Funeral Held for Slain NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos

Police officers, VP Joe Biden and city officials expected to pay their respects.
7:09 | 12/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Funeral Held for Slain NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos
Hello I'm Dan Harris had ABC news world headquarters in New York City this is an ABC news digital report developing right now off final tribute going on in New York City as we speak for Rafael Ramos. One of two officers killed in last week's ambush attack. A C a blue overflowing on the streets of queens nearly 30000 police officers from across America have descended upon New York for this final tribute. To a brother. From dignitaries such as vice president Joseph Biden to neighbors people who live in the neighborhood all coming together to show their respect. For the forty year old officer who leaves behind a wife. And two sons and we take a live look now in Sutton packed. Christ tabernacle church where Ryan was a longtime member was recently studying to become a chaplain as you can see the vice president Joseph Biden is speaking right now. But rather just listen in firm always. Looked out for a sister. A father. A father whose words were always encouraging to you boys. With a touch. That consumed the way the fear. New song. Who made his mother proud every time he turned and smiled. And a husband with a gentle hand. Who could sue the way. The concerns. Who you knew would always be there. A former school safety officer became a cop at age 37. An active member Bruce church studying to become a chaplain. A father a husband son. A seven year veteran on the force a son of a Chinese immigrant his partner. Conversed through several dialects and newlywed. Both confident. Committed as I said to cash resident Joseph Biden vision. Memorializing the file an army that their ABC's Morris you have a compost outside that period with the very latest tomorrow or over you. And morning. This service is just getting under way here Christ tabernacle church in Queens exactly why not linked to the day that officer Rafael Ramos was shot and killed in hate. The violence. I'm just here now buying ABC's airing pictures being merlot and a normal we can expect from today Aaron and we got here I really isn't terms you. But it and they CEO blues thing remarkable turnout. Compared to other officers who is recovering money isn't going largest. Funerals in the history of the white community that we're expecting as many as 25000. Units and officers from all over the country and and he didn't come from Ohio and California. When I'm American music it's. Coming along crime here and you're okay onions and testament of the dangers of police work and all officers feel you know this is really fraternity finger went missing out here. No matter. The church and only holds several hundred it's only loan officer Ramos is immediately releasing the ruinous seated inside the church dignitaries and his family. When people wanted to be here is wearing uniforms they'll feel like Mazzarelli out earlier in his one officers sent to us. Included in me. And we have already has his program has just gotten under way we think the lord's prayer we've heard the national air the what else can we expect to hear about the releases and possible service and it's the. Carbon certainly has Irish Catholic roots and some of the ceremonial office hasn't. Department has really changed and become majority minority. They've had to learn all sorts of new traditions that it is perhaps the department didn't have to deal with the more officer Lou. It was Ramos is part of our last Saturday denied shooting guest is Buddhist and so there are a number of traditions that are being incorporated into funerals but this is going to be a Pentecostal service. And that yeah every moment is going to. Such resistance then ask it was carried him but yesterday on the shoulders of ceremonial home owners who believe Julius Caesar was guaranteed his Aurora and now after its after the senate plans. All of these thousands of officers and sunshine Wednesday off but there is their badges and return across it was black that universal similar morning. And we know there's a little dignitaries are going to hear me on the marriage of blogs you hear any of the fact scheduled to speak no right behind that's it as a sign that says godless NYPD dom DiMaggio what does that say to the tension between some of the police union some of the officers and the mayor Dennis. One sign that we've seen out here otherwise. It's at the mere public. Welcomed and it would be listened to me if this isn't a hospital one week ago when some union leaders turn their back on the mayor because they believed. That he contributed to the climate that set the stage. For the shooting there's been a nationwide conversation on race and race and Lazio's a mainstay. Agents that some have no hard anti police but right now. The mayor is about to strike a far different chord and paid tribute to someone dies. Protecting this city officers Ramos and blue bring their patrol car and a high crime neighborhood since there. Specific purpose they try to keep crime rates below and that's the sacrifice of America's going to talk about today. Of course also lost his right it's really is also. Morning here in doing and it's the colony. Announced plans. His family and come in China and so his funeral. He would later name when his wife is okay. Publicly ones and she had to lean on relatives and doing things he says that the online strengthen the community in the families would help the union. And you can see the Cheyenne re above the door of this church has very beautiful neighborhood. This is right in the middle of the holiday season and it has become a time. Read this department and for anyone in the unit. Foreign service says they reflect on the dangers of their jobs while other the brotherhood of their revenge here and now this city than they served and in many of the police officers here say they're glad they changed the conversation always from the and that's very busy and police raise conversations. And really with the bogus on this I realize that. Police officers make that a daily basis. Parenting news imagine that Eric deters again you know prior to the series beginning we get seated feet from inside the church they were showing photos personal photos. Some of officer Ramos with his family with his children and a reminder that this was a husband a father and of course they beloved officer Dan. A man who very clearly will be missed by many people Morris Kevin compo an airing pictures via our thanks to both of you. We want to remind you our viewers to be sure to keep it here on throughout the day for the latest. Updates on this story and many others as well thank you for watching this ABC news digital special report. I'm Dan Harris. Have a great day.

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"Police officers, VP Joe Biden and city officials expected to pay their respects.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27852128","title":"Funeral Held for Slain NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos","url":"/US/video/funeral-held-slain-nypd-officer-rafael-ramos-27852128"}