Anthony Bourdain wants to put focus on American craftsmanship

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis talks to the businessman and chef about his new partnership with The Balvenie, a handcrafted single malt Scotch whisky.
12:24 | 04/18/17

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Transcript for Anthony Bourdain wants to put focus on American craftsmanship
Buddy I am Rebecca Jarvis I am coming to you live from finding room restaurant in New York City with a very special guest Anthony ordain you guys probably. Are more than enough familiar with the shaft the TV personality the op there. I see was a businessman to me in your own way it might not being your official bio but you you do get business. I do a lot of stuff getting. Business is seldom a motive but it did stints working. Yet an end here today highlighting the work of people who make things with their hands I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who make products. Who might you might call yourself an artist in you might hire sell the small business and on her door. So Anthony if you're taking your questions but I want to talk to you about the partnership with Albany. And the idea that. This is the kind of thing that has to come from the hands the work of many people and many years. While I mean I think what would attract new project and did some series. And enterprise. At a product that. Better old. Essentially romantic adventures I mean overall if you will be making they are issues by hand your boots that are. Or an old school tailored suit. If you choose to do it sort of a long hard extra step way by hand. That goes against the U ordinary though the conventional wisdom. Mean. But it's I I all of us think that it's something that. We are growing to respect it had a moment. We're every single company every single business was trying to just you know maximize profitability and figure out a way to cut all the costs at a well I do now. People respect it when they see. The real McCoy out there that's that would really put time in practice. Honestly as he gets to defuse the ground. Outfielder. The vast majority I mean you know we've seen plenty of art feasible potato chips. That are handcrafted and house me you know a lot of thing what is it I have no idea. That's becoming. Not a meaningless so though you know people who really anxious to take a long hard it stumpel school route. You know taking a fool for love you you. You choose to take a leap of faith. You know in integrated cost. Bear city boardroom ready dangerously. It took that road less traveled to early on it. A longer route I guess I'll lurk Athens it wasn't. And pick enterprise not a particularly profitable or glorious one in my case anything resembling success can vary greatly life. Mine was not a particularly distinguished. Of cooking career acting. Maybe in retrospect. I'm making up for past sins by celebrating people who really dedicated themselves excellence and to submit it. I have two really do was as a as a chef and his crew from mostly heroes. Self indulgent. You know. Look at a live hard die young became a sort of rude surprise to me when it June 30 was still alive and have ready really have a. A plan after that you know. What was the turning point for a oh win kitchen confidential was published and was to my great surprise success. I was 44 years old realizes this is an enormously. Lucky ones will Wenzel lifetime break I was just. Turning to not screw up. What was the toughest thing for. In my life globe. Color the person who sort of person who would ex C you're going to do with the enemy action do it. Caught on to let people dollar's support them. Telling the truth showing up on those simple things but there. More difficult to do. Easy promise enough that we. And then seeing that lets out of it when. If those fronts as don't pan out. Well you know I I. You know I've been person to so. You know I respect people who in this avenues and tomorrow. Actually do it and I try to do it going to be partners. What's your advice to the real artisans out there and who are taking that extra step who are going that extra mile who feel like. You know what everyone says that that's what you should do but it's not working out I'm toiling away I'm not getting the attention I guess there. I think people who recognize in themselves who putting the time in the work to learn. Usually to a mentor and or apprentice system how to how to do with it really really well. Who don't really care about an existing market and people who don't you know what I wreckage confidential I didn't want to read. And I think a lot of ways it was a liberated. Factor I don't I ever would have been able to write the book for a second I thought about what do people want what people expect. What is the market require that would stifling and probably. Suffolk hate pressure. Something you know people who. If that is what following your passion passion is nice. A high degree of certitude that you weren't goodness in doing that relentlessly regardless whether. Regardless of whether the market seems to exist even if you do some in really really well. Physically and some things that people will find that there's somebody out there wants what you have to offer. How did take because you're someone. You're constantly evolving but you're doing. Not the same thing but you're doing your you're going out you're seeing the world but you're constantly evolving how'd you. In your own process how do you take something that you know works and continue to make it better and better along the way. Moon I think. Young restless. Volume. On what to do things I don't know how to do this. What's out there boom. So would like to lose her. I don't amounts or. One. It's really. If that's what. You poke audience of art out do well you know something resembling a slogan you know something. Her out whatever you murdered at. A little little past that point. I public deplete the base twirling into Collins. Do you play base it on hopeless. Terrible old news. Well well so there's still a part in a probably not but argument should help. If it is given the opportunity. You know uttered or ID. I feel that that if you look enough to be creative enterprise waiting and television filming. Or anything if your nearest you know. Point. I mean. To mean a living hell would be you'd be working like season nine to. You know and a wakeup of the morning convince yourself you're doing good work on this planet you know I'd really rather go back. Yet I have figured out the best of all worlds because you do travel the world how to people. For people out there is actually being in this business. Most producers you talked to say if they could do one thing. It would be traveling around the world we view you know how to how to people stand out to you have as a producer etiquette with our. Luka brought see like oil DA. Unique storytelling. Ability. And understand him you know looking Google and seeing what's happening. Allowing it to unfold. And yet back your head structuring. And it would interesting story told. Hopefully it in a new way. Whom the desire to never repeat yourself after we passion for films. And skewers and photographers. Powerful a sense of humor. And a physical stress. And endurance it's connected you can get tough out there yeah of the camera equipment across the empty quarter. You know that that that health care equipment. You yes I pictured at right alongside my milk. I mean I've done it yeah but what I mean its I've not. Voluntary nature Ari its full I I'm. Full disclosure I help here and there but not all the time my crew fantastic people. If anyone only crew you know we've delivery of a New York as a sucking chest wound though I have been trained and I could step right in and I can I help out. With how did you get interested in the first place willow was always sort of a special event whiskey drinker when I was feeling you know if they're not an everyday drink from me but would feeling particularly good or bad about myself the majority. Good whiskey and where and Albany. Along. We've you know with you that I liked and admired. As well as a a project that I thought was really worthwhile. Celebrating the Clinton people. But. Fields are celebrating. Was definitely time is right don't situation. For people who are new to risk in a lot of people are who well what's the entry point to what do you recommend. You know I'd kick ass it's heretical. I mean the people who make you know I've been to the distillery. And our lead guest at the most people there word. We really angry and if I suggested putting a cube of ice in. You would rather. Open up hope of really whiskey was a little bit a water. Meaning the entry point. Now let's go right dive right in the heat that didn't get a really good whiskey. Sip it could be so some time from little and vacuum hands of the alcohol evaporates little technical whiff. Take your time with it. We can include contracts you know 4 o'clock in the afternoon some Tom Waits plant on the jukebox. MP saloon. Very close to this area. Where we're little. Yard it's afternoon event that it. I don't question I ask everybody this what is the worst advice you received in your career. Whom. To do was show. Because it would be easy and in a nickel on. You know with social expected it was called the layover it was easily the most successful show I've ever done in my career. Of I get it because they told me it would be fast. Easy. And profitable. And this was the worst decision ever and I didn't I didn't do it for love. I didn't do for any kind of passion I wasn't interested. I did it for the money I get it because it sounded like it would be easy. And it is it merely. Pounded the joy of telling stories making television. It was. For me. For a lot of people have been very happy news show but for me it was really a crossroads where I determined. I don't care how successful it slows or how easy supposedly easy or how profitable I will never ever ever use again I'm rob about can we ensure. And what convinced you after that to come back. To TP. Well I was able to I was fortunate to have options I was able to go back to do with the kind of television club whose you know. Slower. More personal self indulgent. To do anything until stories that I wanted to tell rotten. You know what the lever was which was really. Market driven you know it was given to people what they want to lose. I'm not about to have all ha obviously. New parts unknown new season pass out. End of April rate yes. Fantastic looking forward Anthony board in thanks so much for joining us thank you and say you all for joining us have a great everyone it was he and in.

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{"duration":"12:24","description":"ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis talks to the businessman and chef about his new partnership with The Balvenie, a handcrafted single malt Scotch whisky.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"46875317","title":"Anthony Bourdain wants to put focus on American craftsmanship","url":"/US/video/anthony-bourdain-put-focus-american-craftsmanship-46875317"}