Baseball memorabilia on display

Baseball memorabilia, including presidential baseballs, is on display in D.C. ahead of the All-Star game there next week.
5:28 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for Baseball memorabilia on display
On ABC's Rick Klein and I'm here at the stand fast in downtown Washington DC all star week. It's just what is coming up and just a couple of days and this is a really cool event lots to do with the family a lot of celebrations of baseball and we're here with David Hunt president. I'll hunt auctions. You've got a lot coming up in public. And one of the things I think it's so cool about this event is the way that you're celebrating not just baseball and sports memorabilia but also the next I'll. So that's the presidential stop right here talk to me about what's. It's amazing how you write how politics and baseball really green in American culture especially the last hundred years and focusing on baseball's well not just also. Lawrence Haas and we got some in the presidential single sign baseballs are widely collected but not easy to get you had to have serving connection. We're reasonable way it needs to get peace sign. Photograph her program media and political rally. He finds leaves dozens of Ronald Reagan's. Dwight Eisenhower didn't offer any given more more police presence and George Bush. And it connects even if Kennedy. Well throughout the first big wheels and it was last year Washington. Thank you yeah yeah yeah it's amazing to see you again bit the history be thinking how old. You don't really know until back conceded the president's. Really tied into the game he's lonely road about being loved and Richard Nixon did this 100 greatest baseball players in history makes 69. When the Austrian was in Washington so yeah I think that that. Continues to live long the only ABC the presence on the first pitch is must see these two but seeing inside baseball's best whose presence on the Parma moves are welcome back. Easy as police and residents were reasons absolutely absolutely realistic look over here. John. Players want yeah. Walter Johnson. Yeah absolutely in the big train you don't. It's a city seem hitting. That comes types here. Let's look phenomenal pitcher. Great hall of fame player in this part of the archives and photo file. Is the lead. For their exports are kind of fuel in the country. And he's in the risen so you can order these online did you leave things that's where the VCR pregnant they basically obtained from The Ring Magazine. Famous boxing magazine back in 1920s. And now here theory tells her thousand reserve images deep roots Warner Johnson Ty Cobb all the way back. Great great imagery. The other side is there's something really cool but I want to went on I like. On the baseball card collectors make yourself here's made out but. He's amazing he's really visitor use all 100 year old business. Yes DC the visit his from the night's eleven teams of five tobacco cart series. And you notice supports a series by Paul Thompson was one of the massive heart perseverance. Justin Christmas declaring you really aren't new themselves. But baseball card collectors welcome because they can match since a division between them isn't. Cards you've got Bobby Wallace of course Walter Johnson again. To some very pointed to see now bring thousands of dollars in. One of the things. In his office. What drew no line guy wants him. Multiple time all star game this New York giant. What I love about these items. Talk about it easily connect to its three hear well he's got now off 18500. Local members. Painting us a twelve time all star. So as we talk to Sally they were signing could sell some things secret many many things themselves museums. It's just made sense perfect thing you doing here immediately respond bring bring his name back in history you know. Fans. All kinds of great photography. Awards in the evening these games. And he obviously and it may ludicrous politics as well you see here Dwight Eisenhower where he's now las presenting him. Back at a baseball along with the near there. Here LaGuardia and so specific need piecing this city again ties back US politics and military base. And a lot of this has the story behind this didn't even know this is what's needed documented historical event was Eisenhower's military uniform he's not president yet right nearly forty we don't even know what mr. This emerges. Some of the more unique things missing and that ended being flexible aren't done so and ten. IndyCar debut limited edition items favorite things that just occurred people retain them here they are all these many years. We're. The civil war bonds it's. Yeah fundraiser that we got to raise money during during the war will be held up as a fantastic he's a serious Cold War bond. Highs and it'd be very. Doctor it's a yes or certificates gonna play tonight in your presentation of pieces of city. On the average people doing reasonably will be Ruth Miller Johnson industry leaders didn't. Don't know why it's well what's so cool like this yes get your clinics. With the foul and I have no idea what the south significant. But his on field receiving as a champion and his army summing looters in the period neighbors. Look on meet the artists. Lots of very important people Jack Dempsey the boxer so here's a piece thing comes from a hall of Famer Sammy. Photographing me maps of the period obvious time hundreds and others now become seemed anything but. Thank you so much pain you are doing his best to you via the north or history. That superhero Rick Klein for ABC news thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"Baseball memorabilia, including presidential baseballs, is on display in D.C. ahead of the All-Star game there next week. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"56577827","title":"Baseball memorabilia on display","url":"/US/video/baseball-memorabilia-display-56577827"}