Children moved from border detention facility amid reports of shocking conditions

Reports say children were separated from parents for weeks with no soap, water and children sleeping on concrete floors with the lights on 24 hours.
5:04 | 06/25/19

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Transcript for Children moved from border detention facility amid reports of shocking conditions
We begin with a crisis that has captured the attention of the country the awful conditions and detention centers in Texas impacting children some just and fenced. A reminder they were being held a separated from parents for weeks. With no soap no water. Sick sleeping on concrete floors with the lights on for 24 hours and days of take a listen to a Doctor Who was horrified by what she saw. I mean their I don't guidelines for basic sanitation for everything at church you know promoting Health Department or a cares for schools. Probably even for juvenile detention centers. This felt worse than jail it just felt. You know lawless is an I again I hate to be extreme there but that's what it's held. I believe the conditions at these facilities are placing them at increased risk for infection. Disease and death I believe that 24 hour lights. Are causing permanent damage to the development of their young Britons. So after the backlash. Of the US government has removed. Most of the children up from the station's I want to bring in Marcus Moore in Dallas Texas. Markets what's the latest on these kids being removed where they going. While Kimberly what we know that the children have been moved in they were supposed to be at. Different facilities. With HHS. Bike today. But we don't know exactly where all of these children well aware moved to we're talking about. At least the 250 children who've been moved to a different facilities. And the distinction here Kimberly we talk about these facilities they were being held. At our Customs and Border Protection processing centers. All those are centers that are are not meant to be housing facilities for an extended period of time. For example these people these miners were supposed to be in these facilities for. No more than 72 hours but according to the attorneys and Levy I'm activists who have been trying to a check on their condition and their treatment. Many of them after giving them they learned that they have been these these processing centers for anywhere from four to 24 days we're talking about some of them for three weeks they had been there. Eight enduring conditions as you heard the doctor mentioning their lights on pork 24 hours also apparently no access to. Basic necessities like so. And it being held in extremely cold conditions inside those facilities also that is what these children were dealing with. And they have since been moved as they many of them. Weren't Seeking Asylum and hoping to be reunited. Would either family members who they were separated from when they crossed over the border. Or would relatives who are already here. In the US and both would be the next steps but as you heard that doctor mentioned there. The conditions that many of them were enduring. Have been the source of controversy. And criticism. That we have now seen. Steps have been taken to move into more comfortable. Sentence. The end marketplace to. And though that there is our record breaking number of unaccompanied children still making the trek. You actually spend time with one of the caravans what was your take away. From spending time with them. Well yep that's right Kimberly not only did we spend time with many of the migrants from from Central America. What the model only as an El Salvador during the migrant care van that we heard so much about. I would also all of assault one of the they processing facilities. A long leave the Texas Mexico border. And I can tell you that that the what I have seen. Is that there is still a constant flow. Of migrants who are trying to reach the US many of them. Seeking Asylum. Others trying to cross illegally. Across the border in the dark of night with smugglers. And it gives you a sense that this is this is still going on Kimberly and that this is far from over. And you're talking about though the tens of thousands of migrants who have been apprehended at the border just this year. Some 50000. Of those Kimberly. Are unaccompanied minors that is an astronomical number and that's so far this fiscal year we're talking about 50000 in that's close to. Of the record breaking surge that we saw several years ago I think in. That's when he fourteen. Where there are more than almost 70000. I'm accompanied migrants. Apprehended at the border so. We still see these these numbers and you get a sense that the facility is. That are trying to process an in house that the many thousands of migrants but they at this point are stretched then. An hour really. Facing the challenge trying to deal with of these massive amounts of of migrants trying to get into the US. All right mark is more a right there in Dallas Texas. Thank you so much an immigration is sure to be a big topic at this week's democratic debate in we've got full coverage of it all it's going to be starting tomorrow. At 11 AM 11 PM eastern so make sure you check that out.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"Reports say children were separated from parents for weeks with no soap, water and children sleeping on concrete floors with the lights on 24 hours.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63935065","title":"Children moved from border detention facility amid reports of shocking conditions","url":"/US/video/children-moved-border-detention-facility-amid-reports-shocking-63935065"}