Company behind SAT calculates new score based on adversity

College Board says the new score will give more weight to a student's personal background.
4:47 | 05/17/19

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Transcript for Company behind SAT calculates new score based on adversity
And guys moving on in the meantime a major change for in the SATs the College Board is saying. It will give more weight to a student's personal background when putting together the final score so. I'm joined by airing deter ski and we also have Susan shift late she was the former admissions officer from ingenious prep also the former assistant director of admissions. At Yale. Aaron I want to start with you because when they say they're gathering more background on these students what areas of their life for their trying to get information from. Primarily Kimberly there looking at the high school that the student comes from itself is that a good high school listen public is a private what. Kind of area is it in. In the neighborhood is going to be another important question to determine the so called adversity score. Is it. Crime battled the president is is it poverty stricken so they're going to draw from census data. From crime statistics and from other publicly available data. To try and come up on a score from one to a hundred would you know fifty being in the middle and a higher score being more adversity overcome. To help give. College admissions folks sense of why this person may have scored the way he or she did. And what that person had to overcome in order to achieve that score. Very interesting and Susan I just want to ask you what do you see as the potential positives and then also the negatives of using this new tool. Think you can barely sell I think that positive are. While and it would be admission that places such as Yale. I'm admissions officers are supposed to be cleaning that context. From parts of the student applications this war halted by. Some consistency it's more of a way. I'm quantifying this. Take some more data driven approach. And so the thought is that it the health of black students take you come from lower socio economic status is not endanger what some people are arguing is that this could potentially disadvantage. On those from higher socio economic offenses. The other issue is that it may not capture at person be that as skewed income and middle class family or higher class family may eighth there. Parents for instance may be alcoholics or 88 it to OP Elaine and that it's not clear would be captured and so. I think it's difficult he is that people are really outraged saying while it here at meeting more. Students from the lower socioeconomic. Status is that fat. And in a zero sum game in college admissions means fewer seats for students on the other end. Yes so air and I wanna come back to you how are schools protecting against any potential bias from. Admissions directors who may see these different that the different areas of their background and may discriminate potentially. What we've heard from some schools in Georgetown in particular as one example that saying that we already do this we already take into account where a student comes from. And what their neighborhood is like and what their life has been like and they're doing it. Outside the realm of testing. Because as as Susan notes the that test is imperfect to begin with and there are plenty of critics of the SAT. Now the SAT is effectively saying you get a score. But don't really pay attention to that score because it may be influenced by other factors and therefore. Are you undermining the test. By putting an addendum or an asterisk. When and and Susan of course this comes a maid and Hank Aaron as you know you've been covering this force as well this comes amid bad massive college admissions scandal. Is that a coincidence you guys Susan first. Well occurrence for heard of the nonprofit that administers the SAT says that it's been studying. This adversity score starting in 2015. I do you think it's a trend that. The College Board some may say it's a way for them to stay relevant in an age where. As noted that SAT score and ACT score some schools are going tests optional but I do you think in terms of the timing of this. I'm rolling in piloting it is a perfect storm and I think he's just sneaking parents and students across the nation across the world even more anxious. And you Aaron what do you think I mean we've been talking for weeks now about reading the system and getting extra time on the test and getting a proctor to take the test for you order correct your answers. This is men in some ways as a corrective to that so that wealth and privilege. Isn't able to cooped. A process that is still widely used to determine or to help determine admissions. It's our right Aaron Qatar ski and Susan chef flick thank you guys so much for joining us we appreciate. Your breakdown thank you can he.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"College Board says the new score will give more weight to a student's personal background. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63106429","title":"Company behind SAT calculates new score based on adversity","url":"/US/video/company-sat-calculates-score-based-adversity-63106429"}