Bill Cosby found guilty on all counts of aggravated indecent assault

A jury made up of seven men and five women found Cosby guilty after over 12 hours of deliberation in the star's retrial.
36:13 | 04/26/18

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Transcript for Bill Cosby found guilty on all counts of aggravated indecent assault
This is ABC news live I'm Kenneth mouton and we want to continue our special coverage. Of this breaking news a breaking verdict in the Bill Cosby sexual assault read while the jury in Pennsylvania they're handing down. A verdict of guilty in the war when that verdict was read three accusers in the room burst into tears cons be. Leaned his head down took a deep breath and closed his eyes as we know Cosby does legendary comedian known for his hit there we series the Cosby Show. Charts with three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault. Accused of drugging and sexually assaulting injury can't stand up warmer director of operations. For the women's basketball team at Temple University. During this retrial five more women testify with similar accounts of being drug. And molested by the entertainer the exact charges here are. Penetration without consent penetration while the victim is unconscious. Penetration after intoxicating her without her consent again Bill Cosby found guilty by a Pennsylvania jury and his retrial. On sexual assault a man known as America's dad for his hit series the Cosby Show is now a convicted sex offender. We were getting the accounts for what was happening inside that courtroom at the time the bird was right we know again at that several accusers were in the room. I'm they burst into tears. I'm and also in that room are Libby Davis who's been covering this trial in the retrial and the probable for the when as well last year. Live the I can imagine what it was like inside that courtroom. So much tension and anticipation and so much disappointment on one side and just. Thrilled. Satisfaction. On the other. It had at least four. The caused the accusers who are inside the courtroom three of them had to be removed because they just started crying and sobbing. They were just overcome with emotion. In those three women's cases and thinking up they they're allegations go back decades. Maybe thirty plus years and so. For all of this time. At least for recent years they've been looking for some kind of justice is what they've been calling it some kind of validates some kind of vindication against demand that they say. That they hadn't come. For before because it wouldn't be believed and that was just. Two powerful. And so it was just a lot of it was it was rather dramatic inside the court because that you had. Bill Cosby who was sitting there just moments with Wendy Terry Keenan was kind of toppling was cut. Upbeat that there was levity certainly and then. When the first guilty came for the count one. He put his head down after the next guilty as came it was it was almost as if you just kind of collapsed forward in his seat still still seated. But I couldn't even seen his face it at that point and just clearly. This was not the outcome that he was expecting it seems at one point that this might go the way of the initial trial because the actors. We're asking the same questions starting right off the bat with what's the legal definition of consent. Than they wanted to hear back a lot of the same testimony from. From Bill Cosby talking about acquaintance but also. Margo Jackson. Who was the defense has started turning and she is the person was saying that she had heard a hundred Constance say that she was gonna frame a celebrity for money. So it kind of and we weren't able to really read the tea leaves but it was something that really could have gone. In either direction and it is back. Two telling us the the initial trial itself but this retrial. The prosecutor Kevin still he brought in the accusers. We solves some of the thing testimony from solace the that's the first try also act I think he would ask what was different this time. Instead it and that's one here in this that need to movement Ara bright and so. Where where women are standing up and say hey we're gonna speak out back to take this thing right and so so that was kind of the backdrop so much so. That the defense actually mentioned it in air closing argument because I think that they didn't want their hope was that the jury wouldn't be swayed. By this current movement and so they said hey here's a guy who was an innocent man who was just swept up in the anger and emotion. Of this movement. They were calling it a mob mentality right but then here's the other thing and this is where I really think was game changer. Is it you had those five additional. Housing accusers this time last time the judge allowed only one additional cost users she. Impeach yourself several times on the witness stand so this time you Patton five when. Who were all just. Pretty much. Actually this same thing it was his hip that we are using some of the same words to describe how they what did the pills look like to describe how they made them. Feel to describe. How he was as far as allegedly as far as you know the sexual assault and how they felt it out dollars. Their experience when. You heard this. Five times and you heard it also has six times and from on Constance saying the same thing and I think that you know in the end it seems like it was just part. For the jury suits it. Dismissed. All of those women if he didn't leave under constant because she did have a lot of credibility issues and that's why. Back in 2005 the then district attorney Bruce castor says that he wouldn't even try the case he said because under constant at ruined her own credibility and wouldn't believe he believed by Terry. So. Those credibility issues may have still existed here for Andrea but it was going to be hard to explain away those five other. Levy's they write their want to bring into the conversation right now are ABC news legal analyst sunny Hostin sunny. Op I have to ask you your initial reaction to this verdict. I can't say that I was shocked or surprised. And in large part because of what Lindsay just talked about. It when you have just one witness I'm certainly that person's credibility can be attacked that person can be impeached. But when you have 123. Up to five voices saying the exact same thing. You're now talking about an ammo you're not talking about a pattern and a practice. And when I was a prosecutor that's something that you looked for you've got one you know stinger that may be okay if you have a core. Hire a voices that cases much. More resilient it's much easier to prove and I think that's what you see here it's very typical for a jury to. Discount and dismissed the voices of five different women saying the same thing is specially. In the moment. In our culture that we're experiencing now we're talking about time's up we're talking about me too. I'm looking at the from the the initial trials into its 52 hours of deliberations. Over five days this one. They sort of delivery to sept 11 AM yesterday yes. It was a much quicker verdict. You know if I were reading the tea leaves we used to say. You know the longer the verdict the less likely of the conviction and so when you hear. That the verdict was coming down this quickly. My sense was my goodness he's guilty of something. All three counts that's a huge win for the prosecution. And quite frankly it's a huge statement to the community that women's voices and experiences will not be discounted. He will talk about what's next for Bill Cosby. Kevin Steele as the judge decides what's next well if it was immediately to jail if if if Bob bell have provoked. But I happen about the cultural moment here you back that. I was in Philadelphia when the allegations first came out. And just a wave went through Philadelphia I was that Temple University kicked off the board of trustees. This was a shocking allegation against a person people called Americans that. S a beloved person. And it was shocking. But when the first voice came out and that that first person is always very brief and we heard upwards of over fifty women. Seeing the same thing I think when you have this. That number of people in this kind of climate. In this culture of women finally coming forward I used to prosecute. Crimes against women and and child sex crimes and I will tell you was always very difficult to get a woman on the witness stand because they felt that they would be changed. They thought they would not be believed. And it was always very very difficult to prosecute these cases. I am seeing a cultural shift now especially in the prosecution of these cases because women know. That there is support and they know what's happening to other women and that is. And power of the meet two women movement because now you have women saying it happened to me to. Think about this case. You have one after another after another women saying guess what I'm GM they may not have believed to the first trial but this happened to me to. It's it it's a watershed moment I think in our culture and especially for prosecutors of sex crimes. And lazy I think it says that no matter who you are no matter what you have given to the hopeful. The culture of America if you did something like this. You will be held accountable. I think you said it exactly the way I would that's what I was thinking as I sat in court and it doesn't matter that he was. The face of of jello putting and his household name and had the highest rated TV show in the eighty's and ninety's. There is a moment of reckoning here at this point and I think this speaks volumes floor. Every one across industries that that this kind of behavior. Will not be tolerated. No matter how powerful you are. And that women. Word or males for that matter people who have these kinds of accusations. There they're not going to be discredited and and there is going to be some accountability. The we're getting your information I what's happening in the core Mets were on the air right now which is. The district attorney's speaking with the judge saying the defendants are convicted of serious crime with counts that carries the depression. And the defense came in here with from the beginning that there was a 3.3 eight million dollar sum for this individual. With what they're trying to hash out is whether United's flight risk. And it was at one moment when the DA says he had the plane and they Cosby screamed out. It is very booming voice in the courtroom that pretty much I don't have a plane you expletive. It's obviously there's some tensions inside that courtroom and back and forth it's happening right now subject makes that decisions any fence about. What the judge will do. I heard this bill 'cause me will not be leaving here in hand counts. That's what I've heard this now let him outside of the courtroom I kind of relying on some Intel. And in his residence area in Iraq and we actually at a live picture right now because the outside of the courtroom we're trying to find out exactly what's happening where he's going. But it does the live pictures are looking and see the photographers that it takes swarmed outside of the courtroom there. But I. We don't know if that figure burglar trying to get more information that was the upstart companies to bomb. I'll say yes so I'm trying to just kind of determine now is as everybody is not a kind of an outsider at this point because. Leaving the courtroom just kinda getting delayed at least that is my tasting it. The patent would not leaving here in handcuffs it would not knowing. To a jail at this point that it was determined that. He's not a flight risk I'm not sure. If that's the latest reporting at this point but that's what I heard at anyway that was a possibility because I think that the prosecution was asking for that. And it. It's totally up to the judge. To make that determination but it's my understanding that sentencing. Would take place. Sixty to ninety days from now. Now so there were three counts obviously you're hurt as a maximum of. Thank you you're not art society actually has some information on that. Because if your bail was revoked certainly you would be not appearing throughout the courthouse would be remanded to the back so the fact that we now have video of Bill Cosby walking through the courthouse. That tells me that he's probably I'm going to. The pre sentencing office he's he's probably been out released on bail which is. Actually no you know talking else that he is not on in the hours yeah Ike I can see that from the video that we have that is actually pretty shocking to me I understand that. Perhaps he isn't a flight risk but. You know when you have a situation like this when you have someone. That. Five women. I have testified that he sexually abused them. And you allow them out on a million dollars bail he's a very wealthy man. You know there is a flight risk here there's also risk that he could do you know that he's a danger to himself so I I'm actually surprised and a bit disappointed that he would be given. Bale let's take this you know let's think about this if he weren't eighty years old in a celebrity let's say he work. 35 years older forty years old and a non celebrity there's no way that he will be walking through the courthouse. Out on a million dollars bail. Hi I'm actually disappointed that this judge did make. If percent to stronger message to the women in our communities to say this is not okay this is a person that has been convicted of three counts of sexual assault. And it seems that solution that they came to terms here was they took its passport yeah that's it that's not enough. In my view it is not enough in my view. I'm Lindsay what's happening outside the court house right now we know that Bill Cosby has left the courtroom so I imagine. Saw some people privately around there. Yes so the media is. Covering pretty much of converged on the steps of the courthouse right behind me and then across the street we just have onlookers dozens of onlookers who are just realizing. Think this is a really significant moment. And until that inside. The courtroom. In the very same place where last chance under constant was console only. Her fellow accusers. Today she has a big wide smile and they are all hugging and it's very festive. Moment for them. But outside people are just waiting to see I guess if they're gonna get a glimpse of Bill Cosby or what exactly is in its place outside an oncoming night. Courthouse again to recap here Bill Cosby has been found. Guilty about sexual assault three counts there he has been allowed to leave the cormorant courtroom. That courthouse and a one million dollars bella Norris town Pennsylvania again this was his retrial. I'm very serious charges from standing back for years for I'm accused of drugging and molest seeing women I'm Sonny. I have to ask you when it comes to the political pressure on captains of the prosecutor in this case sir amidst pressure on him to for the retrial. Yes there there there was that I and my view this was always the right thing to do. Again this didn't appear to be and we now know that is the case because a jury believed five additional women this wasn't a one off this was. Bill Cosby's pattern and practice to sexually assault women by. Drinking them that by any standard is just sink. Credibly. Kallis crime and he did it over and over an American if you believe these women so I am I'm. I am thrilled that the DA went forward with this I'm not so there are held again. That he is walking home. And perhaps that leaving the county. But not in in in jail tonight what kind of message does that send. Two the women to have the courage testifying. And the women all over this country. That are. You know. Unwilling to to come forward. A few things will happen. Sex offender and he will likely see some jail time for this eighty year old man likely. Well I I would say before have finding out what I'm million dollars bail I would say absolutely. You know there's the sentence would be up to ten years on each count the judge can't even run them concurrently or consecutively. Concurrently needs all at once consecutively means one after the other. But the judge can give him no jail time I suspect that of course the DA won't recommend that. The DA one at his bail revoked and wanted him in prison tonight. So who knows though there will be a process of a pre sentencing report that's why we won't see his sentencing for sixty to ninety days. And they'll be people from the community that we'll speak on his behalf. But there will also be the victim impact statements we saw in the case of the gymnastic stock doctor Nasser. Who. Was. Convicted and sentenced to the rest of his life in prison. The in victim impact statements are extremely extremely. Important and valuable and I hope that the judge will. We'll consider those now remember the victim impacts it was won't only be the five women that we heard from Andrea constant they could be any one. Who has accused Bill Cosby. Of sexual assault much like we Simon Napster case I would not be surprised if we didn't hear. From upwards of fifty women. About his behavior. But Bill Cosby will also people on his side from his wife to people he's worked with in the past we saw some of them board to the courtroom right don't. On some of the actors I belong now so I believe so that the impact of this on his wife. Hate I mean I I have. When I was prosecuting cases I've interviewed. The wives of defendants I've I've met with. You know family members. This must be incredibly difficult for his wife. Although we actually the Davis and excuse me we have the Davis out there who. Lindsay when it comes at no cost you see her was she there today. I'm sorry I couldn't area with Camille Cosby she was not inside the courtroom at the time of the vote. Q she was not. No as. She was not as as she was last. Trial she only appeared. In court one day and that was just for half day state think she did this time and that was four the defense's closing argument. But you've got imagine. This is a woman. Who has been married him for more than 54 years. Who has been by his side hasn't lowered the death of two children was. And now you know dealing with him and be completely blind and these accusations that had dogged them. For years. Yesterday. Everyone saw it again she was linked arms with him she was smiling. She went into the courtroom they were chatting very nonchalantly ahead of time. She kind of threw her arm around him and he kissed her before the jury came in his favor quick kiss on the cheek. And this is a woman who has done the proverbial stand by airmen. It we'll have to just see you know now what happens. It with Camille Cosby. Lindsay at this point I know you've been talking with us by heavy hurting the war from the prosecutors there. So where I am as you can tell it's. Quite a distance away from the court steps so I am unable to use to ascertain. What's happening. Now. And I would imagine. Prosecutions that doing a victory speech. As you know this that they. Kevin Steele the district attorney here Montgomery he ran on this platform rant on this premise hit sent. You know Bruce castor let him get away because he was a celebrity Hayes said this is a serial rapists and I'm going to put him behind bars. Those were his commercials when he was cloning. For this office and so. Is asked to mean a tremendous amount. For Kevin still on personal. Let's see you've been there on the ground since the beginning I'm curious about your sense from the community. As you mentioned the political pressure that was on Kevin Steele. When it comes to how the community its feeling about Bill Cosby obviously he's put a lot of work at Temple University was nearby Philadelphia. But again. It does not excuse you know obviously what he suspect convicted. But the community there that you got a lot of people who still stand behind Bill Cosby. Yes there's a person who's out here street that's why keep turning tennis apart in the but keeps yelling and I don't know if they're angry or if there celebrating the idea is it that built week has been found guilty. But I say that Tuesday. Outside of the courthouse this time as well as the first trial. You have people who are cheering him. And you have people who are shaming. And as he's on his way in and honestly out here here's an issue. In that has been consistent. So he does still have as much as he has his detractors. And people who couldn't wait to see him in prison he has people who are also. Still heart went with fuel costs they still. True parents. And and he's a Philly guy in instead he went to temple regularly came back here. Still kept his house here it in Pennsylvania house that his mother once had cleaned and he bought this house for her as gifts. Before her passing and kept this house and this is the house. 800 and visited on several occasions in the house where she sent them she had been drugged and sexually assaulting. What I say Elvis to say his roots here. In this community are extremely deep. NN. There is a lot of division here. Today and it. The past few years is this is. Some he would issue. As far as. If he's guilty or if it's not. We're looking at live images there from the chopper of this courthouse steps that means he's not too far away from we see some when he was this. A woman who was throwing arms in the air and it in celebration. On I think if he Gloria all red. And that's that was one of the accuses who's actually pumping our our fists in the air there on we see the crush of media. That's just surrounding our new board already has that's people make their way I believed to the podium. I'm to speak in front of the cameras and we're definitely going to carry that live for you here on ABC news live. When you see the theme playing out of Norris town. Yes Sonny as you see this scene here obviously those women are feeling victorious after something horrible happened to them. Yeah this is really empowering. For women and and for me. As well having prosecuted these cases and I know the difficulty. Behind. These cases in and the major difficulty has always been the reluctance. Of a woman to come forward and the reluctance quite frankly. Of a jury to believe. That woman is so this is again a watershed moment. For the prosecution of sex crimes the prosecution. Of crimes against women. And I think we are we going to see an uptick in women coming forward because they think they know now that they will be believed. Attorney Gloria already stepped up to the microphone there are representing a member of the accusers ethical lesson. I okay. I'm attorney Gloria all red. I represent 33. Accusers Bill Cosby. And I would like to make sure statement then I would like to also make a statement on behalf of the three. Five prior bad act witnesses who might represent. Who testified in his second criminal trial. There's about. I want to thank the jury the justice her husband out. And we are very very. Capped. Me and proud that. This resolved. Beginning in late 2014. We need the accusers up mr. Cosby whom I represented. Began to speak out. It took a great deal of courage the in the beginning many were not believed to. We are so happy. That finally we can say. We are believed and not only on hash tag me to. But in a port of long where they were under both. Where they testify truthfully. Where they were attacked where they were smeared. Where they were denigrated. And where they are there were attempts to discredit them. And after a bomb is said and done. Women were finally believed and we thank the jury so much for that. And they were believed. After the prosecution. Net there high standard of having to prove Jill beyond a reasonable doubt. And the jury in this second criminal trial. Pounds. That they believed women. And I'm the happy is that have been. About any court decision in 42 years. July and last show. Who testified at this trial. Stakes about the guilty verdict I feel that the judicial system works. 32 years of nightmares. And tears are over. Thanks to all of those who have supported me. Please not Lou England. My client to testified at his trial as well he's teacher at Las Vegas. Says I'm extremely grateful to see that the jury was able to see. Past his defense attorneys who lives. And she says more. Let yeah he Nellie that it's kind of covering up what this thing I truly hope. That his long list of victims. We'll truly. Could now be able to find some kind of and we will have more from her a little bit later. And finally we also have a statement rock Janice baker Kinney. We will also testified at this trial. And very leaving. Her statement and see. I am overwhelmed. With joy. Relief and gratitude. Joy that finally justice has been served. Relief. That the years that have this toxic chain of silence has been broken. And we can now move forward. With our heart with our heads held high. And certainly more from her later. So I just want to say. It's been a very long journey. But this is. And first start these. This was hurt starring. Not his story not history back. The story of hair this story of under constant. Star of all of the well who'd slept risk against state rich powerful famous man. The rest. Of being denigrated. Publicly. Took the risk of being sued. What what they said because they had their resources to do it. Talk to your risk of being shamed and blamed as the defense did. In their final argument. Those risks and they took the risks so that they are truth could be none. Of the pure truth could be believed. And yes. The meat to run movement. Has arrived at is well and is living in Montgomery county and throughout this nation and throughout this world. And out glad I do want to thank prosecutor Kevin Steele. Chris and fed. Still are. An amazing prosecutorial. Office. They believed in this case. They went through that first trial. Ended in deadlock some prosecutors would not have retried the case. They took that risk for justice so I want to thank them detective read. Detectives say for all of those. Who worked so hard behind the scenes and who also believe my clients. And just everyone. So Tom Mazur road. You try to. You failed. The personal attacks did not work. Bill cod being. Three words for you. Guilty. JR day yeah. I'm happy take any questions and and I'm sure that others would like to speak about let's just have some questions first. Okay all right thank you who would like this yeah. Last question first let them to speak. Turning owners. I just not a thing. DA stealing his an amazing team of animal. The people who believed in us every step of the way. We are so. Grateful to all of you and thank you thank you thank you we are vindicated we are validated. And we are now part of that scene not me eat. Women's power and justice. We are not shutting up and we're not going away to get over. Good thing. I stand here in this period of market digging this pet arc. Universe is long but today it bends towards justice it. Last year when I was sitting in the courtroom and the first child. And the verdict was content. Sex and gentlemen this sense of disappointment. And get it Jimmy. That's just this stem. In light years behind modern culture. But today. Jerry pat shout that didn't eat eat and they get that way I want to eat and eat. They think Jerry and I think the prosecution. The jury didn't want young black and I'm very glad that the plot at my god and I know that disappointment and eat out it didn't let it. Love it black male iconic. Figure could be seeking. To get render. Feed back. At that the jury that the victory not just on cots and whom I considered to be the Donald. It is not just 3COM and well. It is not just a victory for 68. I. We now. Be served. Yeah. The victory over what. That victory for all sexual assault survivors and the email. And mail and you all. That kept up with and not at this would happen. Okay. And last point witches. I said before the verdict. How many women. Does it take. You've been listening to Gloria all red celebrity attorney there was also representing several of the bill Cosby's accuses you've been also hearing those powerful statements. From those women who accused Bill Cosby a sexual assault many of them. Testified during his retrial but he has been found guilty of sexual assault against Andrea can't stand. With the Davis on the ground there endorsed on Pennsylvania you've got some information about walls going inside that courtroom of the. So tenets at last. Report we had eyes on him about ten minutes ago he entered a small room. Adjacent to corporate name which is where the trial is taking place. And we are told by security that he would be able to exit the building from. This current locations so it's possible that he has left or it's possible that he will be leaving. Not. Visible to us and our cameras. So where we're not sure at this moment. If he is used is moving its theater. That the act for the inside that courtroom at that time we're getting some information from producer and side who said that when Cosby was marched out of the courtroom. Yet his arm around his publicist Andrew Wyatt with a grimace look. He's ever seen before on his tallest tight lipped. And this is should not should really be surprising after the serious bird was handed down. I think that this team. As a surprise. To him. You know just from what we've been observing I love him in the courtroom. Is a far departure from you know and I'm and for good reasons but from the man that we've been. We've been singing at one point. On a day that under constant had been cross examined by Thomas around that in and she. Kind of had some rather large inconsistencies. He kind of hit Shimmy. Out of the courtroom that day you know I mean he was he was upbeat he was feeling good about it and he had comments about this same. The lawyer I was able to get the not guilty. For Michael Jackson and so I think he was feeling really confident about his case. And you know obviously this didn't end there are ways it did he nor his his defense team expected. All right Lindsey Davis on the ground there for the I've verdict the retrial Bill Cosby again found guilty of three counts of sexual assault. What we are following every development of the story we will bring you goose news conferences by the district attorney by the defense team if it happens. And when it happens will bring that to you write your ABC news line again comedian Bill Cosby. Found guilty three counts of sexual assault what happens next. We will see will he serve jail time he has been allowed to post a one million dollars bell. The district attorney the judge has now allow the deed to take its passport. Om and so there are going to be a number of developments we're following on this we'll have the latest right here on and ABC news app. I'm Kenneth moat and you've been watching ABC news life.

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{"duration":"36:13","description":"A jury made up of seven men and five women found Cosby guilty after over 12 hours of deliberation in the star's retrial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54757993","title":"Bill Cosby found guilty on all counts of aggravated indecent assault","url":"/US/video/bill-cosby-found-guilty-counts-aggravated-indecent-assault-54757993"}