Dozens killed in California boat fire

Investigators are continuing to work to recover remains from a fire on a diving excursion boat.
1:55 | 09/03/19

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Transcript for Dozens killed in California boat fire
Now we move to an incredibly tragic story out of Southern California I'm a recreational scuba diving trip. Turned deadly when the boat. Caught fire you see it there and left 25 people dead and nine people still missing so will car is on the ground with the latest well. Good morning Jim relayed this is the Coast Guard station worst search teams are setting out from you can see that white Coast Guard cutter. It's about to go out a short time from now. And head out about two hours from. Where we are out to where that charter caught fire. We were out there aaron's all search crews combing the area but the reality of the situation is. Right now finding survivors is highly unlikely they're putting a large amount of their attention. Down at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean where divers are combing about sixty feet deep. Looking for remains that first made a call came in around 330 on Labor Day we know that when the boat caught fire five crew members were able to jump off. They were rescued but below deck. There were 34 passengers they were sleeping some had celebrated their birthdays tonight before there were having it adventure on that charter boat. Over Labor Day weekend when something went tragically wrong. At this point at least eight people had died but the Coast Guard is telling us they are expecting to find. More remains today and we're expecting the death told to jump dramatically. Now we have seen families come up to this Coast Guard sinner they've had. Tears in their eyes in there just asking to find out that their loved ones are alive or dead. At this point again authorities believe the death told we'll just continue to rise this has been a gut wrenching. Situation for those families. The members at this community were expecting a lot more information. In the coming hours. Generally. I thank you that is completely. Devastating.

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{"duration":"1:55","description":"Investigators are continuing to work to recover remains from a fire on a diving excursion boat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65360952","title":"Dozens killed in California boat fire","url":"/US/video/dozens-killed-california-boat-fire-65360952"}