Harvey Weinstein verdict inches closer

Criminal defense lawyer Julie Rendelman details what the jury may be thinking.
3:27 | 02/22/20

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Transcript for Harvey Weinstein verdict inches closer
Or that story Embree and Julie Randall mentions a criminal defense lawyer here in New York City thanks much for being with us. Haven't we were just actually love of peace was going we're talking about the jury knows you know what what do you make of that it's it it's a bombshell. And quite frankly I think that Harvey Weinstein can not be sitting comfortably tonight and and I don't want to make any assumptions you know because I think when we talk about ensuring hats we talked about reading tea leaves. But basically what that jury note said is get what I'm bomb shelter the bombshell that's a and I actually wrote it out we need to jury request to understand. If we can be hung on counts one and three and two or three. And unanimous on the other charges counts one and counts three or predatory sexual assault. Other counts are the lesser included and it's and said that the the reason that every joins so wild about this specific jury note is. Many people are speculating that it means that the jury has found him guilty of a Middle East one. Of the victims in this case. Because there's really. No other way to really read it now were all assuming that all the jurors wrote this note and were often wrong there's many times this could be one juror ten jurors. But if all of them are writing this note. And of all of them believe. That this is the actual charges in this is where they are then Harvey Weinstein may be in some trouble well. Does that surprise you so. EEO eight it terrorized and I and I hate to say that I was the one in the beginning and I sat act Iraq I've always felt that the prosecutor had an incredibly incredibly difficult road ahead of them. Because. The victims in this case were not the typical victims we thank god when we think. Rape they were individuals that knew him and continue to relationship with him. As I thought it was incredibly difficult for the jury to really understand that and understand what goes on in a woman's mind. When they're raped and they don't always handle things the way you expect. I'm Jeff Brennan didn't you know for Mir experience. Me did it with these types of cases. That there is that argument that look there there in shock coming this is a man of power this is someone who has a lot of control over their future and so. You are married in a position EU do you eat your paralyzed. Absolutely and I think that. That's but that the problem is is a case like this is pretty novel specially for the Manhattan DA's office as we usually. We think about a rape we think about someone being thrown into a blush I never thought about a husband being obliterate the wife. Or in this circumstance you know someone who had more power. Being able to take advantage and that being a rate cut and so it is a novel idea and the idea I he'll look the prosecutor put forth. The best case they could have I didn't think it was the strongest case that the jury's the one's gonna decide at the end how strong my case. Thanks so we're looking at Monday being day five. Is that. Normal Daryn we surprised by that is it taking a long is it not taking long it's not taking that on other. Nice scene that is because it's been going on for three weeks so we expect jurors to wanna hear from witnesses Evan her for three weeks. And we expect them to take the time to review every piece of evidence to make sure there making the right decision. Sony in a sense I think they're taking just so right amount of time if it stays a little longer than obviously work and I'm gonna come back in me say I'm. Taking longer than expected and we will talk again. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Criminal defense lawyer Julie Rendelman details what the jury may be thinking.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69137628","title":"Harvey Weinstein verdict inches closer","url":"/US/video/harvey-weinstein-verdict-inches-closer-69137628"}