Emergency responders work to help Panama City, FL, residents

Emergency responders pool their resources to bring help to areas most affected by Hurricane Michael.
3:07 | 10/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emergency responders work to help Panama City, FL, residents
Alex spinning at WP OD actually caught up with some of those rescue workers as today are hard at work Alex. Although I ND devastation out here in Panama City is just so evident it's almost like the further you go in it the worse it gets we have seen just devastation. That I'd never seen before a lot of people in this community along the Florida Panhandle. I've never seen before. Right over my shoulder here you can just see some of the homes that have just been destroyed trees toppled over and now the cleanup efforts are currently under way. We are actually break now in the the home base for where a lot of the emergency crews and first responders. Our station as they go out to assist with those cleanup efforts those search teams those rescue teams getting to people that need help the most. We have some local agencies here out of Miami Florida we have Miami fire as well as Tamil rack. Sunrise and Miami Beach that have been brought out here to assist in those search and rescue app for its. We know that there are strike teams here that are taking the place of so I'd be a local emergency responders that. Are currently dealing with a lot of devastation that the eighty have experienced here as a result of this storm it's also our understanding that a lot of these fire department in the area. Are just. And usable uninhabitable at this point because they'd been either destroyed in the storm also a lot over in Mexico beach. There was a fire that has started there and kinda story a lot of the up fire stations out there. You know speaking of Mexico beach we know a lot of these crews they're currently in a meeting right now to discuss what the plan of action is going to eat where today. To see if it's going to absolutely necessary to get back out to Mexico beach Reno just the devastation there. I mean does even compare unfortunately to what we did see and we did experience in Panama City Beach as well as Panama City. So it's still the infancy stages what is going to be a very. Long process a very long road to recovery for so many people. As you've heard from governor Rick Scott at this point. 390000. That's all across the Florida Panhandle the areas that have been affected by this storm. We know that there are tens of thousands. Of personnel heading this way a lot that are already here that are working to restore power to. A lot of homes that need it also water is very hard to come by we have been staying in bay county about the past few days. And in that area they are under a boil water advisory at this point so. There's really a need the air we know that about a million gallons of water have been shipped to the areas affected. And now Cuddy that county for the 900000. Gallons that. Are going to be coming from FEMA so of course a long road for these people but of course we have a lot of emergency personnel out here. Boots on the ground getting them the assistance they need as they continue on this long road that they have ahead of them. To get back to some semblance of normalcy. Alex Vinnie in Panama City ABC news.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":" Emergency responders pool their resources to bring help to areas most affected by Hurricane Michael.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58462999","title":"Emergency responders work to help Panama City, FL, residents","url":"/US/video/emergency-responders-work-panama-city-fl-residents-58462999"}