Inside the restored Mission Control

Mission control taken back to the glory days of the Apollo missions.
2:50 | 06/29/19

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Transcript for Inside the restored Mission Control
I'm David Curley in Houston and you're looking at a picture of mission control because we are actually end the restored. Mission control. Fifty years later they have taken and given you the when Apollo eleven landed on the moon. The screens are working again you can see Neil Armstrong taking his first stuff some of the maps of the moon as well. And the trajectory that some of the capsules were you can actually see both. You go here's a command module. Here's the land that they can actually look up on where each of them were as they were working around the moon and I want to show you here. These consoles and if you take a look here's mission control. Yet the screens you have the consoles in the back it's dark that's the visitors area. Over to the site on the left side is what they called the simulator room where they could run simulations. But each of these rows of consoles have a specific job. This one in the front is called the trench. These are the guys who were in charge of the rockets in the guidance system and any in the lamb as well. This was there are job. Then the second is where you get some of the folks from cap com which is called capsule communication. And also the flight surgeon was right here check of this this is restored completely. And here would be a heartbeat of one of the astronauts that the flight surgeon could flip around to whichever astronaut he wanted to. Take a look at the look at the details they've added the ashtrays the coffee cups as they say here it Johnson Space Center they were trying to make this. As if the entire flight crew had just gone outside for a break. And this is what it looked like this next road here are the flight directors and it in the middle would have been the number one flight director for many of these missions it was gene Krantz. We were actually just had a chance to speak with him a little while ago and he was a give the details and said there's one little problem which the they're gonna fix because they want this restoration to be complete. And then here in the back row were the bosses the folks from NASA and DOD. Who was sitting here and watch as everybody worked in front of them it's a good size room it's not huge if you watched it on TV it did have a sense that it was really big. But they have gone to painstaking details creating the carpet that is exactly like the carpet that was here back in the 1960s. He ceiling panels they actually had to do some work and actually put some pin holes and then the make them look like the actual ceiling. Panels that we're here all those years ago. It's all for folks who want to come and see mission control. You can take a tour they're gonna have an open here. Coming in the coming weeks I'm David Curley in Houston.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Mission control taken back to the glory days of the Apollo missions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64031321","title":"Inside the restored Mission Control ","url":"/US/video/inside-restored-mission-control-64031321"}