ABC News Live Update: CDC issues dire warning for upcoming months

Plus, Congress is negotiating a new COVID relief bill before it recesses till the new year, and questions over if the online shopping surge will delay delivery services already pushed to their limits.
15:23 | 12/03/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: CDC issues dire warning for upcoming months
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for streaming with us in today's update the US has hit a grim new milestone in the pandemic more than 3000. People in the US. Have been killed by twelve of nineteen in just the last 24 hours that's the highest number of daily deaths since the start of the pandemic. The mayor of Los Angeles is now implementing the city's strictest emergency stay at home war yet. It's time to cancel everything and if it isn't essential. You don't do it this is we're learning how operation warp speed we'll get the first vaccine doses to Americans across the country. Also ahead signs of progress on a new coat would relief package to 900 billion dollar plan is backed by democratic leaders at a moderate Republicans. We have the latest on where they stand as time is running out to strike a deal. And after record setting start the holiday shopping season UPS has reportedly telling drivers and not to pick up packages from some top retailers. What it could mean for getting your gifts in time. We begin with the pandemic the director of the. CDC has issued a dire warning saying we're on the brink of the most difficult time in public health history. He says to brace for up to 200000. More deaths in just the next three months whit Johnson has the latest. This morning the US hitting its deadliest single day of the pandemic more than 3100. Lives lost in just 24 hours. And the CDC now predicting up to 200000. More Americans could die in the next three months staggering told. That would approach nearly half a million by February December and January and February. Are going to be rough times I actually believe they're going to be the most typical. I'm in the public health history of this nation. Piacenza US kids another milestone. More than 100000. People now hospitalized with Kofi. A new record and more than double the number reported on November 1. The CDC director revealing that 90% of the nation's hospitals are in a red zone but hope is on the horizon. Government officials expecting emergency authorization of the cove in nineteen vaccines to come within the next few weeks that means we can make our first shipments of vaccine to states this month. And we are on track to be able to ship enough vaccine. For twenty million Americans before the end of the year. But who gets the vaccine first is up to each state. On Tuesday as CDC advisory panel recommending those initial doses. Be allocated to health care workers and earlier this morning George spoke of Maryland governor Larry Hogan asked about vaccine. Preparations you're still gonna get allocated about a 155000. Doses the Pfizer in the Daryn. Vaccine what's your plan to distribute our plan which we submitted to the CDC prioritize is the most vulnerable so are Frontline health care workers are nursing homes than first responders. And we continue to see a holiday season rush on testing take a look from above. In a drone camera this is over a drive through testing site in Norwalk Connecticut or cars were lined up hours before the gates even opened the CDC is also renewing its travel warning advising people to stay home. Not travel and avoid gathering with anybody outside her own household. Diane I went Johnson thank you for that. And as we await FDA approval of a vaccine we're learning more about how operation works speed. Expects to distributed across the country out president of Pfizer facility in Kalamazoo Michigan with the latest Alex. This morning government officials expecting emergency authorization of the cope mid nineteen vaccines to come within the next few weeks that means we can make our first shipments of vaccine to states this month. And we are on track to be able to ship enough vaccine for twenty million Americans before the end of the year. On Wednesday operation warp speed revealing how it will be dividing and distributing the nearly twenty million doses across the country by the end of the month. Saying they will be shipped into portions because it's a two dose of vaccine. Half of the allocation will be sent out and in 21 days later for Pfizer. And 28 days later from a darn we send out the second half of allocations. To make sure that we don't overwhelm. Limited storage capability and capacity. Just how many vaccines will be delivered to states will be based on population. Officials saying they are hoping to continue to send shipments out every week as vaccine doses come off the production line. But who gets a vaccine first is up to each state on Tuesday has CDC advisory panel recommending. Those initial doses be allocated to health care workers and elderly home care residents. I think those of sunshine retirement living in Oregon identity be well below normal. The other groups who like the international association of firefighters and now asking for its first responders to be prioritized. To. Every citizen expects rightfully so. For firefighters to beat all the front why are they also. Need to be the front of the lie when it comes to PGE. And vaccinations. And and it's such as firefighters are many including the governor of Arizona are also calling for teachers to be prioritized. During that first wave of vaccines. So the big question why is the UK approving this before the US while the answer really depends on who you ask here in the US officials. Say it's because a process is a more rigid requiring the FDA to review all of that data. In the UK they say they've been reviewing the data along the way they also say. They're a little bit more organized over the pond there Diane. Right now its present Kalamazoo Michigan thanks Alex let's bring an epidemiologist ABC news medical contributor doctor John Brownstein now for more on this doctor Brownstein. Good morning let's start with that CDC warning that were nearing the hardest three months in US public health history what needs to happen. To avoid that could we shift schools shut down here. I mean we can't sugarcoat this guy and I mean we are in humanitarian crisis is endemic and inch these numbers are eating record he shares hostile stations were seeing as we just heard 3000. Or are and he remembered we haven't changed he impact Thanksgiving we want you got per week. So a really bad outlook. We want to walk away a lockdown at an extreme strategy. By. You know what else can we do want to try to keep our schools open but you don't reduce our part tax increase and reduce indoor army. A national mass mandate porcelain Powell and the we are an area like lock down but it sport a new light dimmer switch and you don't targeting areas were Richie increase he says this is why we need a national upper right its operation where it will be the operation from operations were speak for testing on this he's teaching each year to get people understand the need to see it. Cancel all nonessential gathered and get released next Umar. And we seem to be nearing FDA approval on a vaccine that's a big ray of hope a little bail while. Before most people are able to be vaccinated even if all goes smoothly so how long do you think it'll be before we can start gathering against safely. Yeah I mean clearly everyone is warning answer to that question it's great that receives approval coming in the next few weeks when they get the twenty million doses out to. The program providers. Nursing homes long term care facilities but didn't belong to people litany Yitzhak seemed the twenty knowing how your were eighty million essential workers. Hundred million people with chronic conditions by the time insert into the broader population. Could be well into march and of course we'll start he acts. This vaccine in January would need 30% of the population union were really trying to get seventy to 80% so that's low in March and people and remember it's not just one does suck and just are seeing you still need a second dose or you get an immune response. Not be taken additional week so you know we're well into the spring and I know that's hard people each year but just got to get through sexy mark get it or not this why millions of Americans already had cook at nineteen this year should those people still plan to get vaccinated. Yet the short answer Diane is yes I mean to each he has made its recommendation that he led appreciate it should get the vaccine you know immunity should last longer with the back. The back significant booster shot to your previous infection. And meet you covered rocks aren't today's meeting they want to read a little let you know natural infection just don't know fully your local communities. Expects he will be super or should also mention in the trial people did how infection and were no seat and so people shouldn't have to worry about getting the vaccine it eight ball already had. Actually true. And what about concerns about the vaccine being produced so quickly what's your message to people who worry about that. Yeah I think you know it's. Of course is an education campaign and how great this team operation were speed the carpenters this image that we Wear shoes are. Actually each offered. See she's. Standards no rehearsal are you know we incredible CT data dairy limited reactions that vaccine and those all happen in the first couple weeks of the CE it looks and armor and I should mention the largest our. Heads of thousands of people general vaccine trial and thousands so we have a lot of confidence in it did. But at same time this is what do you invest in educational. Really explained American people. He and it's C and will snarl rush hour. And doctor John Brownstein it's always great to have you thanked him. You and there's new hope for a called it relief package but the clock is ticking if they reach a deal congress has passed the bill before next Friday when they recess till the new year. This as we learn another 7121000. People filed jobless claims last week senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce is in Washington. With the latest on those stimulus negotiations Mary where things stand right now. Diane good morning while there is cause for optimism here in Washington but this next round of stimulus relief is still far from a done deal so here's where things stand. Democratic leaders are now backing this new 900 billion dollar bipartisan compromise bill and the president elect. Joseph Biden has signaled he supports it to even if it's just to start this support is a big concession. For Democrats because this new bill falls far short. Of what they've been demanding all along now what it would include is 300 dollars in weekly federal unemployment benefits and a 160 billion dollars. In state and local aid something the Republicans had been rejected but it would not include another round of those stimulus checks for all Americans now Democrats are really trying to up the political pressure. On Republican leader so all eyes are now on Mitch McConnell ever wonder what he's going to do next but so far he's been pushing his own much smaller plan and what about president trump he has yet to say a word about this new compromise now lawmakers are giving themselves one more week. To try and sort this out to the bottom line is that the clock is really ticking here and even though millions of Americans are really suffering any need of help from Washington. A deal here are still is not insight Diane. I'm Mary Bruce in Washington forest look to keep checking in with you Mary. I missed so many people shopping online delivery services are being pushed to their limits UPS is reportedly even telling its drivers not to pick up packages right now. From top retailers like gap and Nike. We'll Reeve has what you need to know to get your gifts on time. This morning signs of possible cracks in the holiday shipping system UPS reportedly pumping the brakes on picking up packages for major stores after a record breaking Cyber Monday the shipping giant instructing its drivers nationwide to temporarily stop collecting orders. From six large retailers including gap Nike and Macy's. According to the Wall Street Journal they called it large shippers. One at a earned a note. You allocation for certain days or weeks. If you're gonna go or that we're not gonna pick a group it is. Consumer spent a record ten point eight billion dollars online on Cyber Monday. Just three days after a record breaking nine billion dollars spent online on Black Friday. Factor in the millions of people shopping online for household essentials and that could mean a surplus of seven million packages being shipped per day. Between now and Christmas something shipped matrix president sat teased in Dell says shipping companies were not prepared for. Did you think you decode what he gave you. To expand their neck or. A shot time. Grand lose you so. And boo one who. You are pumps UPS assuring deliveries will get made they just might be delayed. Telling ABC news in a statement if demand exceeds planned allocations we will work with our larger customers. To ensure the volume gets picked up and delivered as more capacity becomes available in our network. So what does this all mean if you're trying to get all of your shopping done in time for Christmas on the day the big day to remember. Tuesday December 15 that is the cut off. For ground shipping for the Postal Service UPS. And FedEx if you want to get your gifts where they need to go. On time. Diane good to know we'll read thank you for that. And a few more things to know before you go at least six people are reportedly missing after major landslide in Haines Alaska. Record breaking rain caused a strip of mountains of fall tearing up roads and destroying homes and the mayor says the landslide was about 600 feet long. Even new twist in the ongoing monolith mystery a new structure has been spotted in the mountains in central California. It looks very similar to the monolith that recently appeared and then disappeared in a remote part of the U Todd desert. According to a local report those foods of the dimensions are slightly different and unlike the one in U Todd this one can be knocked over whether bush. The monolith is also spotted in Romania over the weekend it still no word on where any of these are coming up. And an investigation is underway in South Africa for faster and in usual lottery drawing him. The winning numbers 5678910. Twenty people chose that sequence and raked in about 370000. Dollars each. Lottery officials there say there is no way to rig the game. And that a lot of people off in plate numbers and order and that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see you back here with a new update at 11 AM eastern. Take care.

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