Animals trapped in shelter after Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael's heavy winds knocked down trees, blocking the only road to and from the shelter.
6:56 | 10/12/18

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Transcript for Animals trapped in shelter after Hurricane Michael
Tights and high ID Thompson. So this is our rob Marciano with with ABC news one of my colleagues. Said the news needed some help us to decide what can we give forced. At what happens is after a startling as a state of Florida. You know we have names. State animal response teams but we always hope we'll have been asked that everybody after. Just our wants and it says there's Edison and everything's okay well of course everything. Out of that area it is such limited's meaning it shouldn't. You don't know what kind of shape he animal control shelter is and are the a yes BCA shelters and right now and you likeness of a check in California. So sure our for animal lovers will we've you have to do that. That's so awesome. This is the address of that animal shelter and through all these toppled trees is the dome where I suspect. They're being hours incredible what this storm is done to these trees just snapped him like toothpicks all over this area. I don't know if we're gonna really get into this place or does the right entrance. On how to get here. Here we go some sort upon others people. Yet you guys okay. Are you guys stuck in there. You're kidding me. So the animals are getting review. So this is the only way answer these trees. Are. Captain Janet's rob Marciano with a ABC news. We just saw its M minutes ago but now we. We actually need you're probably got a job where you were at the humane society it's right it's right around the corner from the the army reserve base coincidentally. All I'll I'll text you all text you. But these. I'll last night models parents and. Oh OK I'm and it's actually address are now. Back ramp. We talked with these the national headquarters it means society and they specifically asked us come check in Brazil were hitting just off we talked to twenty minutes ago. He we were talking to them as well as I put out because as we've got to transport these animals out of here and I. Fast on FaceBook as a pleaser they share pandemic call since that we can take them. And they're expected to do it and and it's more money to get everybody out but this is an issue. Yeah but goodness there's dozens of trees downed pilot period since rob Marciano yellen ABC news. While we're at we're at the humane society here and and Panama City. I'm with the this state animal response team yes. Let's. Just simply won't do I felt like yours and I'll here are. That is so amazing is such an answer to prayer and everyone got through the storm finding shelter made it through the storm with some water damage but not bad. We have very poor ventilation when you have no power. So is too hot. The walls are sweating animals are hot and we can maybe get through this day that we got to get them out of here and get them transported. And they want commitments made it through those trees here's the shelty is she is definitely hurricane proof because of a shave it but no windows NEA's she's down a faith and it's hot. It's millionaire. And you can hear the animal so. We get out but early guys. Men. It definitely hasn't. Grown and healthy stench. And any. Okay. OK scared now hot parking here in the cable news. It. Moment goodness desert hot hungry. Will be XDE. Hurricanes are no fun are they. Know. Right. Oh yeah. Have you been sleeping here in. Eleven. I it's. We'll let me. You can keep it that much of this is from trees. And I'm. Penetrated the building and really rather than feeling of moles removed concrete and yet. How long enough that I'm hearing and so. You're currently. 83. Good ruling out finalize likely won't compounds are so tired and just 11 day. It's free and even there yet and it clinic had pages and dark ages is just and possibility resembling. Really hot. The he's very taxing the end of her status is done before our students need is tire and only he has been. We yelled and can't get. And the Radisson. This isn't. And kids n.'s world. Today and taking care to every honor prisoners where you go oh my goodness look at this things. My goodness of the squirrel key must acumen was not. And yeah an and that. Every text or my goodness. Don't touch him. Yeah I'm not sure you're supposed to touch and that the two Q little squirrel who kind definite. After. Is a National Guard to the rescue. Show her. This need to be cleared out so they can get the animals that they've been stuck in that shelter and start mistake real Batman TV few days. You guys a couple of guys. So. Daunting task of rescue recovery with all these trees and power lines blocking roads for ABC news live on rob Marciano in Panama City.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"Hurricane Michael's heavy winds knocked down trees, blocking the only road to and from the shelter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58466351","title":"Animals trapped in shelter after Hurricane Michael","url":"/US/video/animals-trapped-shelter-hurricane-michael-58466351"}