‘I feel very lucky to be alive’: Hero cops recall Christmas morning bombing

Officers from the Nashville Metro Police Department recounted the Christmas Day explosion that shattered downtown Nashville.
5:17 | 12/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘I feel very lucky to be alive’: Hero cops recall Christmas morning bombing
We heard the three minutes until detonation. So myself. Blue LN and it cyclists had headed back north bound on seconds. I had made the turn onto church street while Tyler went to go talk to sergeant Miller. And that's when the explosion happens. I was thrown forward knocked to the grounds. They would catch myself I was fine. At that point in time I'd try to get aired. Amanda had beaten me to let letting everyone know like they're letting dispatch Alec what it happens. I need a phone calls a loved ones Leno that I was OK and then Harry into the intersection to check on knoller and Noel and make sure they are okay. Saw cite those running towards intersection as well. Sorry. That's right honoraria to make sure wells was okay considered response from him. But from the blast hits and hearing loss. So let me and I got on said that he was okay sorrow is turning shelve our people are okay and then going from air. Trying to figure out and those of us course of action. To keep everyone that was either in the immediate blast area that we weren't able to evacuate your anyone I was coming in and how to best keep them safe. As onto her to walk toward doom walking back toward the RVs. This might not be politically correct this is much truth. There leader guides him to turn around. And go check on tapping who was by herself down Brawley. And as a turnaround. The media felt like Ali took three steps. In in the music stopped in his own welcome back towards after now. As CEO Lawrence. Your loud boom. And hasn't stumble in. The Iraq mean a heart starts dominance Tomas substantive speech there lack. Ads take out before allows break and emirates or top animation she's okay. And which Alameda middle and we just grab each other saying it's him on given her get a gun out because. To set up felt like there was good reason it's it's had a feeling that you know this is weird. Thank you said I've I've never got some bodies so hard and I applied. Got him he bad mean we just. Ducked into a doorway as we didn't know what was common afterwards and I'll never forget that windows shattering after the blast at all around me. How to look like the big props from a movie scene all the glass breaking new ones. Knowing video over and just began of the Holden and grab them and in the first thing I'd do is. You could hear anybody it verses here at an academy that. You know just what's going there it's been an explosion it sinned multiple medics cited know what we. I was so scared just lost my entire DTL has I didn't know where they work. I just aren't just buy it. It's. After that exists. You know made sure that it felt a little bit safe NAFTA is to go back. Regroup it Buckley I heard everybody on the radio. You know him but Tomlin made it back outside after the last billion checks it was down three or four minutes I believe. That what we decided. To work our way. Back up second avenue northbound. We have decided might officer wells senses to get our heavyweights on. To prepare for whatever might come after the countdown ended. And at that point I've made it back at a church street. Around the corner to head towards first avenue where my car was Bard's. And actually just popped the trunk on my vehicle to get another piece of equipment out at which point. I just hope bush basically. Let's thrown into the trunk a little bit turnaround C. Very orange sky and a lot of smoke. Which one I ran back towards second avenue north as all the other officers did wanted to mixture. Holly officers that I knew were in the area were safe. Overall I don't know for what reason. The gentleman wars theme whoever was that actually did this. Dave the notice I'm just grateful that we actually had times. Trying to help people clear out. I saw that gentlemen. Good instinct told me don't give them and filmed it inside its name it out and overall. I did that and I'm discredit. No shrapnel or anything like that he would meet him. On the big dog clever sentenced ought to do so. Just very grateful that no officers later it's I feel very lucky to be alive. Say hello to my family say I'm on injured as well as all the other officers. I'm very grateful for. The quick response from fellow officers and FD and everyone else and it.

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"Officers from the Nashville Metro Police Department recounted the Christmas Day explosion that shattered downtown Nashville.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74924854","title":"‘I feel very lucky to be alive’: Hero cops recall Christmas morning bombing","url":"/US/video/feel-lucky-alive-hero-cops-recall-christmas-morning-74924854"}