2 Buffalo police officers charged for assaulting 75-year-old protester

Aaron Torglaski, 39, and Robert McCabe, 32, were charged with second-degree assault during their video arraignments on Saturday.
4:19 | 06/06/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2 Buffalo police officers charged for assaulting 75-year-old protester
We are. We obviously had a very unfortunate incident that occurred. On Thursday night here in this awful and for getting into the specifics about that on the jobs. Saying we. We obviously have. Any conflict. In this country. Again. I don't think it's beer to. Characterized the conflict arrows. Two sides law enforcement source society because it's it's much more complex and and it's quite frankly. Not a fair analogy to hit that framework weren't there. All net framework. Obviously. Law enforcement is. All player. In this conflict and obviously society at large. Is a player in this conflict. There are many more players ban law enforcement there are many more problems. Than Joss. Criminal justice reform. Durst economically. Reform. Educational reform. Or health care. There was multiple layers to the conflict. Now obviously. Law enforcement. Is a big part of that criminal justice. Is a big part of that on the other hand. On Thursday night. We had two of our police officers. Across. We get to our police officers. Who were. Charge. An arrest in this morning. And rain in for an arena full of Josh handle this morning. An assault. In the second degree. He had this particular. Off salt sharks and second degree. Is a felony. Now. Again there there may be some who say that I know that I am choosing sides here. By. All resting and prosecuting police officers. And I say F ridiculous. Choosing sides. A prosecution for an I report actors. Both sides here and I'm shoes and I'm I would sign it. I'm on this countryside. That's who saw Amman. Among justices side. And all I'm doing. It's march. Is perfect. It's black and white in the lateral law it says right here. Anyone who have picked on 65 years or older and at the perpetrators ten years younger it's a balance. I can't disregard. I can't turn a blind I don't actually know what I'm gonna do that I watching him these guys all in all it's a felony. I can't do that. I can do my job. As a law on the books I have to follow the law. The seem intent analysis lo is air on the misdemeanor charge but I charge pactel is the same charge. It's just unfortunately upgraded from these two officers because the fact that the victim was 75 years old your. That aspect. Of it you. Recklessness that man is in a direction the Europeans that rushed them fault if he was violating curfew. If he was being to sort this morally right and what you do Michael is you wrap no gently whatever you told him around. You won't call him okay and taken away or asked. Simple but. You don't. Take up a time. And shown. All along with the officer backs to him using his right hand. And shoving them. And knock them down and crack as head on the spot you know practice go home country. That's what you don't do. You. Properly. Arrest him if he was commit a crime.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Aaron Torglaski, 39, and Robert McCabe, 32, were charged with second-degree assault during their video arraignments on Saturday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71110530","title":"2 Buffalo police officers charged for assaulting 75-year-old protester","url":"/US/video/buffalo-police-officers-charged-assaulting-75-year-protester-71110530"}