ABC News Update: New Orleans prepares for flooding as potential tropical storm nears

Plus, Juneteenth is recognized as a federal holiday and former President Barack Obama opens up about breaking barriers.
18:10 | 06/18/21

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Transcript for ABC News Update: New Orleans prepares for flooding as potential tropical storm nears
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks for streaming webcasts and today's update the European Union is recommending member nations lifts travel restrictions on US residents. Each country can decide now whether to allow American visitors but the recommendation could give a much needed boost to economies. Every line and tourism dollars. Meanwhile five US states have seen in nearly 40% increase in coal wood cases in the past two weeks. The delta variant is now confirmed and 41 states and a former FDA commissioner warns. They could soon become the dominant strain here this is a CDC investigates a rare heart condition and young vaccine recipients. The CDC director maintains though that the benefits still far outweigh the risks and over. 200 million doses of vaccine have been given. And really these events are really quite rare. There as you know minor self limited they generally out of it and it's resolved west Breaston standard medications and he's he's. Cases of mild heart inflammation. The risk of that which are quite rare. There are overwhelmed by the benefit of getting vaccinated. The CDC advisory panel has helped push their meeting to discuss the reports to next week. And a new report finds certain Telecom equipment is at the risk of being hacked. Security company McAfee says hackers can gain control of the bike or treadmills camera and microphones. To spy on users and could also add apps disguised as Netflix and Spotify. To trick users into entering their login information. The report also warns hackers could potentially injure purity equipment itself. -- times says it has issued mandatory software update that protects users from being hacked. And the west is seeing some historic heat as temperatures reach over a hundred degrees the heat is causing fires in Arizona and Nevada and people from Texas to California. Are bracing for possible blackouts. Experts say climate change is making heat waves more intense more frequent and longer lasting and is also super charging the mega droughts. Drying up lakes and reservoirs that millions rely on. Are there water supply. And a tropical storm is taking aim at the Gulf Coast a governor of Louisiana's already issuing a state of emergency. And is warning that heavy rain could be catastrophic. After the severe flooding last month. The storms expected to make landfall there early Saturday morning ABC's Ellen Lopez's in New Orleans with the latest good morning Allen. Hey Diane good morning were along lake concentrating what are we could see until a couple of feet of storm surge of one cent difference both turning in the Gulf of Mexico makes its way. To Louisiana and not when you take a look from above. It doesn't take much up for this area filled lighting here. Then Louisiana governor issuing a speed of emergency each and stormy is more of a rainmaker but with disloyal already saturated from a wet spring. Even 35 mile per hour wind gets to lead to uprooted trees and dangerous conditions in some areas and it's not just Louisiana. Tropical storm warning stretched up to Alabama Florida border forecasters say. Some parts could see up to a foot of rain this weekend the bulk of it expected to push through Alabama and into northern Georgia before weakening in the Carolinas. And Diana and Louisiana have been particularly hard hit. Last thirteenth season with. Find named storms making lamp while the most ever for one state. Diane Bryant Alan Lopez thank you and today marks the first federal holiday signed into law since Martin Luther King Jr. day in 1983. Most auto workers are off today in recognition of June teens tomorrow. The holiday has been celebrated by African Americans since the civil war error commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. But the US is now officially declared a holiday for all Americans. Ahead of June teens are Michael Strahan talked to former president Barack Obama about the holiday. And race relations in this country as part of ABC's June teen special take a look. For the bit Obama had. He June T it is good to see your heritage or interfere thank you remember being in school then. And they had all the president's. They had every president out there and you look at that listed. USA and not want to be president but I don't think you can believe in. Now. When it look at that your face in the new. And a lot of people won't look you can say it's signifies since you've been elected president bet that we moved on an issue of race. What you say today. Oh I think that's never been the case that mark virtual Meyer elections in my career move into a post racial world it wasn't something I believed. At the time and I certainly don't believe it now the fact is is that a lot of Beers still exist for a whole lot of folks it. When you look at that list of presidents. We still haven't seen it won't. And at the notion that women. Somehow are not qualified. Troop but it you know the fact is at least in my household. The women are smarter. More insightful more care and better looking. Well we balance that we monitor we live in the same house that's that's my foreclose so so something's happening in our society the prevents. Them from a sending to the highest office in the land. The same is true for African Americans the same is true for Latinos and the first Americans native Americans. Odds are stacked. In ways that. Prevent a lot of young people. From realizing their potential and we can do something about it. In the promise land he talk about hope. The country is built on hope. Idea that malicious room opens up right importance room you ran on hope. We are choosing hope. Overridden. Powerful message. That changes coming to America. Hundred now only twenty when he wanted to and we have the Penn did make the insurrection. Racial reckoning. What people like they've lost how did how help can people get that hope back. You didn't hold back from for me at least taken the long view and. Recognizing that. Resilience. The termination. You build its deal with setbacks and disappointments against cheap going. The that those are qualities that. Can carry us forward bend and no one has exhibited that more. Historically in this country. African Americans. The march on Washington and happened during my lifetime that's not ancient history. And big parts the country. Segregation. Was still operative. When I was alive. What seems. To light stuff we now take for granted. As just a generation old he. Do so many people out there who idea the American dream they can. He's so I think conceded important so what does he did it take for people to be able to realize it's in the American dream it's well. Let's look at it historically. The American dream has been. A reality for some and a meth for others. Border community at a Custer. Some in Washington DC that's representative a lot of commanders around the country where the kids who broker may formally be free. But the structurally. Because. Poverty because of schools that are worker because of sub standard housing and it requires so much more effort. For them to live out that America agreed and so our job is to make sure bet. It's not a man. M right now for two minutes to listen. I'm Michael Strahan in Washington DC. Thanks Michael for that interior let's go to LA times columnist ABC news contributor LC granderson followed up more on this. I'll be happy June team to you first saw. Yeah we're remains. For all Americans now are all celebrating June 15 today tomorrow the whole weekend raid. There are asking president Biden's signs June teen into law yesterday during a large ceremony. The vice president was there by his side other lawmakers are there as well but he also had old bullied by his side how I think how big. Was that moment. It was tremendous to go. Americans. It's not know what did not know who she was what she did our mission marks in this calls organized justice will be able tree knowledge. This was not necessarily something that was done so only by. Officials. Like meeting proposals from so. She's history's better started in the ground. And that grassroots leaders like his old Louise Horton necessary in order security whilst indeed she's written. And Jim pink is the first federal holiday sign into law since Martin Luther King Jr. day. Forty years ago why do you think it took so long for this to have been. And for so many in this country take even learn what June teens is. What surprises. Race is sort. You don't bring you some of them were it's just not a good sushi. Almost certain the black community we celebrated at certain state of Texas. History and so let's use our secure are just Trimble's. Senator from this information being shared Harlem suggests the same sort of world. You raise Reuters. Those countries. It was so many other cities all sorts through your people ripping. Raised price didn't kill don't resist people. So when you ask you know why do so many people know all options seem. It was simply say it's the same reasons why you see today people tried to this church Russian route six just normal tour yeah. As a won't like growing up celebrating this holiday knowing so many people didn't even know what it was and how do you want that changes going forward. Opens I remember changing. In Detroit news celebrations. Insert their celebrations and there were lessons taught in my classroom hours reinforcements are being. And schools home which makes sure that those gaps. In my school's library tonight my privileged and better and I'm grateful for it. But also a whole wooded. Our history and not a conservative dark lord Jesus. Today we have GG the federal holidays not a total. Our home. Slave owners will form mostly owners were already receiving compensation or reparations. For the law of slaves. Fortunately the beauty compensation. For slave involved low Cuban Texas Instruments like. Why you didn't that is what can. These are no restrictions we need. Oh he's the legislation that are still problems of days because. Inform their credit services and tools criticisms are doing. Predecessors and he eventually what you happens sitcoms. That it is horn averaged defeated insulin it is. Tolerant society. That we're trying to. Arrest singing we shall overcome. Inside him he's a paper that anything nice gesture only Sunnis and you don't. Over so well Rea what's appropriate in terms of how to celebrate Jan eighteenth and how are you celebrating this year. First of all I can I was actually just cooling because he's got so there is one right now. When you see what was happening in my immediate area disgusted Ozal former solo sundown. Places and miracles or afternoons and Peterson been altered out people saw him. Otherwise the customer reps as the kkk instruments themselves shall stuff doesn't sundown town homes and down. I'm curious to see what they're doing here so acknowledges but I'm not satisfied shall. You don't go away and by myself apart and people are celebrating news that tremendous. Moment I don't want to downplay potentially dangerous moment exited in the. Final moment in time we'll LZ I'm sure you're gonna find great celebration went away the other we appreciate coming on and again happy June 18 to you. Your newsroom thanks. And tonight be sure to watch soul of the nation's special June 18 together we triumph that's at 9 PM eastern and streaming. On ABC news live and Hulu starting tomorrow. And we come back it is feel Good Friday a Wisconsin barber shop is open to health clinic. Inside. We come back we're gonna meet the owner behind it and discover. Why he turned his barbershop Intel wants that job her hair cuts and help. Stay with us. Welcome back time for feel Good Friday we're gritty little good news heading into the weekend today it's all about be right barbershop and sun prairie Wisconsin. The shot just part of the nonprofit to open a free wellness clinic in the shop meaning people cannot stop by now just for a haircut. But also everything from blood pressure checks to mental health services to a cull the nineteen vaccine. It's not part of an effort to promote health and wellness in the black community and owner of be right barbershop Jason boat right. Is here with a little bit more on this Jason thanks so much for being here. I'll probably won't Barbara Pratt and it's our pleasure so it's just a combination a barbershop. And a health clinic what inspired you to do this. Our I was and started to have good or do a lot of people a lot of bad luck cut into or virtually every 200. Ordinarily we over a period movies connect you don't order to have them read what's best. What made you think that this is something that your community needed was there did you have a personal experience that Germany did us. Are. Listen to these organs go to war on her own and paying. A little. Clip appeared barred. 130 cargo off triggered you don't have a chance. To stop in no hurry up the entire Libya on the oak. Want to low go forward although. She. So what's your reaction been and what have you noticed in terms that how people are utilizing this service now that it's available for them. Right next to where they're already getting their shaver their hair cut. There were virtually nothing you have your body and its element that they're happy about it what I'll let anybody know. You know because of this service is gonna scream wouldn't go over there would all anybody know on what they're thinking about the regularly. And shorter route. You know often we see problems and and we stay in Canada specific lane in terms of trying to think of how to solve that this isn't really great example of sort of thinking outside the box and meeting people where they are so what's your nice to other people who feel like they want to make a difference in their communities. But they might not see an option to do got. Figured it garnered ego or you know unique. Your not of course America's person to embrace it she went on and. You'll have your heart and girls and the article in the heart you believe in. And Jason Sunday is Father's Day I know Europe bother yourself Harry I celebrate. Oh. That. Sean and Muslims who are written about Bob Arum has gone well we're doubled to lead we are all. He's certainly earned it be red barber shop owner Jason all right Jason thank you so much to get a happy agent into the happy Father's Day idea. Under current armory it's our pleasure and you can find more feel Good Friday stories at Good Morning America dot com. That's different as ABC news live update I'm Diana say no thanks for joining us remember ABC news live as your for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. And a happy June teens and Father's Day to all of you have a great weekend. Good night. If we don't like it seemed like who's going to have affected younger generation of badly there's lot of national. The world right now from might be environment and cheering for them it is discussing the whole political system the younger people fighting disease all of that. It started.

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