Awaiting the Ferguson Decision Outside the Clayton Justice Center

ABC News' Gloria Riviera describes the situation in Ferguson leading up to the grand jury decision.
3:19 | 11/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Awaiting the Ferguson Decision Outside the Clayton Justice Center
Good afternoon I'm Gloria Riviera and I'm in Clayton misery Clayton is the county seat for Ferguson and just behind me. You can see that justice center for this area just be on the ground before a few hours it's very easy to see just how tense. This city and this surrounding area is really are at this stories that are open when you going to and the coffee shops the restaurants. This is all anyone is talking about the impending announcement. They'd possible decision by the grand jury. And prosecutor Robert McCullough is. Task before them give into them to consider for charges against 28 year old officer Darren Wilson. For the shooting of Michael Brown those charges are. Involuntary manslaughter manslaughter murder in the first and murder in the second now there has been. Seven discussion over the autopsy report that county autopsy report. Which showed blood. From Michael Brown inside the police vehicle now there has been in arguments he made it that indicates there was some kind of struggle some kind of inter action between Michael brown and officer Gary Wilson which may supports. An argument that heat. Reached for a weapon however on the other side I there's an argument that. From a witness who is there that night with Michael Brown as saying that he was pulled inside the vehicle. So although that is one piece of evidence that is been revealed from that county autopsy report. We really don't know anything about how the grand jury will consider it we have. Being a expecting. Late last week over the weekend and now early into this week. That a decision will be announced. There is an increased police presence National Guard president president in this area. As over the weekend several protest groups met to plan what their reaction would be as. As that decision is announced. Many calling for calm the family of Michael Brown appealing for calm in this area and yet we just don't know. What the reaction will be from those here in this city the tension is now running very high for months as this. Process has been ongoing. At certain times by news leaks from. The deliberations. Have made their way. Into the press we we can't really. Discuss those at lake not knowing we do know that there was. Some video released of officer Jerry Wilson that may be key for. The prosecuting site because it shows him in the immediate hours after the incidents. Walking through a corridor. Looking at not as. Affected as beat not really. Is some members of the police force have sad he was after the incident. So you have a lot of a lot of conflicting. Pieces of them have evidence really that is all in front of the grand jury it is up to them to decide if officer Wilson is not indicted on any of those charges he still could face civil charges. By the family of Michael Brown east could still face federal charges. We hope to know. More from hearing Clayton Missouri. And when we do we'll have that for you again I'm Gloria Riviera in Clayton Missouri for ABC news.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"ABC News' Gloria Riviera describes the situation in Ferguson leading up to the grand jury decision.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27143099","title":"Awaiting the Ferguson Decision Outside the Clayton Justice Center","url":"/US/video/awaiting-ferguson-decision-clayton-justice-center-27143099"}