Dozens of bodies recovered after diving boat fire off California coast

33 bodies have been discovered, 1 is still missing after the 75-foot commercial vessel caught on fire.
3:04 | 09/04/19

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Transcript for Dozens of bodies recovered after diving boat fire off California coast
That incredible tragedy and Southern California. A recreational scuba diving trip turned deadly when the boat caught fire so want to bring in will Carr who's on the ground with the latest details. Will it's good to see you what do we know about the search and rescue mission at this point. While. Kimberly did you view and understanding this is the first morning that we have seen all of the Coast Guard boats here at the Coast Guard headquarters. In Oxley. That they could find some survivors. From this boat fire but at this point they have. Switch that search for survivors into a recovery operation they now believe. Of the 34 passengers who were below deck on that charter boat all died they've. Recovered at least twenty bodies at this point but that. Ship actually saying gets flipped upside down on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean right now and they're still trying to recover. Many of the remains Kimberly. Willis is I mean it's absolutely devastating. I think the question everyone has is how that this happened. That is the big question right now they want to know exactly what sparked this fire. If you'll remember there were five crew members are on the top deck who were able to jump off the boats and they were rescued by another. Nearby boat authorities have been interviewing down that process will continue throughout the course of the day some of the things they want to know from those crew members is were they awake or were they asleep when the fire broke out what exactly were they were were they doing. When those first flames broke out in. What they did if anything if they could have potentially help those passengers but at this point authorities say they really believe that the 34 passengers below pretty much had no chance of survival because of how quickly that fire spread. You actually 011 of the boat some what was that experience like seeing what these people would have been going through. That's right we are all on a very similar charter we went down below to the bunk room it is. Tight quarters down there you have. Bombs upon bong sod not a whole lot of room just for sleeping I getting by it was kind of like a single file type. Walking in and out. And they did have an escape patch and it had a stairwell that went down so you have. Two potential ways to get out is my understanding that the boat the conception. That we're talking about was very similar. In that regard that it had a stairwell and the escape patch but at this point authorities say. The fire spread so quickly a long. Along the top deck we also Lauren they believe the fire started. On the second level which would be right above where those 34 people. Those 34 passengers were sleeping they just don't think that there was any opportunity. They just don't think they really had a chance. Kimberly incredibly sad and will car right there in Oxnard California thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"33 bodies have been discovered, 1 is still missing after the 75-foot commercial vessel caught on fire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65385843","title":"Dozens of bodies recovered after diving boat fire off California coast","url":"/US/video/dozens-bodies-recovered-diving-boat-fire-off-california-65385843"}