alerts like we did sometimes with our alarm clock to reach out. You don't. Many questions to answer. A lot of questions we all have a lot of questions but I think that what I'm confident that our investigators will be able to get to the bottom this. We want to learn from it to keep it from happening again. And of course the question that so many are asking this morning as. Why was branded box and traveling at a 106 miles per hour and sit down and Brandon had bad. An engineer for four years he is fully cooperating with the authorities spent six hours. Underwent a flags at relinquished his phone. He says was turned off and in a bag for Amtrak rules and told authorities close they're not gonna find anything. And his lawyer spoke with George Stephanopoulos exclusively. This morning on Good Morning America and seven rain and had no history of health issues. To god and thank you so much for joining us this morning I know your client got pretty beat up how's he doing molest a solemn he was beat up he has. Fifteen staples in his head stitches in his one leg this other me as a mobilized to concussion. But men are on top of that he looked exhausted. Mayor nutter the mayor of Philadelphia has called mr. Bosch and reckless and irresponsible your response. Well I don't really know the basis of that we know the fact that the train was going had an excessive speed but the reasons why are still to be determined. What we we know is that he emergency brake was hit that it as a kind of news any explanation for the train was going so fast. He is not he has I believe as a result of the concussion he has absolutely no recollection whatsoever of the events. I'm told that. His memory is likely to return as the concussion symptoms subside but he spent six hours with the police clearly tell them. Everything that he knew cooperated fully and what is what does he now look what is the last thing he remembers. He remembers. Coming into the curve. He remembers. Attempting to reduce speed to bury after he was knocked out thrown around just like all the other passengers in the train so he remembers deploying emergency brake. Here he does not remember deploying the emergency brake. We know that it was to defect deployed. The last thing he recalls it is coming to looking for his bag. Getting his cellphone turning it on and calling them on one. Had declined been drinking at all. Nothing in fact the police department. Requested a search warrant for his blood he consented immediately to that. And sin no drinking no need to search more no drugs snowman no drinking no drugs no medical conditions nothing. And how about speaking on the phone or texting and always turned over cellphone as well. His phone was off in his bag gets his required by Amtrak rules and has he ever had any kind of mishaps before. As an engineer now. And no explanation at all for what might happen. I can give you nothing at this point you have to wait for his memory come back. Who were other facts to be ascertained by the NTSB investigation when Levy meeting again when investigators. When they ask. And finally what does he want the victims to know. We didn't really discuss that I I can tell you that he was distraught. As he learned of the devastation. It. He knew he was distraught. Mr. diving thanks very much for time this morning. Thank you. So as you just heard Brandon bosh and according to his attorney. Colleen that emergency brake but having absolutely no recollection. And during this digital report I'm sure you've noticed a lot of activity behind me. I you see fire and rescue crews right now going in and out. And I should note that there are roughly 43 and checked lines throughout the country only for our profitable. This is one of on the and that's why they're in such a hurry to restore this service. As for what's coming up later today the mayor of Philadelphia sex speaks shortly around noon and the NT SC will hold a press conference. Around 5 o'clock PM for more I'm be deadbeats your realm and keep it right here at And tune into ABC news later tonight on world news tonight. For now I'm Paula pharos. In Philadelphia.

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{"duration":"13:05","description":"ABC News' Paula Faris anchors a special report from Philadelphia, including an exclusive interview with Robert Goggin, the attorney for the Amtrak engineer involved in the deadly crash. ABC News' David Kerley also talks with NTSB's Robert Sumwalt.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"31041592","title":"Philadelphia Amtrak Crash: Crews Start Repairing Damaged Power Lines and Tracks","url":"/Travel/video/philadelphia-amtrak-crash-crews-start-repairing-damaged-power-31041592"}