38 million Americans have received at least 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine

The U.S. administered 2 million vaccines over the weekend amid new guidance from the CDC on reopening schools safely.
5:13 | 02/15/21

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Transcript for 38 million Americans have received at least 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine
An epidemiologist ABC news medical contributor doctor John Brownstein for more on this doctor Brownstein there's so much concern over the variance in the vaccine. Now we have this new study saying researchers found seven new variants of the virus in the US how worried should we be about that. Morning Diane Erickson and growing lineage is this new kronor virus right across this country bush he all he didn't teach an exact seems a lot of energy and this is a gene that influences. How our hearts and Jesus our salute to clear evolutionary benefit and it's interesting because these are all different experience for all serve converging bush. Towards the same pollution. There are a lot of open questions for don't know fully and this is more transmissible or related to holiday travel we just don't have much data because no one sequence of 01%. Of the virus is that we're collecting and so. We just don't know much fun when you look at the huge hit variance more transmissible refining need more deadly H. It doubling every ten days you're in the US that's concerning an ad in Italy and other necessary it is concerns while the same kind states are starting to relax or guidance as -- I think concerned we're seeing mass mandates can root endured are increasing. We just can't quite go back to normalcy with these veterans increasing real wanna look like the UK Israel Ireland virtually all experienced these these parents and and that the implications of how. How much our transmission any community. And the US reached two million vaccines per day over the weekend what do you think about that numbers enough or do we need to be moving faster still. I really well ahead. The target of four point five million data aren't magicians accessories and also bush diminishing more doses over seventy are present and are getting their bats well look where we were couple weeks ago still lots of improvements we've got to move on the vaccines that were used for that long term care facilities into the communities we're seeing me immunity increasing numbers of inoculations and turns up dead or use is pretty community centers also demons now get involved so there's additional issues. Additional capacity coming in constitution any vaccination centers are going to be chief mobile clinics not pharmacies. And this is all to say that the vaccine still work against these hearings right we seen increasing medium power. Of taxation and Israel were and are seeing a decrease in 94% of the cases because the vaccine is rolled out so law we'd love to see that happening in the US. This is home insurer will Endesa this weekend was the first that CVS and Walgreens were administering vaccines I know you actually worked with Walgreen on their pandemic response so how do you think of pharmacy roll out. Is going so far and how do you expected to evolve. Also forced to admit it's very slow because there really only target 6500. Regional pharmacies should this really isn't new scenes of this. Ashe right the drugstores and grocery chains there are beginning about a million doses at least are that would increase each and pharmacies are big point of how to deliver in this country so you ability to. Because the firm sees. Its armed due date delivery flu shots and arranged by relaxing sleep know how to do this annually and about 80% of Americans live within five to ten miles pharmacies sell insurance and access this may be different now just seemed that we still have important vaccine deserts in this country so. This will be for everywhere and especially when you look at. Black needs there are concerned by independent pharmacies being mean how vaccine right away so still some challenges in gaps but a person's front suitable places him. Weren't rule. Now on Friday. The CDC released its long awaited guidelines on reopening schools now critics say there's too much focus on distance and cleaning surfaces and not enough. On ventilation and and they say that this essentially will prevent schools from being able to go back full time what do you make of the guidance. It's a real challenge immediate -- he had to circle down the middle of the road and you know and no one is how the ended age what is good but you aren't as its aren't you really measure he entered an approach to getting school open and there's a focus on masking fiscal distancing. We call hardly getting kids in small groups younger had. And washing yes not enough and desolation it was mentioned but clearly wasn't focused only did she mentions contact tracing and testing aren't eating those kinds of recommendations coming in you know they treated us color coded chart nastiest aren't transmission in the community but also how well schools in do you it's also the importance of teachers can I mean you're not making critical so slows could reopen without teachers are being vaccinated so that's one appointed debates couple other ferries it to be an important vote six feet dissidents -- -- studies have shown at three if you are seeking war and its other issue community based transmission. We know about schools. She can do your job even when there's large transmission in the community but right now based on the guidance and she got there over 90%. She needs clear how schools open. Right now beast on the matter who are so how. Teachers to get vaccinated if we're gonna get through this and open up our schools. Attacks John Brownstein great to hear me thank you. You.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"The U.S. administered 2 million vaccines over the weekend amid new guidance from the CDC on reopening schools safely.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75905128","title":"38 million Americans have received at least 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine","url":"/US/video/38-million-americans-received-dose-covid-19-vaccine-75905128"}