Hello Kitty Says Hello to Outer Space

Teen's science project finds her sending a Hello Kitty doll nearly 18 miles into space.
3:00 | 02/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hello Kitty Says Hello to Outer Space
This is not your average seventh grade science project. -- sit -- her hello kitty doll more than 90000 feet of space seem like a perfect idea had a thirteen year old boy in Ramallah and my dad and I were watching TV and is that these. Is this congressional Kmart has not these three guys used to allegedly happened space. And I -- the -- project very. All systems are. Kitty site was made into a -- -- YouTube video by a family friend the images were captured by mounting for -- cameras to -- rocket shaped gondola. The weather balloon flight recorder came from altitude science a specialized company Colorado's. I'm blown away I think she did an amazing job. And it -- my heart to see and somebody just find something in science -- the eleven go for it. The creative contraption reached an altitude of nearly eighteen miles before the balloon -- due -- thin air. Then thanks to a parachute and -- GPS locate her. Heating company floated gently back to earth settling -- street 47 miles from its launch -- -- really glad to see. -- -- and the little unhappy that landed a fifty foot which he -- I don't know how -- gonna get it down. We had that we ended up calling in our efforts to come get it he clearly -- flight of fancy has caught on with more than 300000. Views on -- And the numbers climbing. Clearly Lawrence project has been wildly successful but they're still one hurdle ahead the school's science there are you nervous. EMI have good night in front of -- -- caddick -- -- scared -- it. IA Kelly attended tell them about my project in handing out -- -- BBC 7 NEWS.

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{"id":18439265,"title":"Hello Kitty Says Hello to Outer Space","duration":"3:00","description":"Teen's science project finds her sending a Hello Kitty doll nearly 18 miles into space.","url":"/US/video/hello-kitty-doll-enters-outer-space-18439265","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}