Vermont's Maple Syrup Transforms From Flavorless Sap to Sweetest Product on Earth

Maple syrup is a booming industry in northern Vermont after a record year of production.
9:12 | 08/25/16

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Transcript for Vermont's Maple Syrup Transforms From Flavorless Sap to Sweetest Product on Earth
Buried in the forests of northern Vermont a single tasteless droplets that is transformed into one of the sweetest simplest products on the plan. It's an industry that doubled its production America in just the past decade. All of this despite significant changes in the growing season. So what's next for this sought after center the food forecast for maple syrup begins right. I can let me look there this. I'm not up and most of us about putting on act pancakes and our friends tell us that's right. This actually doesn't have people and I'm not allowed to say the bottle but let me go and read that ingredients nearly got. Corn Serra high fructose corn syrups cellulose gum karma colored salt sodium benzene serving cast an artificial and natural flavors. City on Texan and a off me. At an ounce of me. Pure maple syrup is just one ingredient sat taken from a sugar maple and boiled them. It's the same recipe since well forever and forever is about how long Bob white feels like he's been making before we've stacked. Please tell me how you say that we're SY RUP. Clerk sat. It's. That he went about commencement now I and I have been made fun out by everyone in New York City where the opener here at. They hit real hard on the C a with that settled father and son and. Chris Slade bring me into their elections and tedious world of making meet with their. Bob than walking these woods' glare of what they call sugar bush taxing these trees since 1981. And until two years ago. He was operating out of this nineteenth century sugar house. So what does this what are we looking at this and killed evaporator all dirty hadn't been used him. A couple years. Dean would come out here is bill a lot of here pure steam everywhere it lies about your book and have that that'll sugar house that would just be like from rainstorm hit all time. 35 years later Chris is helping his dad double their business moving from that historic sugar house today high tech sugar operation. It's not a unique story in Vermont production lethal serve in the state. Has dropped 111%. From 1992 to 2014. And 2015 with a record year for maple Serra. Every where. It's been anywhere without a season where. Everybody has a good idea but this year everybody knew months her movement and it's and that all. All because of weather. You had me at some scenes apple closed well when that. But right rational and act reasonably certain point optimistic point and then do that at what. Time. That slow progression into spring. Exactly it. A nice steady progression is something they don't always get. Coming on such short season means the success and it assurance that we wish you had a shortage two weeks. Ahead. Now the two weeks that's Denver old. The real disaster loans. In 2012 Vermont had its hottest march on record we too warm for the serve to flow. It cut production significantly. A big deal because their accounts for upwards of 303. Million dollars in the State's economy. And thirty million dollars a sail around 3000 fulltime job. Not see why it's so important for Vermont have a great therapies. As actually. At dedicated to this thing that's at began and her she's a researcher at the university Vermont's proctor maple research lab in underhill Vermont. They're most recent research shows that that season is shifting. You can actually see that this season has changed to the season is starting earlier. But it's in which is not too surprising but it's also ending currently year for the season is decreasing and laying over time an a for the past 4045. Years. It's decreased by over three days. Which when you think really short season like maple production which is about six weeks long creates a pretty significant portion of that season so getting warmer. Earlier and then getting. Two more from maple production hair and a lot of and so what she's saying is that this season getting shorter because it's getting warmer faster. But how send that and making warming closer than ever at this season's start off first we have to back out how that way. So let me take you that science class to really break this down. The treat have to make sugar to grow up remember photosynthesis. The well once polite is turn into sugar it's processed and stored in that tree. The fine branches at the top of the treat begin freezing that freezing creates little ice crystals the exploring compresses the gas filled cells that build up pressure drawing water up through the roots. When the temperatures fluctuate above and below freezing all of a sudden you have this water that's been brought up against the ports of gravity and Rosen and the tree. Your pet pressure like water standing in the pike the pressure than is higher inside the tree than outside the tree and put a hole in it. The snap comes out. They're confused don't being checked this out attendance rise the tree and ice crystals are forming up here is drying up that water back. Created if there is that higher pressure inside the treat them as out. It's half. An outage comes. Forget that Ilyce Cooper labor intensive those that he is it happened street into a bucket it would go of the fact that had to be brought to a central location where they live boil over a player in the way. And then. Dark amber. Not they can. Just in case you're psyched it's psychology you'd think it's that good but no remorse is Stanley carried those buckets even children in Vermont since the late seventeen hundreds seventh generation. Share. I younger children maker's second. That that term is still children instead of sir I think because the pioneers mind ancestors were making. The product in boiling all the way to make of sugar sugar from the south started coming in. And rendering maple sugar too expensive so they had to come up with a whole new product they. Ruining it Lance own maple syrup. Today technology has changed everything the press is to back him as. Would freeze policy in the tree pressurized so. And as it's wrong that's when the pressure goes and actually forces. Tree. When and you don't have a freeze. If you can apply a little bit about him to head start flowing from one document the more before. Today making get more than half gallon per tree in season here's how what it's a trees tapped in the late winter. Now. The sap run through mile of the two. They all come and this is what's called back to release it this ordinance when you hear about 6000 pounds. Straight into the reverse osmosis machine there there's nothing more than a fancy felt. That's a real high tech field. Thousand gallons cousin and her balance comes out we actually boil. So these are what we collar concentrate tax what comes up here is this that were ready to process and about where. On the list of this school opens things. Two to three times. And heads down the evaporator this is really where the it's not to sweet water it's. Into the forty gallon barrels and out for sale the barrel you see in front here represented bow. Or 500 acres of production. The headline this year was this was the best production here. Ever so just across the board agree. Let's hear well the great weather year but big production also had to do with the increase in the number of taps were getting. Just as much it's my grandfather did. But we're having to do a different way efficiency is common. Yet aware that it you know if this where a hundred years ago that they wouldn't and family have been able to keep up with you that if people are still only black jeans sat. From you with pockets on trees. We might be feeling a larger impact of that reduction and. In those years that they don't produce enough Sarah because of the weather all the sugar makers have some sort of built an insurance bottom line. They think the family. One of the things that I value most of I guess this is just following the father's footsteps but the part of this industry with him is that. We get to do this again the system that we've we've built together Justin and that took. It needs to do in this sort of perverse memory card. Something Burris says can only happen in one place it's just kind of magic magical lightning as I thought I think everything. Comes together to make her picture in conditions more happen more often in Vermont than any others day. And in busy and that's your food forecast from Naples there.

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{"duration":"9:12","description":"Maple syrup is a booming industry in northern Vermont after a record year of production.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"41056635","title":"Vermont's Maple Syrup Transforms From Flavorless Sap to Sweetest Product on Earth","url":"/US/video/ginger-zee-discovers-money-grows-trees-41056635"}