5-foot boa constrictor found in NC hotel room bed

A housekeeper in Asheville discovered the snake half under a sheet, a police official said.
2:07 | 10/24/17

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Transcript for 5-foot boa constrictor found in NC hotel room bed
And a one out. Meet somebody and I was at this by the into the hotel room I asked him now well to news now about Walt doubt he we go. Neil Miller is a concern pairing on his way to pick up his missing son was still. At least he calls Checketts he says he was visiting a friend at a hotel and his words forgot about him. I had took almost 3 years now I am says he was maybe twelve inches long. Name of foot making. Is he ice all you these guys temperaments clues. I got nothing I hope volatile fleet. Pick them what were they picking them up and I'll let. He's just yesterday you know I know. It's days million total is dated boy. In Vigo. The housekeeper who found him at the hotel told police chocolate hot under the covers when they came in to clean. It's my boy. What's. I'd become lost yeah didn't know man who some who believe on their minds then downing we the snake like 83 years surprised hotel's staff members called animal control who treats them. Censor me you. Could that we found that may look like a pass on me. One of our hotel brands in the red arrow. Oh most in the up problems are us who hugging and I mean the Liebman of our problems being it was mixed day Miller says losing chock is a first inside the house yet and there outside the house and that wraps up. Once he got home and realize chocolate is sneaking aged he rushed back to the hotel the cameras they told had the animal shelter. So draping the five foot snake on his shoulders like. Father and son slipped out together operating in a write into law in May be time to take to congress go. It's been a long day for everyone but this tale has a happy. All right. All right thank you often let all right thank you in Nashville. You let Gizbert all right. News thirteen.

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{"id":50684955,"title":"5-foot boa constrictor found in NC hotel room bed","duration":"2:07","description":"A housekeeper in Asheville discovered the snake half under a sheet, a police official said.","url":"/US/video/foot-boa-constrictor-found-nc-hotel-room-bed-50684955","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}