2018 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Preview

Excitement builds in anticipation of the 92nd annual parade as giant balloons are prepared.
7:30 | 11/21/18

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Transcript for 2018 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Preview
It thirsty in New York for a tradition nearly as timeless says Thanksgiving itself the inflation of the job. Character balloons going to be soaring above new. Nothing the 82 annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade I know right now the port. Oh boy looks like a felon who's just been arrested by the police when his arms spread face to the floor but. Come tomorrow. These giant character balloons are going to be. Up in the air to the delight of the three and a half million spectators that are going to be lining the route and we have met some of these folks who have come in but really from all over but these happy folks are from Philadelphia. Great to see you guys welcome to New York. What do you think of going here witness of the balloons coming to life unbelievable it's not so big that but they're giants. And any favorite character that you're going to witness chase. Down from Paul patrolled. Yeah. Yes and that's gonna ask how old you are to be like and often are always seem a little beyond your pop patrol years but hundreds let me see. There's this the excitement in Vienna I know you can actually braved the cold it's going to be may be the coldest Thanksgiving. Like ever. My brother's her Clark. Seeing the Smart ones always have friends. Along the route for this Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade guys thanks enjoy the parade and enjoy these balloons coming straight to life. Now there is a question of how high these balloons are going to fly because. A wind. He is going to be an issue. The balloons have only been grounded once in the whole history of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and that was back in 1971. When it was just far too windy and they're mindful that on some of these tree lined streets along the road. They're just too many things getting in the way they don't want to do damage to the balloon sort of the people below. And so it's going to be up to the meteorologists in real time to monitor the wind speeds and in the police department and the balloon handlers to decide. Whether these things can fly at full height or whether they're going to have to come down a little bit lower and ABC news meteorologist Dan Pak is with us all right Dan. Give us the word of these balloons going to be able to fly tomorrow. Well Aaron it's certainly going to be cold and windy it looks like it was going to be a closer call with the wind speeds yesterday. Now we Hannity today it looks like those winds will be a little bit lower still gusty so we're think in those balloons will be flying tomorrow morning. First though we have the Arctic air mass right on New York city's doorstep let's take a look we do have that colder air now moving in. In New York City get ready the next few hours you're gonna hear drastic change the wind gusts may be some flurries and in those temperatures tumbling Aaron. By 10 PM this evening temperatures gonna drop about twenty degrees. I mean that's that's awfully cold for the spectators are going to be out here now the good rule of thumb here is if the winds. Below its 23 miles per hour. Consistently or if there are gusts in excess of 34 miles per hour. The balloons have to come down otherwise they can adjust the height. So they may not for the sword full height but they can at least slide any idea yet down on on what the wind speed is going to be tomorrow. Yeah it looks like the strongest winds because this Arctic air coming in love it quicker than first anticipated will be overnight so they're gonna want to elect take extra precaution overnight as they continue to blow those balloons up. As we look into tomorrow morning. Which shall bitterly cold six degrees it's gonna feel like sustained winds about fourteen to eighteen gust 25 to thirty select the start of the parade around. I'm nine AA and it will be close but then throughout the parade the winds gradually diminish so. It looks like overall we're gonna stay below those thresholds but you're gonna they're gonna want to take those extra precautions especially near those trees and buildings. A bundle up for sure if you're coming out to the parade and then of course they're going to be monitoring the and a monitors for the wind speed to decide in real time. How high these balloons can can fly it's ABC news meteorologist Dan that. Monitoring with the odds and we've Macy's and new York city police department. For the winds and the weather for the 92 Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Now even though that the wind may get in the way that's not stopping folks here. From blowing up these balloons and you can see. That there are crowds are coming from all over. To witness these balloons coming to life it is something of a rite of passage. I'm look at how are hot to. See you sweetheart deal take whatever I can get very nifty sample. Is your hands are very. Old you from. And they would. On the ground a high price we have what do you think of all these balloons. I admit that I agree differed little on your favorite to your grandma's hands are so I'm really enjoying it looks like. Shade from Paul patrol is your favorite. You like the floats. And you'll likely be looked at Hillsborough. Now thanks. He is very tall although right now he looks very flats penny it looks like his arms are spread with his nose to the ground. And they like the police are gonna come get him but right now the Pillsbury Doughboy to make me look. Small but he's going to be huge and looming over New York City channel are you aware with a ABC news I knew that. Immediately I had that look about me right thank you guys very much enjoy the parade. And these guys are higher grandma's up from Florida to visit folks in New York in this is what brings people out to the parade a spectacle. Like no other. That must be done whether you do it annually like these folks are telling me they view or whether you only do it once it's a bucket list item for a for a lot of people and not and the balloons each of them in you can see these guys in their red uniforms it's balloon. Will have a group of handlers as many as thirty to forty handlers depending on the size of the balloon. And it takes that many people to control them and steer them through the concrete canyons of Manhattan. And ordered to the law sprout it's going to be under heavy guard the new York city police department has a full can. An officer. I can every precaution to keep people. The main focus of course is on the balloons and the floats that she heard the kid mentioned the new float this year. Is actually the oldest float in the parade Tom Turkey. It's getting a make over for this year's parade he's been in it since 1971. But his cool leads. Was looking a little rough so they did not make over in Thomas going to be the first self powered float in the parade because they mounted him. Right on top of a pickup truck something look out for tomorrow in addition all these balloons. For now I'm Aaron could thirsty at the ballooning inflation in New York thanks for watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"7:30","description":"Excitement builds in anticipation of the 92nd annual parade as giant balloons are prepared.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59350672","title":"2018 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Preview","url":"/US/video/2018-macys-thanksgiving-day-parade-preview-59350672"}