ABC News Live Update: 8 dead after mass shooting at FedEx facility in Indianapolis

Plus, former police officer Kim Potter is free on bond after first court appearance, and Derek Chauvin invokes fifth amendment right not to testify ahead of closing arguments.
26:53 | 04/16/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: 8 dead after mass shooting at FedEx facility in Indianapolis
Good morning I'm Dennis data thanks for streaming with us in today's update another mass shooting breaking overnight. A gunman opened fire at a FedEx ground facility in Indianapolis they killed at least eight people. Multiple others were rushed to the hospital. This is sites that no one should ever have to seeing. Police are still on the scene and the mayor is expected to speak out this morning. The Chicago police have released their body cam footage in the fatal shooting of a thirteen year old boys. Video appears to show the teen raising his hands in the air when he shot police say he was holding a gun to. Less than a second before we have the latest on the investigation as a city prepares for another day of protests. And Windsor Castle is announcing plans for the funeral of prince fill up as grand sons William and Harry reunite for the first time in over years. The Brothers will walk behind the casket that's Prince Philip is laid to rest this weekend and new this morning and never before seen footage of Philip. Tonight on how the people who's on new blue legacy and lived for the first time here with Phillips pulled his legacy would be in his own words. We begin with them mass shooting in an Indianapolis FedEx facility that left at least eight people dead and several more injured. Police say the alleged gunman took his own life but they're not releasing his identity or a motive at this time. The names of the victims have also not been publicly releases their families are still being notified Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has the latest. Color hurts and shot Bermuda probably in terms. Overnight Indianapolis becoming the scene of the nation's latest mass shooting. It looked at protection judicial right now wearing a hot hunting machine gun crime in front of the building. Shortly after 11 PM police responding to reports of shots fired. At the FedEx ground facility near the airport. I have a female who didn't go wrong there by the Celtics it is huge debt without ever did so again here to show up. Police arriving on the scene moments later. Running multiple victims inside and outside the shipping facility were roughly 100 workers were on duty. We heard three more shots and then by buddy leave I saw someone running out of the building. And then more shots went off. According to authorities multiple people rushed to local hospitals. Big killed in the shooter Rampage and police say he'd died by suicide. The shooter has taken his own life. We don't feel that there is an active threat to the community at this time. Worried families waiting at a holiday in through the night for word on their missing loved ones I hoped to had been. He's back into it and hope the whole lot of people not injured teamed up but we don't know. Overnight FedEx selling ABC news our thoughts are with all those who are affected we're working together more affirmation and are cooperating with investigating authorities. It is very heartbreaking thing you know Indianapolis back promptly saw apartment the officers responded. They came in they went in and they did their job. And a lot of them are trying to faces because this is a site that no one should ever have to seeing this is a tragedy. Reactor at oh we will come for it. And here Thomas joins me live now from Washington for more on this fair this is just the latest. In a string of recent mass shootings is Vera rise Herridge has just feel that way. Time mass shootings were four or more people are killed or wounded not including the shooter nearly doubled comparing 2018 to 20/20. While those numbers have been spiking in general last year we saw a low for mass shootings in public places because of pandemic has set us all down. Now with so much of the nation opening up again we're seeing more and more gunman showing up at public places but deadly intentions. And president Biden is being briefed on this situation this morning just last week he proposed new gun safety measures and a new poll. Shows that 89% of Americans support requiring background checks for all gun buyers. I'm curious to law enforcement officials have a view on how to curb these shootings. Now we're told the president will be briefed on the latest match shooting and you're right Biden did authorize some fairly narrow executive orders last week. For right now as far as major gun control legislation to appears to be a longstanding. Stalemate no mini and law enforcement are exasperated with such political gridlock on this issue. There's been a lot of discussion about how to better identify people who have become radicalized. Who or who are odd unstable before they act out. The Secret Service is done a lot of work all looking for warning signs. But in this latest case we don't yet even have a word on motive Diane. A lot of questions still left the answer get Thomas thank you. And the FBI says will be assisting the Indiana Indianapolis police with their investigation in the shooting so want to bring in ABC news contributor. And former FBI agent Brad Garrett for more on this Brad thanks for being here police say that. In this case the shooter took his own life so how does that affect the investigation when you don't have a suspect to question. It it typically doesn't really matter obviously you're not gonna get a confession or details about how he planned it. But typically Diane in mashed shooters they leave the trail that information. Either via social media friends associates family. And so the information about perhaps as motivation. To do this will be in things that he already created prior to the shooting. And where appeared talk about the recent rise in mass shootings hat is the FBI investigate shootings like this when their part of a trend. So this obviously the problems mass shootings are that they are lone actors almost across the board with few exceptions. So the idea that you're going to be able to stop a mass shooter. Or get in front of him whether it be that the FBI or local law enforcement. Is the only driven by if you happen to have the intelligence they're going to do it. And that's in a match that sadly a move that not the case very often. What this boils down to is what do we know could we have stopped and I'm sure the answer that is no. But clearly they're gonna focus on FedEx because typically when people go. To a facility or location of business. There is a connection between the shooter and that location. All right Brad Garrett thanks for that ten overnight protests erupted in Chicago over the fatal police shooting of thirteen year old Adam Toledo. A newly released body cam footage shows the teen with his hands in the air when he was killed but police say he had a gun in his hand less than a second before. ABC's Victor of Kendall has the latest on the investigation. And we want to warn you some of this video may be difficult to watch. Protesters. Marching down the streets of Chicago overnight outraged over the killing of thirteen year old Adam Toledo by Chicago police. This is the newly released body came video from the night the seventh grader was shot and killed I. Dubbed voices 34 year old officer Eric Stillman chasing Toledo down an Alley way inquiring a single shot. Footage showing Toledo with his hands up when he was killed. It happened late last month. Officers responding to reports of shots fired. You know were emergency credits. You know look I Strickland center and recently did you hear a lot of more than it. Would officers Stillman spotted Toledo and 21 year old Reuben roaming. They took off running Roman was knocked to the ground Stillman runs after Toledo police say he allegedly had a gun. This all happened in just seconds how. I the officer has said the boy had a gun in his hand he immediately tries rendering aid but Toledo was unresponsive and bleeding from his chest police say a gun was found a few feet away next to offense. But the family points to this video appearing to show Toledo's hinged deep as you raise them. I don't turned around. It hands on India air. So render to the authors opposite officer Stillman has been placed on administrative duties while under investigation by Chicago civilian office of police accountability. Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot holding back tears as she urged the city for home. From watching these young people who are beautiful and magnificent. But traumatize. But the violence that they experience. Every day. Every day. We've got to do stinks differently. Illinois governor JB Pritzker saying in a statement the thirteen year olds tragic death would be any parent's worst nightmare. Like this one here downtown Chicago boarded up their windows before that video was released thankfully the protests overnight. Were peaceful but that new video is reigniting the calls for police policy reform. In Salinas family is calling for privacy. Picture of Daniel ABC news Chicago. Victor thank you look and concern is growing now over vaccine hesitancy as new Coleman cases rise. Cases are now up over 30% in the last month as a CEO of Pfizer says a vaccine booster shot. May be needed after a year this has every state pauses Johnson Johnson vaccinations on recommendations from the CDC and the FDA. Which Johnson is out of vaccination center in New York with the latest. This morning coping case is on the rise across the country up 31%. In just the last month. In Michigan the state with the highest rate of infections 44 hospitals are at 90% capacity. We have huge wait times in the ER we have I'm a lot of patients that are backing up that don't care beds on the floor because. We're simply filling out. As more Americans get the vaccine Pfizer's CEO now saying fully vaccinated people will likely need a booster shot within twelve months and may also need follow up shots every year. Experts don't know exactly how long protection from vaccines will last both Pfizer and return are already testing boosters. On Capitol Hill tensions boiling over doctor found she's facing off against congressman Jim Jordan and testifying that the nation is at a turning point in the pandemic can you give us a specific. Measurement that will have to be attain some outcome some resolve that we have to reach so that Americans know they're gonna get their liberties back. Bob and be able to move on with their lives. You're asking for a number. If I have a number it would have to be my best estimated. And that would be that the number of infections per day hole will hold below 101000. Per day. Right now we have about 60000 infections a day which is a very large risk for a search. We're not talking about liberties. With talking about a pandemic that has killed 560000. Americans. Some states are reporting a slowdown in vaccinations. This graph showing the gap between doses delivered to states and shots and arms. Growing wider over the last several months major vaccination sites in several cities with thousands of open appointments some experts worried. Vaccine hesitancy. Could be taking hold. And we're now getting more evidence of just how effective the vaccines have been the CDC I would new data showing. That out of the 66 million Americans who are now fully vaccinated. There were only 5800. So called breakthrough infections reported. That represents just point 008%. Of the fully vaccinated population. Diane. I went Johnson New York thank you. And the former Minneapolis police officer who killed twenty year old Donte' Wright made her first court appearance. Virtually after being charged with second degree manslaughter. Kim potter is now free on bond. Wright's family gather together to watch the hearing in ABC's Stephanie Ramos was there with the family and has more from Minneapolis Stephanie good morning. Hi there Diana. The family of Donte' rights is demanding accountability. The twenty year old's parents watched as the former police officer who killed their son during a traffic stop. May first court appearance we were there and we asked them how it felt to see her. I had came true anger. Sadness. There's so many emotions going through my whole body that I can't even explain and. That former officer Kim potter is now facing a second degree manslaughter charge if convicted she could face up to ten years in prison. Adding 20000 dollar fine. Rights was fatally shot by potter 26 year veteran of the police department after she allegedly was took her gun for a teaser. Diane. Stephanie Ramos in Brooklyn center Minnesota thanks. And attorneys are preparing their closing arguments in the trial against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Shelvin charged in the death of George Floyd. Yesterday we heard directly from Sheldon for the first time in this trial invoking his Fifth Amendment right not to testify. NBC's Alex Perez is at the Kennedy katic courthouse in Minneapolis but the latest on that good morning Alex. Hey Diane well after nearly three weeks of testimony and hearing from some 45 witness is 38 called by the prosecutors seven called by the defense. That's fate Derek show but it will soon be in the hands of the jury now. Children as a defense rested their case on this Thursday prosecutors bringing back doctor Martin Tobin. For rebuttal testimony to refute defense claims employed inhaled carbon monoxide from the police. Vehicles that tail pipe when she opened pinned him down to the ground doctor Tobin justifying his carbon monoxide levels were normal also for the first time Derrick children's spoke in court it's holing his attorney and the judge. He won't take the stand on grounds it may incriminate him. Yeah decision. Returned to testify. Where you intend to invoke your Fifth Amendment privilege. There will invoke my Fifth Amendment privilege today. And then the judge is now finalizing a jury instructions which will be very important for both sides exerted gives them parameters to deliver their closing arguments which are set for Monday. Which means the jury could be deliberating this case as early as of Monday afternoon they will be sequestered. What's that deliberation process begins Diane. Aaron Alex prison Minneapolis Forrest thanks Alex and for more on the trial against their chauvinist fringe trial lawyer Robert to cello and reverend Angela come bad. For more on this thank you both for joining us this morning I'm Robert I like to start with you after three weeks of presenting evidence and testimony. Both sides have now arrested how do you think this trial is gone so far and what do you expect from closing arguments on Monday. Mori Diane. The trial also our has been pretty much as advertised from the moment O opening sure you're ready. Story told by the prosecution. Over manned George Floyd. Who was laid on the ground and essentially succeeded by the weight of the officers. That were on his body. We remember that I approach the lead prosecutor in the case mr. Blackwell telling us we trust our artists and urged. Kind of scene that they developed throughout the entire. Case their entire case so they can bet they showed the doctor is the medical folks. Who would support peace negotiation period and then defense side we gotta just joined Jim. Kind of pink would you want to kick option story where you know the juror could potentially be sure mr. Nelson. Shooter is whether it was carbon monoxide contributed worker what is proper training Indiana Toledo makes it not a crime that you shooters or they could shoot her. Options presented through their witnesses and frankly I'm Baptist children's theory let distorted stories going to be harder to your to pick out. But we'll see what happens closing arguments and ash dust and tire that vote for the lawyers pull her story together one last time. And we'll see if B defense can do that for mr. Schoen although I have a feeling. That this shall we to prosecutions there. Reverend what impact in cases like these have on faith in the system especially in black and brown communities. It hasn't sure and catch. And we were happy one and here. The different Arab. Press is one of the Rell shirts. In your show. These cases are inner tube it's. But it went east trans U oh. It's such an. Other people's minds and is bringing this back and remembrance. And tragedies and it's. Eight and it's it's tragic just re traumatize him and rob let me know I rallied I ahead. She'll Rell it's your. Blue batch went on need to be as a one dot edu Brice stadium as huge it gives you goosebumps to think about it honestly wouldn't. You know Robert at the jury's been instructed not to watch the news but you have to assume very aware. Of the larger implications that this verdict could have now they have three charges. Against air show in to consider so what do you think the big challenges are going into deliberations. Well the first challenge is too cheap to jurors. Six. Reduction unity embarrassment. Injured as reverend just mentioned we've been traumatized. By what's happened boastful Jason's I'm need two or faceless individuals need suit. Be sure to access the pershing and they're gonna have to undergo some stress. They're going to be. In a room. Together at times sound. For hours at a time deciding the shape but I dare children's for that matter certain new chapter in what will be a civil rights. Dilution of our revolution in terms of how these cases are winning it a civil rights traveler can tell you. But that trial ordered or watching the exchange C. It is that the that there is a conviction. This is a revolutionary moment so what we're gonna expect the strait the challenges the jury base includes those pressures me to acknowledge that their case is that important. We'll see political arrogance tellem popped up I suspect they will be and trust of the importance of of this matter and and the pressing moment the day and finally I think that the important thing that's left to decide or to see is how they handle each other. Are they going kill off are they gonna work together is there a whole he's already made their mind all these challenges of confront them as stable. And reverend there's several possibilities of how this verdict plays out showing could be convicted on some charges all charges none of them. So what kind of an impact do you expect the verdict to have on the community of Minneapolis and the nation. Well explosive. Faster shower. NC EE and there's a home jury. All my fitness should what I you know last night hours since dream. An ice and what is coming now isn't time for Shapiro looks sure why is. Shown there much. And Kimberly Cotter what is something inside him stench. Realize the power and that they call right now they have the power to affect change nation why. Worldwatch each and starts. To me that's true step towards healing but it screened the black community and police officers and what are they just what. I'm meaning she was mistake. I do not respect the sanctity of life I did not serve and protect its. This Trout can stop right now I was long. West announced rates. Outlook conference calls when it first happened right. But now it's paying what they just another beat each funerals and until should serve and protect series. I Robert mellow and reverend Angela come bad we appreciate your time this morning thank you. Thank you. Engineers and we will have continuing coverage of closing arguments in the trial dared show went on Monday right here on ABC news live. And as England prepares for the funeral of Prince Philip tomorrow we're getting some nifty tells about what role prince William and Prince Harry will play. Plus the latest on that and never before seen footage of fill up. After the break. Welcome back we're following breaking news of the latest mass shooting in America a gunman opened fire to FedEx facility in Indianapolis overnight leaving at least eight people dead. The mayor is expected to speak at a press conference this morning wearing a bring that to live. When it happens. And we turn now though to new details about the funeral service honoring prince fill up. We're now learning that prince William and Prince Harry will be walking in the funeral procession but not side by sides. James long does that Windsor Castle with the latest. This morning the two prince is preparing to reunites 21 of their grandfather the duke of Edinburgh. A private service but the world will be watching both William and Harry a set to walk behind Princeton it's called skid. It was the GU cajoled his uncertain grandsons he simple but I'm in the procession behind their mother Diana 23 years ago now available for him. But as the Brothers reunited for the first time in a year we can download they wouldn't be standing together instead that cousin Peter Phillips will walk between them. Isn't really I think quite something when not paying to see them side by side given everything that has been sentiment instead about the significant disagreements between them. I need to know that caught explanations as TY eight to three grandsons of walking in the way that they off I still think it's hard not to read into bad as a sign. Of the fractured relationship between Lehman Harry. Italy the first time Prince Harry is seen in public with his family since he and wife Megan stepped back from rolled UT's communicated to the US. The move devastated the royal family and made William and Harry's already strained relationship even worse. Harry spoke about the situation in that candid interview with Oprah in March. You and your brother relationship. Much has been said about that beyond and how much will continue to preserve. As I said before our I'm a born and taveras is my brother have been through. I altogether. I'm have a shadow experience. The book we sooner we will we will defeat Paul as you say dead tear brother was trapped. You said that you love you brother and always will love you brother you didn't tell me what the relationship is now so. The relationship is. Space. From the moment. Times and our time heals all things country. The ceremonial take place essential just chapel in Windsor also and we close the public. Only attended by close founding members and friends a total of thirty guests and the threat of coverage still looming cold as they will be required to Wear mosques inside. The queen would arrive in have Bentley most as well prince Phillips calls it will be ushered in a custom land river partially designed by the late duke himself. And in this exclusive never before seen footage from 2005. The Geneva number reflects on his legacy we do go through life trying to make a legacy. No I got an idea I think to try and creation of more emotional self. I know our lives are actually decent I die from other people deciding who loved life and legacy idealism and are trying to create what. I mean like skating gold Austin Meehan if I couldn't make life smog from the mole. It is tolerable for the people who come off too easily move a timer visualize it. The biggest I'd say the Princeton it was a money likes to share his opinions just ready about himself in tomorrow. Will be about paying tribute to his very unique brand of quiet dignity. Diane. I James long an outside Windsor Castle Forrest thanks James. An ABC news live we'll have full coverage of the services on current Prince Philip starting tomorrow morning at 9:30 eastern. And if you're looking for a new pair of shoes a DS is hoping you have fungus on your mind. We're gonna explain when we come back. And for a look at the day's science and technology headlines here's Monaco's are opting. And today sent fights Google's new features that graphically illustrates the effects of climate change. It's called time lapse he uses millions of satellite photos have transformed into four. It takes users are on a chilling journey over forty years of the Earth's changes in just seconds. Microsoft has launched the first kid friendly version of a major web browser it's called Microsoft edged kids motive. Designed to keep adult content away from children twelve and under there's a built in list of approved web sites that parents can added it also includes age appropriate news stories. Finally a sustainable sneaker from India as it may it's made with the material crafted from the roof structure of mushrooms. This model of the stands next tennis sneaker is just a concept but India says it hopes to have products made from the same material for sale in the near future. Those are attacked by its stand as long as the mushroom shoot it's it's not like onions or get. Back CO mushrooms seekers unit can't get Monaco's our Abbie thank you. And last night the WNBA draft. Went up without a hits but it was a player's grandmother actually who's to who's spotlight. Michaela I'm in wears grandmother showed shoppers slammed on dads used just unable to contain her joy after the 21 year old was drafted by the New York Liberty and taken. Number six overall a big congratulations to all believe he's drafted last night. And that does it for this ABC news live update and then a state of thanks for joining us in the river ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Also programming note for you we are awaiting a news conference from the mayor of Indianapolis. On that deadly mass shooting at a FedEx facility were going to bring them to you live. As it happens.

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