Climber shares first-hand experience scaling Everest this season

Alex Pancoe, an experienced climber who scaled Mount Everest this year, discusses recent deaths on the mountain and the importance of being extremely skilled before attempting such a feat.
3:32 | 05/31/19

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Transcript for Climber shares first-hand experience scaling Everest this season
Or moving overseas to Mount Everest we've been talking about this story all week how dangerous it's banned for climbers trying to reach the summit. Because of overcrowding in some of the climbers lacking experience which is causing delays so. Eleven people have died in this year as a result I want to bring in Alex Pimco who successfully climbed Mount Everest this year. Alex first it's amazing that you accomplish this and now learning that conditions that people face up there it's nothing short of a miracle right. No Purcell Ricky for having me Aaron it was definitely the toughest physical mental challenge of my life. Absolutely so you've seen the reports about the situation there is there anything that you can all for up sort of gives us a deeper inside. Into what this track is actually like. Right on the sexy happened in 2000 stall in fact of the matter civil lot of people last year at eleven great weather that arose in your about this. This year react only a few weather days and what's really happened it's not about crowds but how climbers move and there are a lot of climbers. Who put a low price on their life when they sign up a bus operators that don't put up resources. For contingencies or flexibility things arise so Wendy's climbers are turned around by their operators don't there's oxygen. You know critical bottleneck would certainly presents a danger to other climbers cites its quality over quantity issue but. We are lucky we receive an experienced operator waited an X today and all those pictures you see we were a day behind that had a beautiful that. That's amazing. It has to be incredible I want to ask you how crucial is it to be very skilled when you're going out. On this client. Oh it's incredibly. Important first off need physically types are so high altitude tonight's date. You know nobody thousand meter peak actual you a lot of people think Kim Tillman drone Albers or substitutes experience for going on Everest. And it's not need to build and lo need to be self sufficient and on the yoga good a good guy and operator. They're not gonna accept lesser all art that aren't they really care about the reputation so. I wouldn't she found on the training when she vowed on your experience and when she found operators each ago. So Alex I don't want anyone to be confused. Mount Everest is not the only mountain to climb I want you to tell us about that because you've been climbing for a good cause and you've been on many mountain summits. Yes on trying to do is probably exports transplants climbing the seventh highest mountain beats Condit and cross country ski boat the north that's all I've just an Ollie up. And I've been doing your trees million dollars burglary Children's Hospital Chicago I pray to rulers kid and out content you bat all the all the climbs that your paper pockets all funds go directly to the hospital. We're just shot a half million dollars raids. I'd really like to get their by the time a common bands of knowledge and you know the kids. They have these incredible mental and physical challenges and their attitudes treated with a smile on the face it's incredible and there's a choice like mine so it's great to get back. And you say you had one more left windy you actually leave Ford an Alley. Greed and intend well due date so about a week now actually. Exactly. Oh might well have an incredible time and I think it goes without saying for me to say be safe okay. Greatly so we're very for your Nathan hatton thanks for being on the show we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"Alex Pancoe, an experienced climber who scaled Mount Everest this year, discusses recent deaths on the mountain and the importance of being extremely skilled before attempting such a feat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63403755","title":"Climber shares first-hand experience scaling Everest this season","url":"/US/video/climber-shares-hand-experience-scaling-everest-season-63403755"}