Getting their due: All-Black HS football team gets rings at last

ABC News’ Deborah Roberts reports on the celebration in her hometown of Perry, Georgia, of a football championship overlooked for 50 years.
6:15 | 07/15/20

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Transcript for Getting their due: All-Black HS football team gets rings at last
The heart warming emotional afternoon half century in the making a Tina black football players getting the recognition that they earned years ago. We're just getting now are Deborah Roberts has the story which is near and dear to her her. And untold story in small town Georgia at long last. Being revealed. News let's. Maybe you wouldn't today. Opponent journey that started it connecting music today. A journey that began with a group of teen boys on this grass fifty years ago. Here pieces grids if the teen player actually and planted it. I think in and water banging at your store was never told. And hired him we will fourth album. And the reason. Today the welcome sign in Harry Reid's when Georgia comes together. But in 1969. This little town was divided. I know because I grew up here a child of segregation. Neighborhoods schools and sports teams. Separated by race. Robert Corrado. Don't do better when. Lawrence clear Harrington remembers well because that division denied him and his former teammates. A special honor. The idea that you law or overlook all this time was this just about kind of finally righting a wrong what does it feel like for you. The wrong was that. We will not reckon it's body school but it motivated case in body city a pair. In eighth grade accounts and Heinz he and his football team became state champions a first look fury. But the victory for the all black school in the Jim Crow south was only up footnote in the local paper. They would just some regular gained two to the community. But was born. It's. No ceremony no championship graves the very history causing pain and anger for decades. It was a real let down to a how to community. In the school system treated just you. A month after that victory on the field. The students it housed in high were integrated into Perry hide the town's point school. We're back after Christmas break just book over the weeks and the judge finally say it. You have to in the greatest coups they closed last boom. The sudden closure wiping away years of history. Trophies and everything and I was in that school was thrown away. Phil decided to go and it don't. You control freak. It was almost lost forever. For years the trophy was the enduring symbol of that sweet and largely ignored moment of triumph. Until. Now. What was once an old story passed down to children and grandchildren do just look. Put off until there's a clear things being equal happiness I just can't see your face out what about the rest of the team from. They are they excited as well you. They don't believe this was happening today because they have been good to put his day for years and a colleague got him. He's finally big news even carry. All of these years later not every team mate could bask in the long awaited moment. The long solid. So we'll lose their own glory. On a hot summer day fifty years later and recognition for the house to hide champs. How green and a drawing presented to the widow of the late coached a luncheon with this phone. Can already get along in this world. You got to love one another you got to respect one another. This moment special for me and my family to. Lawrence is my brother in law he met his first love my sister Tina that very year. I had to join the event virtually owing to the pandemic. Yeah. But the miners couldn't stop this long awaited day. Decades in the making. Are you guys have the most. Perseverance. That I have ever seen in my life. Mayor Randall walker honored to be in the audience in a community he says has changed. And this is a reflection of a period we work very very closely with all of the citizens this is a reflection of what's important. That everyone here is treated at. Finally those championship rings. Carrying extra meaning as communities across the country reckoned with their pasts this. Northern rebel. Rated and surgeons. More good about. Did and ran. And struggle to confront racism and inequality. If you want to mutilate. It's taking many of the same changes jab. But for the own teammates now reunited on this field of dreams. Old wounds are beginning to heal don't want this read this you don't do. It was sweet sweet. But the net and bit about it they would just sweet and humble. Tears of Julie and home. What this is about. Martin again. Why do better community coming together and that's why. The fifty years later this grass the year two year. This is our braves. Grants this band of Brothers hope to children and grandchildren we'll keep wondering how so they can thrive long after they're gone. Never give up being indeed our congratulations. Belatedly. To the house in Hyde champions and we so appreciate Deborah for making sure that their story was told.

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{"duration":"6:15","description":"ABC News’ Deborah Roberts reports on the celebration in her hometown of Perry, Georgia, of a football championship overlooked for 50 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71788174","title":"Getting their due: All-Black HS football team gets rings at last","url":"/US/video/due-black-hs-football-team-rings-71788174"}